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Not perfect, but very close! by Elliot on 16/10/2017

I actually combine this filter with one of the shower head filters too, since I live in a very hard water area. I wash my hair with only water and the filters have made this possible - using hard water is disgusting. I can tell you now that it’s not absolutely perfect; it’s not the same as soft water, but it’s pretty close. My hair now never gets greasy, I simply wash it every few days to restore texture.

Shower Filter Review by Nicolaas Luitsz on 02/10/2017

Arrived on time and was easy to fit using recomended extension.

Compact Shower Filter Review by C Smith on 01/10/2017

good product, good customer service when I emailed to request some information - quick response.

Shower Filter Review by Stanislav Lazarov on 28/09/2017

Excellent service!

Does the job. by Robert Saunders on 28/09/2017

Excellent product, water feels much better.

Shower Filter Review by Mr. B R Smith on 27/09/2017

Good product. Does what it says on the tin.

Shower Filter Review by Paul O'Hara on 27/09/2017

good but refills are expensive. ** Reply from PS Team ** Please make sure to like us on FaceBook to keep up to date with our specials and vouchers :

Shower Filter Review by Jurate Sakaliene on 26/09/2017

I am using this filter approximately 2 weeks and so far I am quite happy. Water was really hard and this filter makes it softer, I can feel that on my hair

Shower Filter Review by Shymaa alabd on 26/09/2017

i certainly love it! my hair is so much shinier and less frizzy..i will definitely order another one

Shower Filter Review by Serena Woods on 24/09/2017

Prompt and efficient delivery. Very easy to install with no fuss whatsoever. We live in a hard water area and it has already made a noticeable effect on both our skin and hair. Wish we'd found this product years ago! Thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Sai on 24/09/2017

had one of these for few years now, got another one as a replacement due to old one wearing out.

Shower Filter Review by Kate Bee on 22/09/2017

I really love my PureShowers filter shower. The difference on my skin is noticeable. I am very aware of the smell of chlorine in showers when I travel. With the filter my skin and hair feel softer.

Worth the money. by Susan Gooch on 22/09/2017

Easy to fit, works well. Makes the shower head rather heavy but it works well.

Shower Filter Review by Rachel Farley on 22/09/2017

Excellent service and after care

Shower Filter Review by Vicky Hughes on 21/09/2017

Fabulous product, it makes such a difference to my skin

Shower Filter Review by JOHN GOFF on 21/09/2017

We are waiting to see if filter works re chlorine alergy

Shower Filter Review by Janeeg on 21/09/2017

Excellent product. I bought the original filter on recommendation of my nutritionist as I had Hashimotos thyroiditis and chlorine is known to affect the thyroid. My thyroid level is now back to normal without me having taken medication. I'm not suggesting this was the sole reason as i've also changed my diet etc., but I've no doubt it's helped. Obviously I'm now simply changing the filter.

spot on by Mark Yoxon on 20/09/2017

works really well with good water flow

Shower Filter Review by Sandy Becker on 20/09/2017

prompt delivery no fuss easy web site

Shower Filter Review by WH on 12/09/2017


So Pleased with this Product. by Andrew on 07/09/2017

Unbelievable. Only after Googling the effects of Chlorine on some people and seeing my wife suffer terribly from the water did i decide to try this product. Even i had begun to itch after every shower and my 3 year old was complaining and coming up with a rash.Arrived on time and fitted straight on and what a difference.A pleasure to shower again and i feel such a difference.No burning eyes the water feels softer and so far we are all happy with this product.My itching has gone and hopefully my wifes skin will come back to normal.I will definatley be buying the refill filter when this one expires.

Shower Filter Review by Sandy Johal on 31/08/2017

Excellent customer service. Amazing product and price too! Highly recommend.

Very easy to fit by Elena Curtis on 26/08/2017

Used it for a week so kind of too soon to notice the benefits in regards to dry skin and hair damage but I can say that there are no white marks from the chlorine on the shower glass door! All looks positive and I am a happy customer. Happy with the website (description of the product and advice to buy the 2£ connection) very quick delivery! Great services with no hassle! :)

Shower Filter Review by Sajjad Haider on 12/08/2017

Very easy to assemble and feeling the difference my skin is getting softer no more dry skin....thanks for such a great product and I am thhankfull to have finally pure clean water ...

Shower Filter Review by Matthias McDonagh on 08/08/2017

Product as described, very good.

