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So we have decided to make this little tutorial on the easiest and the fastest way to fit a fixed shower head shower filter.

Step 1: Remove the existing shower head entirely from the shower pipe. Showing just the threads.

What are the threads I hear you ask? Well, that's the fancy name for the grooves that are on the pipe which allows two 'threaded' pipes to come together to create a connection.

Be doubly sure actually remove the entire shower head components from the shower pipe.
Sometimes customers will e-mail us and tell us that they have removed the entire fixed shower head from the pipe, but in fact they have forgotten to remove the angle joint and the shower pipe will look like this :

pipe with ball joint still on it

When the fixed shower head is completely removed from the pipe, the pipe will show just the threads and it will look like this :

pipe with just threads


Step 2: Wrap some Teflon tape / plumbers tape around the threads.

What's Teflon Tape (otherwise known as Plumbers Tape), I hear you asking? Well - it's that white plasticy rubbery type of tape that everyone has probably seen in your dads or your granddad's shed (you probably didn't even know what it was when you saw it!). It looks like a normal roll of tape, but isn't sticky at all and is used to stop leaks and create super water tight joins when joining two pipes together.

Here's a picture:

teflon tape

With any new type of shower head or plumbing joint, it is always a good idea to wrap Teflon tape around the threads so that when the shower head is screwed onto the pipe. The tape actually gets into the grooves of the threads between the shower pipe and the shower head, then it makes a really tight water proof seal that is impossible for pesky drips and leaks to occur.

Here's a video from You Tube about how to wrap that sucker on your threads :

Just to let you know our fixed shower head (Paragon Luxury Fixed Shower Filter Head ) actually comes with a small roll of plumbers tape just in case you need it!

Step 3: Attach the fixed shower head to the pipe

This step is the easy one and is the last step.
You need to unbox the fixed shower head shower filter entirely and you'll just see the shower head, like this :


Then you just need to put the 'female' end of the shower head (the end opposite where the actual head is, where the water will go into the shower head) and line up the 'female' end with the 'male' end. Then start turning in a clockwise direction.

You will see that the internal threads of the shower head will begin to grip onto the threads on the shower pipe. Just keep on twisting like we did last summer!

Usually this twisting by hand is enough, but sometimes if we need to fit the shower head even tighter onto the shower pipe we might need to use a tool such as a wrench (a wrench is a tool which can grip two sides of something and give us a little more leverage to twist the shower head a little tighter onto the pipe).

If you take a look at the sides of the shower head where it is fitting onto the shower pipe, you will see that the sides are actually flat on two sides. It's made like this so that you can actually get the wrench onto the two flat sides of the shower head.

But first you will need something to protect the shower head! Wrenches are usually made of tough metal which can really damage the shower head, so go grab an old tea towel and put it between the wrench and the shower head.

Once you've positioned the wrench in the right spot, go ahead and move the wrench in a clockwise way - go slow though! You don't want to make it so tight that you won't be able to take it out again.

Here's a small video on You Tube about how to do Step 3, just in case you wanted to see someone else do it first:

Step 4: Flush some water through the fixed shower head

Next step is to flush some water through the fixed shower head shower filter.

Remember to get out of the shower first! Or else you'll probably need a new change of clothes.

Check for leaks between the shower head and the pipe (if you've followed these instructions there won't be!).
If there are leaks, maybe you need to tighten the shower head a little more or maybe you need more plumbers tape.

Step 5: Enjoy your new fixed shower head shower filter.

Now that you have a new shower filter in your shower you will be able to enjoy the benefits of showering in crystal clear filtered water. Your skin and hair will thank you because the chemicals that strip out natural oils in skin and hair will be removed. Your shower will thank you because the scale in water will be reduced, so you won't need to wash your shower as often and you will thank yourself for being so clever.


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<![CDATA[Morning Shower Or Evening Shower - Expert Tells All]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/morning_shower_or_evening_shower_expert_tells_all/ shower in the evening or the morning?It’s a question that is as old as the invention of the shower itself. Which is better? Showering during the evening just before bed or in the morning after waking up?
Initially we would think that this debate would go along the same lines as what order does one put cream and jam on a scone, but in actuality experts have recently given us some great advice on which is actually more beneficial. In fact, the Internet has been abuzz recently with this debate since an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine has given us some definitive reasons why one is better than the other.

