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Shower Filter Review by Gordon Rees on 31/01/2017

Marked improvement in skin dryness. Happy indeed

Shower Filter Review by Annie on 28/01/2017

Its ok not exceptional

Shower Filter Review by Mari W on 24/01/2017

i gave three stars only for this product for it did not really reached my full expectations BUT it did a great help in reducing my hairfall and my pimples too! Thanks pureshowers! The negative is that when we went to Poland for 10 day holiday, I noticed every time I washed my hair when it dried it it was really shiny and soft using the same shampoo that I'm also using now. All I though the shower filter will produce the same effect, my hair's still feels dry after few weeks of already using it. But as I have said still thanks to it for reducing hair fall and my dreaded pimples, my face now clear.

Shower Filter Review by Tania Attar on 23/01/2017

This was very easy to assemble. The water feels so different from the first shower, I love it!

very good by sue on 22/01/2017

very good

Shower Filter Review by Diane Gravett on 20/01/2017

Brilliant! It solved my daughter's itchy skin post shower immediately!

I am delighted with the filter and the service I received by Silvia on 17/01/2017

a new filter means that my hair feels soft and manageable again which is great

Shower Filter Review by Tanya Borisova on 14/01/2017

I have noticed some changes in my hair- now looks much better. My son's skin is very dry and I hoped that the filter will change this ,but still looks same and still very dry .

Shower Filter Review by Ian Ewan on 11/01/2017

This is a replacement for one I purchased over 12 months ago, we were very pleased with with both the product and the service and will buy again in the future.

Shower Filter Review by Lisa on 09/01/2017

I brought the filter shower head as I have a problem that my water at home makes my blonde hair dull and slightly green. The shower filter has made a slight difference, can't fault the service I have received from pure showers!

Cleaner water to shower with by EPY on 07/01/2017

PRO: Really feel the difference in water quality. CON: A little bit heavy

Surprisingly good by Annavs on 05/01/2017

Excellent product. Moved to very hard water area and after several months began to suffer from awful effects of hard water on my skin, scalp and hair. Itching scalp to the point of pain. Hair dill, lifeless and hard. Was a bit scepical about this product but worked amazingly from first time. Use a clarifying shampoo on hair to remove residue.

Shower Filter Review by Meeshee on 04/01/2017

I've seen improvements with my skin and hair. I would recommend.

Shower Filter Review by David Moon on 03/01/2017

great product

Shower Filter Review by SUE JENDEN on 02/01/2017

I'm sure the cartridge is fine but I cannot get the filter open to replace it, any suggestions guess its the limestone ** Reply from PS Team ** Thanks for your review Sue. Yes, sometimes it's a little difficult to open the shower filter (especially if you've not changed the cartridge in a while) because limescale inside can settle. Just spray a little limescale cleaner in the middle joint. Leave for a bit and try again. This usually works.

Shower Filter Review by Kate Bee on 31/12/2016

These things are great.. I moved to UK from a place where I had my own spring water.. I collect spring water for drinking and cooking but obviously bathing is a different issue. I always hated the chemical smell from the shower/bath and didn't like how it makes my skin feel. This shower filter is excellent..all the chemical smell has gone and my skin and hair feel much better showering with the filtered water

Shower Filter Review by Allan Turnbull on 13/12/2016

A filter that works for once, well made doesn't slow down the flow of water either.

Shower Filter Review by ROBERT SHEPHERD on 11/12/2016

it appears to do what is required and we are very pleased with it.

Shower Filter Review by Jenny McElvaney on 03/12/2016

Should clearly state the electric shower models it fits. A triton is a pretty standard shower and it doesn't fit on ours. Postage to return it and extra £1 plus postage for the slimline model. Would not order from you again. ** Reply From PS ** Sorry to hear the original unit didn't fit your shower Jenny. There are many hundreds of electric shower models, so we can't list them all. But all of our shower filters should fit standard fittings (1/2 inch BSP). Also we're happy that we've been able to work with you to find a suitable shower filter to fit your Triton shower.

the filter works wonders no more limescale by Barry Dobinson on 02/12/2016

excellent shower head recommend it

Great filter by David Woodhams on 26/11/2016

Great filter, easy to fit and no chlorine detected

Shower Filter Review by Ols on 26/11/2016

The filter makes such a difference in my hard water area. very happy.

Essential for health by K on 25/11/2016

I've struggled with dry brittle dull hair all my life. Since I'm using the shower head it's soft and shiny! If only I had known earlier. Main reason for getting is switching to an all organic and chemical-free lifestyle for health reasons. Shower water is equally if not more important than drinking water as many chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin esp. with hot water/steam opening the pores.

Shower Filter Review by John Yoxall on 22/11/2016

Very prompt delivery brilliant

Shower Filter Review by Kindley on 19/11/2016

Great product and great service

Shower Filter Review by Chris Bevis on 18/11/2016

Had these cartridges for a couple of years wouldn't be without them

Shower Filter Review by maralyn pollock on 16/11/2016

best shower you could have leaves your skin so soft with o harmful chemicals

Shower Filter Review by Sharon on 15/11/2016

Arrived quickly, noticed the difference within a few days v good.

