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Shower Filter Review by Matleena Halttunen on 11/02/2015

Very happy with the product and quick delivery. I never received an email informing me that it had been shipped and as dumb luck would have it, our concierge had changed email address just that week and their notification of receiving a parcel went into my junk folder so roughly a week after ordering I got a little frustrated and complained, got a response very quickly and proceeded to pick up my parcel from the main building. Series of unfortunate incidences. The filter works very well, there's a very slight reduction in water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Michelle Massara on 11/02/2015

Well what can I say . Pureshowers was very quick in processing my order.. received the next day ! I bought this shower filter head mainly for my African grey parrot ...Yes you do have to shower or mist spray a parrot ..Ha-ha with filtered water to take out the hash chemicals that could irritate your parrots skin or your own skin . This product does the job very well as my own skin and hair feel's really soft , so I know the parrot will feel the same .. .

Shower Filter Review by Nancy Magtibay on 09/02/2015

Happy to find a filter that suits our household of the filter didnt have any instructions, I had to look it up on you tube.the filter didnt quite fit with our existing tap and needed some silicone tape to bridge the gap.Delivery was on time.not alot of packaging.perhaps could do with some bubble wrap for protection. Overall satisfactory product.i will just need to change the filter next year which is ok .

Shower Filter Review by Abbas Merzai on 04/02/2015

Hi,we are very happy with the service that you gave to us ,and thanks for your on time delivery as well.

Shower Filter Review by Joanna Wilson on 03/02/2015

The shower head is very heavy, not sure how long the holder is going to last! ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your review. This model has the cartridge inside the head itself rather than in the handle. So it can be a little top heavy. Please install the included shower head holder if you find it is too heavy for your existing holder. Or also you can tighten your existing holder (there is always a little screw on the inside of the holder). Or you can also exchange it for one of the other hand held shower heads which has the cartridge inside the handle. So lots of options for you! :)

Shower Filter Review by Liz Herbert on 30/01/2015

I bought the 8 stage shower filter a month ago as my hair was becoming damaged from living in a hard water area with high levels of chlorine in the water. It took a while to see the effects (my partner said his skin felt softer from the first shower!) however after a month my hair feels less greasy and easier to manage. Although it hasn't made the difference I was hoping for, it is still better than without and my hair is improving! **Reply from PS Team** Great to know that you are starting to feel the effects of the shower filter. For some people it takes longer than others, but we are sure you will feel even more improvements as time goes by. Thanks again!

Shower Filter Review by Suvi Sylvelin on 29/01/2015

Purchase & delivery experience was very good but unfortunately the product itself hasn't been quite as good as I was hoping. Still worth the money though!

Shower Filter Review by william spinks on 26/01/2015

does what it says on the box i.e. filters shower water,and it gives peace of mind as I found residue in the cold water supply which had blocked the stop tap in my new house prior to fitting the filter.

Shower Filter Review by Kathryn Enright on 22/01/2015

Nice product but I wish there was a way to recycle the filters. Is this possible at all? **Reply from PS** Unfortunately right now there is no way to recycle the cartridges. But we're working on it ;)

Shower Filter Review by AT and SM Collinge on 16/01/2015

Quality service as expected.

Shower Filter Review by penelope griffin on 08/01/2015

My daughter and I have been using this for about two weeks for hair washing and our hair has never been so soft.Very happy customer.

Shower Filter Review by Jamie Traynor on 04/01/2015

Great service provided by Pure showers and I believe the quality of the product is very good. I will be ordering in the future.

Shower Filter Review by Andrea Bucceri on 02/01/2015

No problems experienced and high quality product. well done.

Shower Filter Review by cheryle gunner on 02/01/2015

I bought this shower head to try to improve my daughter's excema, which it has helped a bit. But I am thrilled that I now don't have to clean the shower head every 3 days to remove limescale this more than makes up for the slight lack of pressure. I also enjoy having soft hair! I would definitely recommend pure showers to any one and it is very good value for money.

Shower Filter Review by pat pepper on 30/12/2014

as usual good product my 3rd recommend to all

Shower Filter Review by Martin Wright on 30/12/2014

The last few shower filters I purchased from you were fine except I needed an adapter that angled the slim filter away from the wall, it just never looked very good but this last 8 stage shower filter not only seems to work well but looks good as well, it also has the added benefit of something not mentioned in the add and that is a swivel type inlet connection that allows the unit to stand away from the wall which greatly simplifies the installation, if that was highlighted in the advertisement I may have used this the first time. If it was there but I just didn't notice it then others may have the same problem. ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your comments! We'll definitely update the website to mention that. Thanks again!

Shower Filter Review by Julius Orighomisan Nanna on 16/12/2014

Cartridge and filter are so easy to install and use. The filter really cuts out the chlorine, and that's good news for my skin. Love the filter. Would highly recommend this.

Shower Filter Review by Simon Venn on 12/12/2014

We have quite hard water in Dorset, and your filter has made a big difference to our showering experience. I bought one for my daughter and her family last year and they have been amazed at the difference it has made. Thanks for a great product!

Shower Filter Review by Mr Thomas E Withington on 10/12/2014

I need a new washer, well my filter does!! ** Reply from PS Team ** We're definitely on the case and will have one for you really soon! Don't worry! :)

Shower Filter Review by Barbara Scott on 10/12/2014

The shower filter works superbly and life is transformed from when I first installed it. Our private water supply left my blonde hair quite green. I couldn't wash my hair at home. Now I live normally in my own home and properly shower - it's great ! I couldn't be without it ! Thanks a milli is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1306 user reviews.