Arguments For Showering In The Morning:

* Better for getting ready for a long or hectic day, to get into the right mindset:

Dr. Mona Gohara of Yale School of Medicine says, "A morning shower allows for time to meditate and regroup before starting a long or hectic day. This mindfulness can decrease inflammation in the skin by keeping levels of a hormone called cortisol capped.” 

* Best time for shaving:

She also states that this is the best time to get the razor out and have shave, “Mornings are the best time to shave because that’s when you have a surge of platelets.” Platelets help our blood clot and stops bleeding.

Arguments For Showering In The Evening:

* Feeling the benefits of natural exfoliation and skin care

When citing the benefits of showering at night Dr. Gohara said, "Your skin naturally exfoliates and replenishes itself at night, so you leave a clean slate when the proverbial factory is open."

At the end of the day (get it?) Dr. Gohara has told us that it really is important not to dry out your skin, "If you use a standard soap - a cleanser that has a basic pH - it strips the skin of natural oils and compromises the skin barrier, leading to irritation and dry, lacklustre skin. Using a mild, pH-neutral non soap cleanser helps moisturise while you cleanse and deposits skin-identical lipids back into the skin."

This is completely in line with what we have been saying here at PureShowers.co.uk for ever! If we continue to have showers with chlorine, scale and other harsh chemicals which strip away the skin's natural oils. Then it really doesn't matter if we have a shower in the morning or at night - our skin will still feel irritated dry and lacklustre. So shower at the start of the day if you wish or shower at night - what is important is that we have a shower filter which creates soft clear water that helps maintain the skin's natural oil barrier and then it will always be the right time to shower.

Thu, 11 May 2017 05:38:11 +0000
<![CDATA[Cancer causing chemical in shower shampoo]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/shower-shampoo-chemical-cancer-causing/ shampooA potentially cancer-causing chemical called 1,4-dioxane which is commonly found in some shampoos, soaps and lotions could be contributing to cancer writes the Daily Mail

The chemical in question has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats and currently in America some senators (Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand) are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to ban it from shower products.

1,4-dioxide is a clear liquid which is used as a solvent in the process of making chemicals and is used as a substance to create a chemical reaction in laboratories. The chemical has been linked to causing caner of the nose, liver and breast. As yet it has not been banned either in the UK or in the USA and product manufacturers don't actually need to list it in their list of ingredients on their products.

In fact the Toxicology Data Network have multiple studies on 1,4-dioxane which show that hazardous effects of this chemical.

This chemical is found in a great number of other products, not just shower gels and shower products. According to OrganicConsumers.org it can be found in these products as well:

* 97% of hair relaxers
* 82% of hair dyes and bleaching

* 66% of hair removers

* 57% of baby soap

* 45% of sunless tanning products

* 43% of body firming lotion

* 36% of hormonal creams

* 36% of facial moisturizers

* 35% of anti-aging products

* 34% of body lotion

* 33% of around-eye creams

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 06:29:34 +0000
<![CDATA[Shower Filter FAQ]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/shower-filter-faq/ We get a lot of questions about shower filters here at PureShowers.co.uk. So we've put together this FAQ (frequently asked questions) about shower filters.

Shower Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Which product should I buy? I'm confused about what product I should get?

This depends on the type of shower you have and how you want to fit your shower filter. The three main methods of fitting a shower filter are :

1. The hand held shower filter: This simply replaces your existing hand held shower head that is attached to an existing shower hose. connecting-shower-hose-to-head-graphite-pencil
2. The in line shower filter: This simply fits between the shower water outlet pipe and either your shower head or shower hose. So you keep your existing shower head or shower hose and just install this shower filter in line / in between. connecting-shower-hose-to-head-graphite-pencil
3. Fixed pipe shower filter: For this one you just remove your existing shower head from the fixed pipe and then replace it with one of our fixed head shower filters (Paragon Luxury Fixed Shower Filter Head , Paragon Luxury Rainfall Shower Filter) . Just remember to remove the shower head entirely and expose only the shower pipe and threads.


You can find all our products and how to install them on each product page. Or if you wish you can send a picture to us at info@pureshowers.com and we can try to help you further.

Will It reduce my water pressure?

If you have normal water pressure don't worry, you shouldn't notice a difference.

If you have low water pressure you could try one of the AquaFilter™ products (Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter, Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter) these have a smaller cartridge and as such work better in low pressure environments. Though please keep in mind with low pressure, you might encounter a drop after installing a shower filter.

