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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 1096 Reviews

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Shower Filter Review by Vineeta Chand on 05/12/2014

i would like to know if the cartridge is recycleable.

Shower Filter Review by Nathalie Wagner on 05/12/2014

Well received, but missing one seal.

Shower Filter Review by Mustafa Kapasi on 05/09/2014

Product is great. I am only unhappy with the delivery charges. I believe you should get your product out in supermarkets / amazon to benefit from their handling and logistics setup. Free delivery over £29 is great, but then most products are priced under that so if you want to simply buy a filter, it turns out to be more expensive than buying the whole 'head'. Also, you need a better 21st century website :) this one looks so 1998 :). Have you looked at Joomla based websites ? Free and easy to maintain.

Shower Filter Review by Andy Parker on 05/08/2014

The service i recieved was first class my order was proccessed quickly and the product was first class. I mafde a mistake with my order and the refund was swiftly sorted.

Shower Filter Review by Aisling Aherne on 05/08/2014

I am delighted with my order. I purchased the Paragon Luxury Shower Head Filter and 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter. They certainly make a difference. The ordering process was very easy and delivery was as planned. Good service overall!

Shower Filter Review by Steve Dhillon on 05/06/2014

Excellent service and fast delivery, would defo recommend

Shower Filter Review by Katarina Lind on 05/06/2014

I like the quick service. My order quickly arrives to my mailbox. I have 3 different showerfilters. And now when I talk about it, I feel that I really would like to take a shower! Before the filters I felt something was wrong with the water. But nowadays it`s great! Katarina Sweden

Shower Filter Review by Gillian Morris on 05/02/2014

excellent product I have a sensitive scalp and the filters help with this

Shower Filter Review by william Forster on 04/30/2014

Useful product.

Shower Filter Review by Rachel Trinder on 04/30/2014

Very efficient in postage and was delivered quickly. Forgot to send a complimentory part but after a call was sent straight away. Freephone number is fantastic, service friendly. Highly recommended.

Shower Filter Review by jnelle james on 04/28/2014

I love my new shower filter; When i come out of the bathroom my skin isn`t so dry and when i do moisturize it, it seems to last longer. The limescale in the shower has also lessened, and overall my hair feels significantly softer, i believe in conditioner again! brilliant purchase, just need to replace all the other taps in the flat now. Thanks Pure Showers

Shower Filter Review by Mary Jean Powell on 04/24/2014

I am really pleased with the shower filter. There is a noticeable difference in our hair and skin. The shower water I put in a vase in the bathroom made the three roses last longer than usual too. The filters arrived quickly too. I am so glad we have them.

Shower Filter Review by Mary Jean Powell on 04/24/2014

I have not used this bath filter yet as we are having the bathroom renovated. I was pleased with how quickly it arrived. If it is anything like the shower filter we have it should be very good. Thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Brown on 04/21/2014

Great to find a filtered shower head that works with the shower pump. Very good thanks.

Shower Filter Review by Bernd-Uve Grunwald on 04/21/2014

Great! Everything is perfect in our shower!

Shower Filter Review by John Bland on 04/18/2014


Shower Filter Review by Graham Pratt on 04/14/2014

My wife seems to react to the Chlorine in the water but felt an immediate difference once the filter was fitted.

Shower Filter Review by James Rae on 04/08/2014

Very happy with my shower filter. My forehead Always felt very tender with the skin dry and sore. Not any more!

Shower Filter Review by Fanny Bertrand on 04/07/2014

Very effective filter, I just needed wider washers to increase the seal with the inlet water pipe.

Shower Filter Review by Tom Dewar on 04/05/2014

Great product and great service, will be buying again!

Shower Filter Review by Marina Tzirki on 03/22/2014

The filter was so easy to fit, it literally took seconds to do and hasn`t leaked or anything which I was afraid may happen after reading other reviews. I have been using it for over a month now and the most noticeable difference is the texture of my skin, especially on my lower legs. I don`t require moisturiser so much as the skin is supple, no white dry skin lines that was so common before. Can`t imagine what it Was doing to my hair before. I will be ordering another two so my whole family can benefit.

Shower Filter Review by helene baezner on 03/19/2014

Excellent product. My son suffers from eczema and every time he came out of the shower water stung him and burned him tremendously. Since I bought the shower he has felt nothing. It`s really beautiful, excellent and also magical. A strongly recommend this for all people who have skin problems.

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Baker on 03/16/2014

What a great thing, could not believe how much difference it has made to our skin and hair. Have recommended to our friends and family.

Shower Filter Review by Richard Horne on 03/14/2014

The shower water feels better, and there is less mess (scum/scale) left on the shower walls etc.

Shower Filter Review by Karin Riou on 03/11/2014

Softer feel on the skin and hair, but please provide more silicone washers because the product tends to leak

Shower Filter Review by C G Austin on 03/11/2014

The filter ` appears ` to work OK. But it will require time to see if it combats the hard water problem in the shower. The head is beginning to show some hard water contamination and will require a clean to see if the filter then does work. Apart from the fact that you forgot to enclose the Mira extension adapter with the filter even though it was requested at the time, it meant having to wait for that to arrive in a second post in order to fit the filter, the rest of the service was fine.

Shower Filter Review by Annette Conway on 03/09/2014

Delighted with the filters my hair colour lasts longer and my dry skin condition is much improved.

Shower Filter Review by Robert Chapman on 03/07/2014

very good covers both product and service. thank you.

Shower Filter Review by William McCracken on 03/06/2014

This filter works for us. Delivery was prompt. Great service

Shower Filter Review by Mariia Speranska on 03/03/2014

PureShower offers fantastic service that is easy to use. I am most impressed with reminders of filter replacements that I found very handy. Also, PureShowers helped me improve my skin condition. Since I bought my first filter in May 2013 I hadn`t had one outbreak of eczema and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1096 user reviews.