The Slimline shower filter has made a lot of difference to my hair and skin. by NAILA on 02/08/2017

The Slimline shower filter has made a lot of difference to my hair and skin. Both are softer than before and it has also helped reduced hairfall massively. A big fan of it and would happily recommend it to anyone with hairfall or skin problems.

Shower Filter Review by Keith Saltfleet on 28/07/2017

Has made a definite difference to our water quality which leaves hair and skin much softer.

So far, I would recommend this product. by Rory Kavanagh on 24/07/2017

So far so good. Only on 3 weeks but the women of the house seem happy. Softer hair etc. (Most important)

Worth every penny by Bekky on 19/07/2017

I spent ages going through the reviews on here to decide whether this was going to be worth it or not - I have suffered with itchy skin since I moved to a hard water area 8 months ago, It took me until 2 weeks ago to realise that it was the water causing the itching. I was 1 click away from buying a really expensive water softener when I found this website and boy am I glad I did - It's as small as it probably can be to be effective enough so I cant really complain there - Most importantly it works! No more itchy skin! My hair feels healthier too - If you are having doubts look at it this way, £500 for a water softener plus the annual costs or £50 odd quid a year for this little device - I know what I would rather chose - Well done pure showers - you have a customer for life!

Shower Filter Review by Kate Latimir on 16/07/2017

really happy with the purchase! Has made a huge difference to our water quality in the shower - my hair feels completely different!

Shower Filter Review by Karel Bartosik on 15/07/2017

We noticed the difference in water quality when the filter had run out.

Shower Filter Review by deborah singh on 10/07/2017

Good fast service & the water does feel softer

Shower Filter Review by Cecile Smith on 07/07/2017

Promptly delivered easy to fix

how often must I change the cartrigdes by karin bonjour on 04/07/2017

the shower is light and pleasant

Great. by Nenee on 03/07/2017

I am pleased with this product. It was easy to fit to existing hose on shower. The features are great. Water feels refreshing leaves my skin and hair feeling soft.

Clear skin....softer water by Lisa on 29/06/2017

I had psoriasis all down my back, not severely, but enough to be uncomfortable, itchy and really unsightly. Since owning this product for the last couple of months I can honestly say that the psoriasis has 99% cleared. What a relief!....Although I do have one long approximately until the filter needs replacing? My husband and I shower every day...average wash....we're not in there for hours singing our hearts out...just a general good scrub?? ** Reply from PS ** This unit should last approx. 8 - 12 months, depending upon usage and the quality of the water in your area.

Shower Filter Review by Mike on 29/06/2017

Quick delivery, Quality product, Worth the purchase and does what it says on the tin. Depending on your water quality your results will vary however this is a positive because if you do not notice a great deal of difference it means your water quality was great to begin with. Having said that improving on good = great so still a big plus in my opinion. Will purchase again

Shower Filter Review by Roy Simpson on 28/06/2017

Very good after I purchased a angle connector to take it away from the wall

Good Pressure by John Hughes on 27/06/2017

Too soon to assess health benefits but gives good pressure and works fine

Shower Filter Review by BRAMHANAND DURBHATKAR on 27/06/2017

Great product.recommanded to my friends

Shower Filter Review by Rose Brookes on 25/06/2017

Fabulous hair and skin softer no black scum in the shower from hardwater.

Shower Filter Review by Stuart M on 24/06/2017

Excellent product; cannot shower without using these filters.

Shower Filter Review by mike bulger on 22/06/2017

very good

well worth the money by malcolm cooper on 22/06/2017

My wife was suffering from itchy skin when getting out of the shower. this has now all stopped due to the filter.

Shower Filter Review by Anthony WHITTAKER on 22/06/2017

Easy transaction. Speedy delivery.

Shower Filter Review by keetchy on 22/06/2017

Fantastic product

Shower Filter Review by David Pyle on 02/06/2017

does exactly what it says, very pleased

Shower Filter Review by Colette Prideaux-Brune on 01/06/2017

Had one of these showerheads a few years back and really missed not having it so ordered another one. Live in a really hard water area and find it really helps my skin and hair be less dry. Would have given it 5 stars but as the filter is in the top part of the showerhead it does make it top heavy and liable to fall. ** Reply from PS ** Thanks for your review Colette - please make sure to tighten your existing shower holder or use the one which comes free with the shower head. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1776 user reviews.