What do the shower filters filter out?

Our shower filters remove or reduce a great number of impurities, some of the major ones include: Up to 99% chlorine, heavy metals, scale, kills bacteria, pesticides, trihalomethanes (THMs) & chemicals. It works just like a drinking water filter but in your shower.

What's inside the cartridges?

The main ingredient in all of our shower filters is KDF® 55 this filter media is patented and removes or reduces chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water. The process medium received NSF International Certification and is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 – Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects. This medium is also in compliance with California’s Health and Safety Code Section 166875 (or commonly know as AB1953) and Vermont Act 193

Many of our shower filters also incorporate Granular Active Carbon (GAC), which is the standard in most water filter devices. GAC is a well proven filter medium and has been used in water filtration for decades to remove organic compounds, synthetic organic chemicals and adverse taste and odor compounds. You can read more about GAC here.

By themselves, both of the above filter mediums are great - but when combined into a single filter unit, they work to give the highest level of filtration.

The AquaFilter™ range of shower filters incorporate ceramic ball technology (rather than GAC), combined with KDF® 55 to provide an excellent degree of water filtration ability.

Do I have to buy the whole shower head again every time?

No, you just need to change the cartridge inside the shower filter.

How long do the cartridges last?

Cartridges last usually between 8 - 12 months, depending upon usage and the quality of the water in your area.
For the AquaFilter™ products the cartridges last between 3 - 6 months (again depending upon how much you use it and the quality of the water in your area). But the refill packs are sold in two cartridges, so a refill will pack will last between 6 - 12 months.

How do I know when to change cartridges?

Cartridges need to be changed at least once every 12 months. It is based on time, usage and the quality of the water in your area. But we offer a free reminder service which sends our customers a reminder e-mail when it is close to their time to change a cartridge.

Does the shower filter come with a cartridge?

Yes all of our shower filters come with a cartridge already installed.

What is the pipe size? Will it fit my shower?

Our shower filters will fit all standard showers. 99% of Showers in the UK and Europe conform to a thread size of 1/2 inch BSP (British Standard Pipe). So it's pretty much certain that our shower filters will fit your shower.

For the Hand Held Shower Filters, they will fit onto the great majority of shower hoses. If you have a shower hose, then we're quite certain our shower filters will fit.
For in-line shower filters, the pipe size (also known as thread size) is 1/2 inch BSP.
When measuring with a ruler the diameter is roughly 22mm.

What if my water pipe is really close to the wall?

If you wanted to install an in line shower filter but your water pipe is very close to the wall and you're worried about having enough room to fit a shower filter. Then we would recommend the 8 Stage Shower Filter, this shower filter can be installed on an angle with the body of the shower filter angling away from the pipe. Also the water inlet pipe can be tightened independent of the shower filter body.

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 05:15:50 +0000
<![CDATA[2 Days Left For 2016 Clearance Sale]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/2016-clearance-sale/
Year End Clearance-
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End Of Year Clearance - 28 Dec till 04 Jan.
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Naturally healthy skin and hair starts with PureShowers.co.uk....

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<![CDATA[summer sale 2016]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/summer-sale-2016/
Summer Sale -10%
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Summer Sale - 10% Off Everything Coupon. From 29th Aug to 4th Sept.
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<![CDATA[Epic Wipes - A Shower In Your Pocket?]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/towel-sized-wet-wipe-shower-in-pocket/

Giant wet wipe - shower in your pocketHere's a light hearted invention to take a look at this Friday. Have you ever been in a situation where all you wanted to do was have a shower, but you just didn't have access to one? Well inventor Dr. Aeneas Janze started a kick-starter campaign in the hopes of producing a towel sized wet wipe that fits in your pocket, to remedy that exact problem.

The campaign on crowd funding website kickstarter has been so successful that it has garnered more than three times the amount of money that Dr. Janze actually requested initially. Upon reaching the goal of $10,000 Janze has said, "We just made our 10,000 dollar goal! It took less than two weeks and we are so thrilled!".

The product is called Epic Wipes and has already started shipping to the initial backers. This towel sized wet wipe is meant to be 16 times larger than an ordinary wet wipe, it is made from bamboo and is completely biodegradable. An Epic Wipe package is meant to easily fit in your pocket and the makers say that it has a variety of uses:

  • After a massage
  • Music festivals
  • Survivalists
  • Lunch-hour workouts
  • Keep the interior of your car looking brand new!

