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Shower Filter Review by David Madgwick on 07/08/2014

I was dubious about how well it would work because we live in a very hard water area, however I have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of limescale residue left on our glass shower screen

Buy it, you wont regret it. by Jo on 06/08/2014

As someone who has suffered from dry, itchy skin with eczema type of flare ups most of my adult life, this was bought with a healthy dose of hope. The results have been slow, whereby I only notice now that I do not have to use such heavy creams on my skin or even add extra oil to them. But the real test came after a week away in the UK and the water wasn't soft or filtered. Wow within 36 hours my skin started to itch again. So yes I will be buying the replacement filter.

Shower Filter Review by Gabriella Ferri on 06/08/2014

I've used the shower filter for a couple of months now, and I can honestly say I can feel and smell the difference in the water, and of course my skin and my hair feel much nicer and softer! Thank you so much for your product.

Shower Filter Review by James Lane on 06/07/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by J L Quintais on 05/07/2014

Timely and safe delivery of product ordered. Product packaged satisfactory and presented as described. Easily installed and working well.

Shower Filter Review by Pauline Dunlop on 03/07/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by MATHEW CHACKO on 01/07/2014

This product is brilliant because it resolved our dandruff problem. Thank you very much.

Shower Filter Review by Morton Morris on 24/06/2014

Works very well for Helena - Mrs Morris - whose skin is very delicate and water generally not to her advantage. The recommended Pure Filter has been very successful with her from the very start

Shower Filter Review by Morton Morris on 24/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Alan Skennerton on 20/06/2014

Very effective, despite a slight, and expected, loss of water pressure. Recommended.

Shower Filter Review by Sharon Ruskin on 19/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by michael Pearce on 18/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Sandra Hartley on 14/06/2014

Fast delivery, dry skin improved after only a week. Fantastic product.

Shower Filter Review by Jasmen Sze on 14/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Fawziya Musaddique on 13/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Maurice Hannon on 12/06/2014

Hair is noticably softer as a result of using this filter. The only downside is that the shower head is very heavy as filter is quite bulky but overall a small price to pay for a good product. The service was excellent with dispatch and attention to detail to the fore. Very satisfied with service to date.

Shower Filter Review by Ulyana Lapshina on 09/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Richard Sinnott on 06/06/2014

[No comment given]

Shower Filter Review by Patricia Lyon-Lowe on 05/06/2014

A fast delivery, & a product that was easy to install & definitely makes a difference to the quality of our water. Wish I'd done it sooner... glad I have it now!

Shower Filter Review by Andrea Randerson on 05/06/2014

Hair and skin feel so much better with the filter fitted

Shower Filter Review by Forrest Buckner on 02/06/2014

One more rubber filler-washer for the connection would have made the filter fit perfect. As it is, it leaks a little at the connection. Please include one more in the future!

Shower Filter Review by Stephen Dear on 25/05/2014

Service was rapid though no personal interaction. Many people don't like the personal touch, but I think it can be good if done right. Older people love it :¬). Other than that, a rapid, low cost service providing an excellent product that feels fantastic in the shower.

Shower Filter Review by jean hamilton on 21/05/2014

It was so simple and straightforward to install, it makes a very big difference to washing your hair after installation as well as your skin when taking a shower!!

Shower Filter Review by Vineeta Chand on 12/05/2014

i would like to know if the cartridge is recycleable.

Shower Filter Review by Nathalie Wagner on 12/05/2014

Well received, but missing one seal.

Shower Filter Review by Mustafa Kapasi on 09/05/2014

Product is great. I am only unhappy with the delivery charges. I believe you should get your product out in supermarkets / amazon to benefit from their handling and logistics setup. Free delivery over £29 is great, but then most products are priced under that so if you want to simply buy a filter, it turns out to be more expensive than buying the whole 'head'. Also, you need a better 21st century website :) this one looks so 1998 :). Have you looked at Joomla based websites ? Free and easy to maintain.

Shower Filter Review by Andy Parker on 08/05/2014

The service i recieved was first class my order was proccessed quickly and the product was first class. I mafde a mistake with my order and the refund was swiftly sorted.

Shower Filter Review by Aisling Aherne on 08/05/2014

I am delighted with my order. I purchased the Paragon Luxury Shower Head Filter and 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter. They certainly make a difference. The ordering process was very easy and delivery was as planned. Good service overall!

Shower Filter Review by Steve Dhillon on 06/05/2014

Excellent service and fast delivery, would defo recommend

Shower Filter Review by Katarina Lind on 06/05/2014

I like the quick service. My order quickly arrives to my mailbox. I have 3 different showerfilters. And now when I talk about it, I feel that I really would like to take a shower! Before the filters I felt something was wrong with the water. But nowadays it`s great! Katarina Sweden is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1119 user reviews.