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Shower Filter Review by penelope griffin on 08/01/2015

My daughter and I have been using this for about two weeks for hair washing and our hair has never been so soft.Very happy customer.

Shower Filter Review by Jamie Traynor on 04/01/2015

Great service provided by Pure showers and I believe the quality of the product is very good. I will be ordering in the future.

Shower Filter Review by Andrea Bucceri on 02/01/2015

No problems experienced and high quality product. well done.

Shower Filter Review by cheryle gunner on 02/01/2015

I bought this shower head to try to improve my daughter's excema, which it has helped a bit. But I am thrilled that I now don't have to clean the shower head every 3 days to remove limescale this more than makes up for the slight lack of pressure. I also enjoy having soft hair! I would definitely recommend pure showers to any one and it is very good value for money.

Shower Filter Review by pat pepper on 30/12/2014

as usual good product my 3rd recommend to all

Shower Filter Review by Martin Wright on 30/12/2014

The last few shower filters I purchased from you were fine except I needed an adapter that angled the slim filter away from the wall, it just never looked very good but this last 8 stage shower filter not only seems to work well but looks good as well, it also has the added benefit of something not mentioned in the add and that is a swivel type inlet connection that allows the unit to stand away from the wall which greatly simplifies the installation, if that was highlighted in the advertisement I may have used this the first time. If it was there but I just didn't notice it then others may have the same problem. ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your comments! We'll definitely update the website to mention that. Thanks again!

Shower Filter Review by Julius Orighomisan Nanna on 16/12/2014

Cartridge and filter are so easy to install and use. The filter really cuts out the chlorine, and that's good news for my skin. Love the filter. Would highly recommend this.

Shower Filter Review by Simon Venn on 12/12/2014

We have quite hard water in Dorset, and your filter has made a big difference to our showering experience. I bought one for my daughter and her family last year and they have been amazed at the difference it has made. Thanks for a great product!

Shower Filter Review by Mr Thomas E Withington on 10/12/2014

I need a new washer, well my filter does!! ** Reply from PS Team ** We're definitely on the case and will have one for you really soon! Don't worry! :)

Shower Filter Review by Barbara Scott on 10/12/2014

The shower filter works superbly and life is transformed from when I first installed it. Our private water supply left my blonde hair quite green. I couldn't wash my hair at home. Now I live normally in my own home and properly shower - it's great ! I couldn't be without it ! Thanks a milli

Shower Filter Review by Susan Daffy on 07/12/2014

I always filter water where I can and am very happy with my shower filter. I would also like to filter bath water and will be looking to do this quite soon.

Shower Filter Review by Susan Daffy on 07/12/2014

Very happy with the shower filter. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by lee carter on 05/12/2014

Definitely feels different now showering very pleased with the product, will be buying again!

Shower Filter Review by Jan Brewster on 05/12/2014

Your web site was easy to negotiate. I found and paid for my item and it arrived cry quickly. First class service. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by Gary Quick on 04/12/2014

Great service!

Shower Filter Review by Terry Corbishley on 04/12/2014

Prompt delivery, easy to install and working fine.

Shower Filter Review by Gary Quick on 04/12/2014

Great product, stupid discount. What is the point in insultingly taking £5 of the price of the 8 stage filter cartridges, when quite transparently this reduces the price below the limit for free delivery and works out as only a £1.50 discount. **** Reply from PS Team **** Thank you for your review comments. Don't worry! Free Delivery applies to all orders over £29 - if you apply a discount code which reduces the order to under £29. Free Delivery will still apply. Try it! :)

Shower Filter Review by Mia Weekes on 03/12/2014

I can tell the product works because we have noticed the difference in skin and hair since changing the filter In the shower head. Very quick delivery also.

Shower Filter Review by Heather Dingle on 02/12/2014

The filter itself seems to work really well and I do think it has made some difference. Unfortunately it does not fit between the shower hose and the tap because the barrel is too wide, so we've put it between the hose and the shower head. This seems to still be effective, although a bit of an arm workout when showering! ** Reply from PS Team ** Did you see that we can offer you the free Angle Pipe to fit in tricky situations? Did we mention, it's Free? :) We'll get in contact.

Shower Filter Review by Alan Bennett on 30/11/2014

Easy to fit. Does the job.

Shower Filter Review by Louisa Case on 26/11/2014

Really good product will be ordering new filter in 6 months

Shower Filter Review by Robert Zrinski on 25/11/2014

I received wrong product. ** Reply from PS Team ** Apologies about that!! We're glad we were able to correct this mistake though. Our bad! Thank you for being patient with us!

Shower Filter Review by Zoe Shears on 24/11/2014

A well priced product, swift delivery and an excellent filter for my 3yr old's eczema - would recommend

Shower Filter Review by Richard Howarth on 23/11/2014

No longer any chalky residue on taps and shower fitments. Less chlorine in water has helped my psoriasis. Excellent purchase.

Shower Filter Review by Gerald Evans on 18/11/2014

37000 liters does not mean much to most people. Neither does one year. It would be useful to indicate with shower filter heads how many showers can be got depending on what level of hardness of water. Then people can calculate life of filter based on there known average usage. Some people shower one or more times per day depending on work and weather and other factors. This would be useful

Shower Filter Review by Riaz Babar on 17/11/2014

Overall satisfied with the products, delivery and service. Thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Kate Castellani on 14/11/2014

Good, fast service and the product works. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1270 user reviews.