If you are interested in the product you can find more information on their kickstarter campaign page.

But to be honest, other than being a cool novelty - we couldn't imagine this product replacing a good old shower!

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 02:08:31 +0000
<![CDATA[5 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Shower Every Day]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/5-reasons-should-not-shower-every-day/

man showeringThe majority of us all shower every single day. It pretty much is embedded into our western society that if we do not shower every day then we are dirty and will probably put off such an offensive stench that people sitting next to us on the tube will turn their noses and politely vacate their seats.

Though this modern convention of showering every single day, isn't actually something that has been around for a very long time. In fact not long ago, just in the 60s people were showering just once a week and it didn't seem to cause all that much trouble.

Maybe it's something we all should consider again? Perhaps missing a shower here and there might be actually more beneficial than actually showering every single day? Here's 7 reasons why it might be a good idea:

1. Showering using a lot of water, so fewer showers is better for the environment. On average showers take around 10 minutes, in that 10 minutes we use around 60 litres of water. So for a family of four who shower every single day, every week that family is using 240 litres of water. In a month that would amount to 6,720 litres of water and in a year that would be around 80,000 litres of water. Which is more than enough water to fill an average sized swimming pool!

2. Showering uses a lot of energy to produce hot water, so it's bad for the environment and also your wallet. When looking at the average cost of the same 10 minute shower in terms of heating hot water. For the same family of four it costs £8 per week, so that adds up to an annual cost of £416 just for the hot water itself. By just showering every second day, we could halve that cost and save £208 per year.

3. Using too much soap every day is bad for skin. Washing and using soap every single day washes off the natural oils that our skin produces to protect itself. Also harsh chemicals such as chlorine put into tap water will strip off these natural oils. So it's important to remove these chemicals from shower water as well, using a shower filter. Doctors have said that these natural oils are actually good for us and protect us from things such as dermatitis and other skin conditions.

4. Generally odours are only produced by armpits, feet and private parts. We can easily wash these parts daily without having a full shower and still get away with the 'smell test' and happily sit next to folk on the tube without being embarrassed about strange odours.

5. Frequent showers don't actually protect you from illnesses. An article in Time asked a doctor who specialises in infectious diseases whether or not bathing every day actually makes us cleaner. Dr. Elaine Larson replied that by washing your hands regularly, that is probably more adequate at protecting you from illness than showering every single day.

Obviously if you have had a sweaty workout at the gym, have been out and about all day in a dusty or unclean environment. It probably is a good idea to take a shower to remove sweat and grime. Or if you intend to get intimate with someone, it probably is a good idea to freshen up with a shower! Though in normal situations this gives us all a bit of a pause to think, maybe it would be better for us to not shower every day?

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 04:27:43 +0000
<![CDATA[Daily Bath is OK for Children With Eczema]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/daily-bath-OK-for-children-with-eczema/

baby feet bathing

A group of allergy doctors and researchers have published new research in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology which contradicts conventional knowledge, stating that it actually is OK to give children with eczema a daily bath.

Previous understanding from experts was that infrequent bathing was best because too much showering and washing can dry out skin which can cause further eczema and dermatitis.

This new research advises that a "Soak and Smear" technique should be used. The advice is:


1. Always use lukewarm water, hot water can often sting and is far less soothing than lukewarm water.

2. Do not use harsh soaps, body scrubs or shampoos. Instead use milder cleaning products which are pH balanced.

3. Never scrub delicate skin, merely wash gently.

4. Do not rub skin dry with a towel. Instead just pat dry gently.

5. Smear emollient immediately after patting dry. Make sure to use proper emollients which are designed specifically for skin conditions such as eczema.

A daily bath can remove surface dirt, irritants and allergens. So in some cases can be good for treating eczema.

One doctor from the study Dr. Ivan Cardona states that parents should always use their own judgement. If daily bathing doesn't help their child's eczema they can switch to more infrequent bathing.

In a report of this from the BBC, they asked some UK experts about the study. They have replied that the advice was sensible, but Amena Warner of Allergy UK has noted that baths should be kept to a maximum of about 10 minutes.

Dr Carsten Flohr has said that daily bathing was OK, but that soap and shower gels could irritate skin and make eczema worse in some people.

