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Shower Filter Review by nick keown on 25/08/2016

Great product, very pleased indeed. Many thanks to the advisory team.

Shower Filter Review by SG on 23/08/2016

Bought the filter to soften the hard water in Denmark. Have used it for a few days, and the difference is very noticeable. Easy to install, no tools needed. Happy with the purchase and hope the effect lasts long.

Shower Filter Review by Martin Haines on 22/08/2016

good product, easy to fit and good service

Shower Filter Review by Cheryl on 16/08/2016

shower is good ....can really see the difference with lime scale and my hair and skin feels much better only down side is it slows down the flow of water ...but I can live with that.

Shower Filter Review by PC on 15/08/2016

been using your shower filters for 5 years now for all family (incl paragon shower heads). very happy with the product results, durability and prompt delivery service. thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Flossy. on 14/08/2016

Fantastic. Have used one of these filters for years. Really makes a huge difference to the hard water in my area.

Shower Filter Review by Alisha on 01/08/2016

The water feels softer, less chalky and it was good that it came with different adapters for larger or smaller shower heads.. very easy to assemble. However I wouldn't say the size of a fist is slim line but that's just me. Overall I loved it and would order it again..

Shower Filter Review by C. Seymour on 01/08/2016

Product arrived quickly but could've done with slightly better instructions. So far so good though and happy that I made the purchase. B

Happy with product by LISA KOSKY on 01/08/2016

It arrived very quickly and was really simple to fit. So far I have noticed my skin is less itchy after showering and my hair is softer after shampoo, don't need conditioner now!

Shower Filter Review by Sonya on 31/07/2016

Really thankful I got this..loving the soft water. Arrived quickly too and very easy to put on shower pipe

Shower Filter Review by Hanna Russom on 26/07/2016

Very fast delivery. Works perfectly but had to use an additional washer for a tight fit during instalation

Shower Filter Review by Maria sanz Sanz on 21/07/2016

Since using the filtre my skin is softer and my hair shiner ,very happy

Shower Filter Review by Pat Williams on 17/07/2016

very good excellent service

Shower Filter Review by Ronnie Robinson on 17/07/2016

Have been using pure shower product for more than 2 years. Great product, great service.

Shower Filter Review by Ronnie Robinson on 17/07/2016

Great filter

Product is very effective as describe by Pure Showers by Ani on 14/07/2016

Excellent product and service

Shower Filter Review by Philip Bean on 12/07/2016

This is the 4th or 5th replacement cartridge we have bought and we're happy with the product. This time round something went awry with delivery but Pure Showers were very helpful and we have now received our latest order, pity Royal Mail didn't achieve the same level of service.

Shower Filter Review by Karolina on 12/07/2016


Shower Filter Review by Diana Adler on 07/07/2016

Greetings ... hmmm ... well, the product came quickly ... it was easy to install ... and you guys responded quickly to my questions/emails. I think it's too soon for me to have a definite answer as to whether it's made a change in my hair. That said, I changed conditioners, and well, I don't like the new conditioner, so that may be part of the problem. More as I know more.

Good by Dale Aird on 05/07/2016

Very good service .easy to use Web site . Will use again.

Luxury 8 stage shower Filter Review by Mr P B on 29/06/2016

Easily fitted, and can tell it is working due to change in smell of water, and lack of staining in the shower tray. Looks very unobtrusive. No hassle purchase.

great! by heather on 16/06/2016

great service, great product

Shower Filter Review by Jaycee W on 02/06/2016

Fast efficient service. The showerhead is good. Flow is slightly less but I expected that and it is not a big problem. My skin is definitely softer, and I think my hair is slightly softer (not the major change I'd hoped for, but I was expecting a miracle). Likewise, watermarks on the shower haven't completely disappeared, but there is a slight improvement. I think this is a pretty good product for the price.

Shower Filter Review by Ally on 01/06/2016

A great purchase!!! A noticeable improvement on my skin Eczema prone skin. 100% would recommend.

Good deal by Celicaandreas on 31/05/2016

The filter removes chlorine and heavy salts from water. It does the job.

