PureShowers.co.uk, the UK’s # 1 Shower Filter Store, announce the release of two brand new revolutionary shower water filter products that will redefine shower water filters forever.


Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter 

Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

Only £44.95

Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

Only £39.95

The Large Head and the Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filters incorporate the very latest in water filter technology. Combining the powerful and highly efficient industry standard filter medium, KDF-55 with a revolutionary new water filter medium – ceramic ball technology.  This unique combination offers the highest standards in the ability to remove harmful contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, lime scale and hardness from shower water. Leaving only soft, pure, filtered water free of contaminants, which is beneficial for health and well-being.


“We are always investing in the latest water filter technologies at PureShowers.co.uk,” said Ty Lee, PureShowers.co.uk director. “Our customers deserve only the best in breed shower filters, with the highest levels of filtration. By exclusively offering these high quality products we believe the UK public will benefit immensely by having cleaner and softer water to shower in.”


The new products are offered in two sizes of shower heads. The Large Head model has a shower head diameter of 105mm and the Extra Large Head model measures 150mm. Both models incorporate a replaceable filter cartridge inside the handle of the chrome hand held shower head. With cartridge refills coming in a double pack which last up to 5,000 litres (approximately 12 months).