Here at PureShowers.co.uk many of our customers have reported a lot of positive feedback about using a shower filter to help alleviate symptoms of eczema. This is because a shower water filter removes harsh chemicals such as chlorine which dry out skin.

Tue, 05 Jul 2016 03:21:12 +0000
<![CDATA[Study Shows Harmful Chemical Hormones Can Be Removed From Water With GAC]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/carbon-removes-hormones-from-water/

study shows estrogen can be removed from drinking water by carbonEstrogens, other human hormones and chemicals which mimic human hormones in tap water is a health concern which none of us should be ignorant of. There is a great deal of concern at the moment about the impact of these hormones found in tap water which experts are saying is not being completely removed during sewage treatment processes, according to an article by the Daily Mail. By drinking water contaminanted with estrogens and other chemicals which mimic estrogens, experts are fearful that this lowers the sperm count in men.

Dr Susan Jobling, who worked on a study published by the Environment Agency, said: 'There are very real reasons to be worried about whether male reproductive health could also be affected.'

Further to the UK's study by the Environmental Agency on the effects of estrogens, a study by the Environmental Health Perspectives US government agency which was conducted to assess the contribution of estrogens to adverse health effects induced in a model fish species by exposure to wastewater treatment work effluents concluded, "Data reveal a clear link between estrogens present in effluents and diverse, adverse, and sex-related health impacts."

Thankfully this study has provided us with a simple solution to help remove a great deal of estrogens from our tap water. It reveals that activated carbon can efficiently remove 81% or greater amounts of estrogen from wastewater. To fully protect against these types of fertility disrupting hormones, we need to remove our exposure to the hormones in tap water. This includes our drinking water but also our bathing and showering water. A great majority of shower filters and drinking water filters incorporate active carbon as part of their filter mediums (such as the shower filter 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter or this drinking water tap filter: Basin Tap and Kitchen Tap Filter). Therefore it is imperative we install an active carbon water filter at all points where we are exposed to tap water which could be laced with estrogen and chemicals which minic human hormones.

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 03:28:10 +0000
<![CDATA[Washing Face In Shower Is a No No]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/washing-face-in-shower-no-no/

kid face washRecently we’ve read some articles and interviews from dermatologists who have advised that washing your face in the shower is a down right no no and it is much better to wash your face in the sink. In an interview with The Gloss dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi gave quite a few tips when washing your face, one of these being to refrain from washing your face in the shower.

She says, “I recommend that my patients wash their faces at the sink and should use lukewarm to cold water, which is better for delicate faces.”

Another tip she gives is to wash your face at least once per day, advising to “Always wash your face at night before bed,” she goes on to say “Your body repairs itself at night and that won’t happen without you removing all the dirt and grime of the day. Unless your skin is super oily, simply splashing water on your face in the morning is fine. For skin that breaks out regularly, you need to thoroughly cleanse twice a day.”

Amandine Isnard who is a product developer at EVE LOM gives further advice on how to properly wash our faces telling us, “A cold finish stimulates circulation and can be hugely beneficial to the overall glow of your skin.”

Another consideration when washing your face in the shower is that different products for washing and conditioning hair or body washes might get mixed up with our face wash product. This mish mash of products might not actually be beneficial for the skin on our faces because they simply weren’t made for our facial skin in mind.

Armed with these great tips we can’t help but recommend to all of our readers and customers that it might be time to stop juggling too many activities in the shower and keep it simple! It probably is a good idea to also install our basin tap filter at the sink too, so that when we do wash our faces at the sink we’re using the most pure, crystal clear water free from chemicals, limescale and heavy metals.

Fri, 22 Apr 2016 02:32:00 +0000
<![CDATA[3 Days Left On Easter Sale!]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/easter-sale-2016/
Easter Sale -10% Off
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Easter Sale - 10% Off Everything Coupon. From 24th to 31st of March.
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<![CDATA[New Energy Saving Shower Could Save Families Up to 1,000GBP a Year ]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/New-Energy-Saving-Shower-Could-Save-Up-to-1000GBP-a-Year/

shower of the futureThis ingenious water and energy saving system works by starting a shower tank with only five litres of water. This water is heated and then recycled through two different filters, the first filter removes more solid materials such as skin, hair, etc. The second filter then removes finer particles such as bacteria, blood and viruses. As you shower, instead of hot water going down the drain the water keeps on getting cycled and therefore uses much less water and much less energy heating water. If the system detects that the five litre tank’s water is getting a little too contaminated, then it will refresh the water supply.