Shower Filter Review by shai on 28/05/2016

awesome product

Shower Filter Review by David Alexander on 24/05/2016

Shower filter has been in use for around a month now. Water feels much nicer and glass screen and shower head stay cleaner for longer (I'm in a hard water area). The filter does not seem to affect water flow. Quick delivery and great service. Very happy with my purchase.

Shower Filter Review by Lynne Aitchison on 18/05/2016

This is a good product. I have used others. With this I find the shower does not build up a film. So I know that it is safe for the body

Shower Filter Review by David on 16/05/2016

Works very well, my wife is thrilled with it and says her hair is less brittle.

Shower Filter Review by Lisa on 11/05/2016

No limescale build up so far! :) Happy with the look of the shower head, no problem with quite low water pressure in our house.

Shower Filter Review by AndrewF on 11/05/2016

Prompt delivery. Bought in anticipation of replacing original filters and if as good as them (when changed), will be most pleased.

Shower Filter Review by azra on 06/05/2016

Great service Great quality product. Highly recommended.

Shower Filter Review by Eleanor Derham on 03/05/2016

very happy

Shower Filter Review by Erdal on 01/05/2016

its a excellent product,very easy to fitting helps my hair a lot.l m using a almost 3 weeks and can see the difference already.l ll keep buying in the future.%100 reccomended

Shower Filter Review by Julia Prichard on 30/04/2016

Great product - stopped my daughter's hair turning green!

Shower Filter Review by Bryan Hill on 28/04/2016

Very pleased with the product. Service and delivery.

Shower Filter Review by john morgan on 25/04/2016

Arrived quickly and was easily fitted. There is no longer any scale in our shower. Result!

Shower Filter Review by Peter Scott on 17/04/2016

very good so far

Perfect to help with skin problems by Sar on 16/04/2016

It's really great. My skin doesn't fall of when I get out the shower!! Having recently moved into a hard water area from a soft water area I've really struggled with the adjustment. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

This shower head is a miracle! by Eszter on 11/04/2016

First of all I have chosen the free delivery (up to 15 days) and it has arrived in 2 working days so I was well impressed. I have moved in to a flat where the water is incredibly hard and made my eczema so much worse and my hair started falling out. After the first use of this amazing shower head I felt like I am in heaven. I don`t remember the last time I have felt so good and refreshed after the shower. I could not get over it for hours how good my skin felt. I can only recommend this fantastic product. Do not hesitate as it is definitely worth every penny.

Shower Filter Review by David Garnett on 08/04/2016

First class service, the filter arrived on time and is working as expected.

Love it by Alice on 07/04/2016

You may now get lots of orders from my area as I spread the word. Scottish Water changed our supply 4 years ago and many people now suffer from skin conditions etc. The fact that they were going to add even more chemicals to it shocked me. I happened across this shower filter wow it has been on 3 days the tiles are streak free still and my skin is already feeling softer and less itchy. It is not right that we have to do this when we had the best water in the country but thanks for your product

Shower Filter Review by David on 06/04/2016

Good Product (easy to fit) but whether it helps with eczema trouble has yet to be seen

Shower Filter Review by Janis Cherry on 04/04/2016

Our water is off the scale hard. It was causing skin problems and very dull brittle hair - coming from beautiful soft Scottish water this was very difficult to accept. Am delighted with the filter, it's made such a difference. The shower is easy to clean and I don't have dry flaky skin! Oh, and it's easy to fit, only takes a couple of minutes.

Shower Filter Review by Barry Dobinson on 04/04/2016

Very happy with shower filter head great product

Shower Filter Review by Mike Brogden on 30/03/2016

Good product but over-priced. ** reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your review Mike. Just to let you know our products are of a very high quality, but we do try to price them very competitively as well. Join our mailing list for regular sale updates and vouchers! :D

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 30/03/2016

Our skin is much less itchy since using the slimline shower filter, skin is softer and scalp less itchy. I wouldn't be without the shower filter now! is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1577 user reviews.