Shower Filter Review by Katy Ling on 11/11/2016

i love it

Shower Filter Review by J. Mikaeel on 08/11/2016

Fast Delivery. Easy to fit. Very happy and highly recommend!!!

Shower Filter Review by JDR on 06/11/2016

I'm hoping to invest in a an actual filter to fit over the tap eventually but this is excellent for a temporary measure or if you travel around as me and my family do. Highly recommended this product, it no so big so easy to pack in luggage and ultra easy to use. Drop it in the bath or over the tap and let the bath ball do its magic!!!!

Shower Filter Review by Keith Morris on 04/11/2016

Does not fit the shower unit that we have installed ** Reply from PS ** Sorry to hear it doesn't fit your shower, our filters fit all standard showers (around 99%). We'll email you to see if you need help fitting it or if you just want to return it.

Loved the style and ease of fitting. My husband was impressed. The quality is superb. by Sylvia Lerigo on 03/11/2016

Bought this because husband suffers with very dry skin and he was scratching himself and making his skin raw. Creams from the doctor didn't work. Since fitting this filter his skin has cleared up completely. Very pleased.

Shower Filter Review by welshdragon on 02/11/2016

Used filters for years, if I don't the shower glass is streaked, so what is the water doing to me???

Shower Filter Review by MS16 on 23/10/2016

Anaizing product!

Shower Filter Review by GW on 18/10/2016

The shower head is slightly on the heavy side and the water comes out slower than my old shower head, but these minor downsides didn't put me off purchasing a second one. Order/delivery from pureshowers was straight forward with no problems. **reply from PS Team ** Need to increase flow? Remove the water saving flow restrictor device. It is a small white disc that sits inside the end of the shower head that attaches to the hose.

Shower Filter Review by Liz Keates on 17/10/2016

The product is excellent. Although on your website it said that it came with a bracket, which it doesn't. The instructions with the showerhead were also poor and we fed this back. I wasn't very satisfied with the response. I feel that we should of got some compensation for having been sold a shower without a bracket, when on your website it says that it comes with one! ** Reply from PS ** Sorry about the wrong info on the website, as per our convo with you that was for the old model and has been fixed now.

Excellent Product by Sandra - London on 13/10/2016

Since I bought this shower head, I felt immediate improvements in my skin and my hair. My skin become smoother and I don’t need to use so much moisturiser to keep it soft all day. I have curly hair and is such a big change, my curls are softer and better defined without using so much conditioner and after wash crème. My showers became more pleasant and healthier since I started using this shower head. I really recommend this product and I will definitely, keep using it. .

Shower Filter Review by chunga on 13/10/2016

noticed a difference straight away fantastic product

Excellent product hair seems so much better by Rebecca on 11/10/2016

very good

Shower Filter Review by LB on 10/10/2016

Easy to install, very effective. Will continue to enjoy!

Shower Filter Review by T. Weale on 06/10/2016


Excellent product that does what it says on the tin!! by Kw Lincs on 05/10/2016

We installed shower filter in bathroom and immediately noticed the improvement in quality of water. Since then we have completely revamped the en suite bathroom.As all pipework was hidden behind the water board walls of the shower, the plumber fitted the second filter in the nearby airing cupboard out of sight.Excellent piece of kit and had plenty of assistance from PURE SHOWERS.

Shower Filter Review by Victoria Conway on 03/10/2016

Very pleased with tbis shower filter, its made a huge difference to the condition of my hair & skin from day one. Very easy to fit. Arrived quickly after ordering.

Shower Filter Review by Sandi Roberts on 01/10/2016

Very pleased with this product, skin less itchy after showering. Good value for money.

Shower Filter Review by Hunnybun on 28/09/2016

Very quick delivery, fitted well, no leeks and easy to attach, looks nice, seems to have stopped my husband's itchy skin.

Shower Filter Review by TA on 27/09/2016

Got the slim line shower filter and i must say it has reduced the limescale in the shower. We live in a hard water area and i have also notice an improvement on my skin. We have been using this product for about 3/4 weeks now.

Shower Filter Review by Anne King on 27/09/2016

Enjoying the soft water. My son now has no symptoms of eczema.

Shower Filter Review by Shahid Paracha on 20/09/2016

I thought I would get better pressure but didn't **reply from PS Team ** Need to increase flow? Remove the water saving flow restrictor device. It is a small white disc that sits inside the end of the shower head that attaches to the hose.

Shower Filter Review by jane selwyn-james on 16/09/2016

Slows down the water run if I hang it on the tap but otherwise good as the water here is strongly chlorinated and this does the trick!

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 15/09/2016

No itchy skin or dandruff since using shower filter. Wouldn't want to be without it!

Shower Filter Review by Lyn Collins on 12/09/2016

Very good has really softened the water

Shower Filter Review by Carol Ryan on 08/09/2016

I have noticed a difference in my hair and skin, both feeling softer. And that the shower head does need cleaning as much, I would recommend to anyone to get a filter. is ranked 4.65 out of 5. Based on 1655 user reviews.