The system itself doesn’t come cheap though, the manufacturers (Orbital Systems) have dubbed their product the Shower of the Future and retail an integrated system built into the bathroom floor at £3,000 and a standalone unit costs £4,100. Though if it were to save £1,000 a year in energy bills then it would pay itself back in a very short amount of time.

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi the inventor of the revolutionary new type of shower said he came up with the idea whilst he was working on a project for Nasa.

He said: “The reason that we make it work sustainably in space is because we have to do it.

‘What if we try the same things on Earth. If the house was like a space capsule, how would we go about it? 

At PureShowers.co.uk we are 100% behind this type of water and energy saving technology, we could see how fitting a shower filter in this revolutionary new type of shower would even increase the safety and filtering power of the recycled water.

This technology has already been adopted in several nursing homes in Sweden and we hope it really becomes the norm in all households.

As always – if you’re looking for a good shower filter to filter in your ‘Shower Of The Past’, then look no further than PureShowers.co.uk, the UK’s #1 shower filter store.

If you have one of these revolutionary new showers, we would love to speak to you too! Perhaps we can provide you with a sample shower filter to install and test in your new shower?

Thu, 10 Mar 2016 01:26:27 +0000
<![CDATA[Black Friday Weekend - 27th - 29th November 2015]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/black-friday-weekend/

Special blog post to our blog subscribers to let you all know that our biggest Black Friday Weekend event is now on until the 29th of November 2015. Use these coupons for an additional 15% off Cartridges or 10% off Shower Filters.

15% off shower filter cartridges - http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/applycoupon/?code=BF-CART-15PC&return_url=../shower-filter-cartridge.html

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Black Friday Weekend - 27th till 29th Nov.
-15% on all cartridges use coupon: BF-CART-15PC
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<![CDATA[The UK’s Biggest Water Filter]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/uk-biggest-water-filter/

Desalination Plant

There’s a £270m water filter sitting in Beckton (east London) that many of the residents in London don’t even know about.


It’s not like the shower filter cartridges or shower filter heads we keep in our cupboards waiting for our current cartridges to run out and then swap. It is a water filter unlike any other in the UK and is sitting moth balled waiting for a particularly dry summer or draught conditions when it will be able to take contaminated water from river and sea sources and filter them into clean drinking water.


A typical shower filter cartridge can filter around 40,000 litres of water (such as the 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter) but this mother of all water filters can filter around 140-150 million litres of water per day. An average 8 minute shower in the UK uses around 62 litres so that would equate to around 2.4 million showers!


This gigantic water filter takes water which is unsuitable for consumption; salty brackish water from the Thames Estuary that is stored in a reservoir. It then treats the water through a chemical process and follows the standard water treatment processes of other water plants, such as; mixing, coagulation, flocculation and lamellar settling. But the extra step to remove all the salt and minerals is this treated water then goes through three lines of reverse osmosis water filters. After which minerals are put back into the water and chlorine is added as per normal.


Whilst the desalination plant is not running currently and it never has had a need yet to supplement the water supplies already available to Thames Water. With the dryer summers and the fact that London actually has lower annual rain fall levels than cities such as Sydney, having such a backup plan for a mega city like London is a great idea.


Martin Baggs, Thames Water's Chief Executive, said: "Our existing resources - from non-tidal rivers and groundwater - simply aren't enough to match predicted demand in London. That's why we're tapping into the new and limitless resource of the tidal Thames, fed by the rolling oceans beyond, so we can ensure our 8.5 million customers have enough water in future in the event of a drought.”


If you're looking for a shower filter or even a water filter for your kitchen - not as gigantic as this one but still very good! Just look no further than our website at PureShowers.co.uk

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<![CDATA[Water Companies Doing Better As Complaints Fall]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/water-companies-complaints/

water compaintsWe hope everyone is well and still enjoying good clean and fresh filtered water in their showers. If you still haven’t joined the shower water filter revolution, then we invite you to please take a look at our website at PureShowers.co.uk and get on track to cleaner and healthier showers every day.
Today we’re going to look at a recent report that has been put out by the Consumer Council for Water (www.ccwater.org.uk) which is a UK public organisation who acts as a watchdog for the water industry. They investigate and handle complaints made from the general public about water suppliers in England and Wales.


