dripping tap

A new survey of 244 executives in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, India and China finds that water executives in the UK are more concerned about running out of water than other firms throughout the world.

The survey results where incorporated into Oracle Utilities report, "Water for All?," found that wasteful consumer behaviour is seen as the biggest barrier to meeting future demands (45 percent). A third of respondents also stated that worries over climate change (34 percent) and low tariffs, which fail to stimulate greater investment (33 percent), are significant barriers.

In the UK 38 percent of water utility executives rated the prospect of more water being needed than is available as "highly likely" or "almost certain" by 2030.

Almost half of the UK utilities believe that there should be an increase in prices so that it forces consumers to be more careful with their water. Three quarters of UK utility companies think that their pricing structures also need to be changed so that more is done for water conservation and water recycling.

A large percentage of UK water utilities (66.7 percent) view that waste of water generated by consumers is the main barrier to guaranteeing there is enough clean water suppliers till 2030.

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