The recent report into Complaints to Water Companies in England and Wales between April 2014 and March 2015 gives us all a really good insight into how our water companies are improving or in some cases going backwards.
As a whole it looks like we all are much happier with water companies than we have been in the last 10 years. At its peak in the last 10 years we made around 280,000 complaints about water companies in 2007/08, but this has fallen dramatically to just around 7,000 complaints in the years 2014 to 2015. That’s quite a good turn around in a decade and the water companies put this down to adopting a right first time ethos to their customer service.


When looking at the best and the worst water companies in the England and Wales in terms of numbers of complaints. We can squarely wag out finger and tut at Southern water who once again is the worst performing company for complaints per 10,000 connections which is the same position it held in 2012/13. On the other hand we can give the sound of one hand clapping to Wessex water who has lead the charge once again to be the company with the lowest number of complaints from water and sewerage per 10,000 connects. Congratulations Wessex water! Keep up the good work!


But what are we all really complaining about? Well, digging down into the nitty gritty of the numbers we can see that the way water companies are mainly letting us down is the billing and charges category. Around a staggering 61,000 written complaints were lodge about billing, which really pales to under 20,000 complaints being written about water service itself. So the water companies once again (because billing and charges were the main gripe in the previous year’s report as well!) are over charging us and not billing us correctly.


So it’s more important than ever to check your charges on each and every bill with a fine tooth comb! Don’t let the big water companies try to rip you off. And if you find that you have been over charged or billed incorrectly, don’t be afraid to write a written complain to the CCW – after all, that is why they are there and can generate this kind of score card about our water utilities.


If you find that you need to complain, then just head over to : http://www.ccwater.org.uk/adviceandcomplaints/ and follow the instructions.


Also here’s a link to the report if you’re keen to know more about the numbers: http://www.ccwater.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Complaint-Handling-in-the-Water-Industry-April-2014-to-March-2015.pdf


Hope this information has been helpful to our customers and keep enjoying your shower filters and shower water filters from us here at PureShowers.co.uk

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<![CDATA[Fitting Shower Filters In Tight Spots]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/fitting-shower-filters-in-tight-spots/

shower headOne of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is, "How can I fit a shower filter if I don't have much room around my faucet?"


Do not despair dear customer, there are many solutions to this common problem!

In this article we'll look at a range of situations which might cause shower filter fitting issues due to lack of space. We'll also discuss the appropriate solutions to ensure that even in a shower which doesn't have a lot of space, you can still fit your shower filter.


Water Outlet Pipe Too Close To Wall


In some showers, especially those which have an existing metal shower hose with a hand held shower head attached to it, the water outlet pipe can be very close to the wall. In some instances leaving only an inch or so between the shower tiles and the water outlet pipe itself.


This is because a standard shower hose does not require a large amount of space between the pipe and the wall and easily screws onto the pipe.  Whereas an in-line shower water filter requires a bit more space to fit onto the end of a water outlets pipe due to the fact that inside the shower filter unit there is a water filter cartridge.


Shower Filter Angle PipeIn these situations a small angle pipe can be fitted onto the end of the shower water outlet pipe before fitting the shower filter. This pipe acts to extend the shower water outlet pipe and also angle it away from the wall, therefore creating more of a gap between the wall and pipe thus allowing the shower filter to be fitted in that additional space.


Here at PureShowers.co.uk we actually can provide these pipes for free to our customers who are purchasing a new shower filter. So if you believe that your shower pipe is too close to the tiles in your shower and you won't have enough room to fit the shower filter, then you can easily request for the free angle pipe during the checkout process.

Just pop into the shipping notes that you need an angle pipe and we'll get one out to you at no additional cost.


Shower Filter With Angled Inlet Pipe

 8 Stage Shower Filter

Another solution to this problem is to install a shower filter that has an angled Inlet pipe. The 8 Stage Shower Filter is designed for situations just like this. It has a water inlet pipe which can be angled to around 45 degrees. Therefore eliminating the need for a separate angle pipe and creating the space required to fit onto pipes that are very close to the wall.


To angle the 8 Stage Shower Filter inlet pipe, just use these instructions:

1. Loosen the collar which attaches the inlet pipe to the body of the shower filter.

2. Once loosened you'll notice that the inlet pipe is on a ball joint so it can be easily moved and angled.

3. Put the female portion of the shower filter inlet pipe onto the male portion of the shower water outlet pipe and tighten the inlet pipe onto the shower pipe.

4. Once the two pipes are securely attached, tighten the collar of the 8 Stage Shower Filter.


Voila! The 8 Stage Shower Filter is now attached to your shower pipe at an angle.


In both of the above situations, whether you're using an angle pipe or the 8 Stage Shower Filter - you will just need to then attach the shower hose to the end of the shower filter as normal.


We hope this blog post has provided you with some useful information about how to fit your shower filter in tricky and tight situations.


If you need any further help please do not hesitate to ask us.

Also you can always send us a picture of your shower set-up! Then we can see what you are seeing and be able to give you much more detailed instructions tailored to your individual needs.



The PureShowers.co.uk Team


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<![CDATA[Best Ever 7 Summer Hair Care Tips]]> http://www.pureshowers.co.uk/shower-filter-blog/best-ever-7-summer-hair-tips/

It has been a glorious summer so far! We've had our absolute highest recorded July temperature at 36.7C, what a scorcher that was. All around our beautiful country we've had some lovely warm weather with plenty of sunshine. So we do hope this amazing summer weather continues all the way to the end of summer.


In this summer inspired article we will discuss the absolute 7 best summer hair care tips. Tips that will help you maintain an amazing head of hair that is healthy and full of vitality.


Tip 1 - Ultra Violet is Ultra Harmful

We all know that Ultra Violet rays (UV rays) are harmful for skin and too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, but not many of us actually know that UV rays also can damage hair. If it is a particularly sunny day and the UV count is up high, please consider wearing a light and airy hat or cover hair with a scarf to reduce that damage from UV radiation.


Tip 2 - Sunscreen Isn't Just For Skin

Did you know that there are shampoos and conditioners out there with UV protection sunscreen in them? Pretty amazing isn't it? Elvive has a very good product which has a good protection level for UV. But there are many other similar products too. Next time you're at Boots or at the supermarket it would be a good idea to grab a bottle of UV protecting shampoo. If you don't use it all this summer. Just pop it in the cupboard and bring it back out next summer, it won't go off.


Tip 3 - Wash That Man Outta Your Hair - But Not Too Often!

All over our scalp we have oil glands which produce the universes' absolutely best serum which naturally conditions, protects and nourishes our hair. If shampoo manufacturers could somehow duplicate these oils they would make a fortune, but we all produce this magical oil every day and for free. So don't wash your hair too often because you're actually washing out those oils which are irreplaceable.


Tip 4 - Remove Chlorine That Strips Out Natural Oils

All those natural oils in our hair keeps our hair luscious and healthy, but chlorine which is added to our water supplies is a degreasing agent and upon contact with the natural oils in our hair it strips those oils away. During summer we need those oils in our hair desperately because the oil naturally protects us from UV rays. We need to install a shower head filter in our showers to remove chlorine and other chemicals from shower water which strips away our natural oils.


Tip 5 - Cool It With Hot Hair Dryers

When we step outside in the summer and it's hot and sunny, our hair gets a big dose of direct heat. So when we're drying our hair after a shower, turn down the heat setting of our hair dryer. Don't blast hair at the maximum heat setting because all you are doing is causing further heat damage to your hair. Turn down the dial on the hair dryer and if possible, just dry hair with cool air. The ambient air temperature is already high, so it won't take as long to dry hair.


Tip 6 - Make Your Own Revitalising Mist

Get yourself a small spritz bottle, add into it: filtered water, aloe vera juice and a little bit of coconut oil. Shake well and use it as a revitalising hair mist and detangler whenever you feel your hair has had too much sun and needs a little bit of a pick me up.


Tip 7 - Get Out and Enjoy!

Stress and anxiety is probably the worst thing for healthy and lusterous hair. With the amazing weather and long days, the best thing you can do is go out and enjoy yourself. See friends, have lunches, go for walks, play sport - just enjoy the wonderful weather and simply by enjoying yourself and being happy - your hair will feel the benefits too!


We hope you've enjoy these 7 best ever summer hair care tips and if you have any questions or are looking for a new shower head filter to remove chlorine, then please do not hesitate to ask us!



The PureShowers.co.uk Team

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