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Shower Filter Review by Georgina Shires on 23/04/2018

Can definitely tell the difference between the water now, my skin and hair feel softer and the water doesn't smell likes chemicals anymore. Very happy with my purchase. Will buy again.

Shower Filter Review by Stoycho Atanasov on 21/04/2018

Very prompt service.

The filter filters very well by Lesley on 16/04/2018

The filter filters very well

Shower Filter Review by Ann on 12/04/2018

Very prompt service. The hose didn't fit but the head attached to my current hose ok and the water does seem softer - thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Emer McGlashans on 10/04/2018

Great quality!

Shower Filter Review by Matthias McDonagh on 04/04/2018

Item delivered quickly and as described.

Shower Filter Review by Diana Henley on 04/04/2018

Great price, easy to install, water softer,cleaner, definitely helps my dry skin.

Shower Filter Review by Sean Rafter on 30/03/2018

Fantastic product.

Shower Filter Review by Elaine Garnett on 30/03/2018

Early days but seems to be OK.It does seem to be quite loose on the fitting but frightened of tightening it too much in case it cracks ** Thank for your review, please ensure that you tighten the filter properly onto the pipe. Don't worry - it's sturdy and won't crack **

Shower Filter Review by Stefania Franconeri on 19/03/2018

Fit my rain shower perfectly and no much loss on pressure! Thank you

Shower Filter Review by marc diaz luloh on 07/03/2018

easy installation and works great!

Shower Filter Review by David Collins on 02/03/2018

Great Product! Fast Delivery

Shower Filter Review by Alberto Mondovi on 27/02/2018

Third purchase so far of the compact shower filter. Filter works really well, I can feel the difference as my skin is not itchy anymore. It doesn't reduce water pressure as other filters I have tried.

It works! by Mary Jowett on 27/02/2018

Easy to fit in restricted space.

Shower Filter Review by I. Iacovides on 21/02/2018

I have been using the shower head for a week or so. There is definitely significant improvement in the quality of water coming out. Water feels "softer" and "lighter" than before and has no chlorine odour.

Shower Filter Review by Anne Edgley on 19/02/2018

very good has cut out the hard water in my shower

Shower Filter Review by Alex Higginson on 19/02/2018

A great product, has definitely made a difference to our hard London water showers! Very pleased.

Shower Filter Review by Anna on 15/02/2018

Very happy with this shower filter head - it is well designed, I like all the different settings, and the water does come out a bit softer. My skin feels less dry, thank you!

Shower Filter Review by Jane Schroeder on 13/02/2018

Did not fit correct end of Mira shower head of bar end thread bigger than shower filter. Fitted on thread top end of shower but leaks advised to use plummers tape to secure leak ** Reply from PS ** As per emails, unfortunately your shower was not standard. But glad you were able to fit filter on other end.

Shower Filter Review by Maria Teresa Bonito on 13/02/2018

Seems to do a good job, fits perfectly but a bit heavy the shower head. Nevertheless is better than our old one that never fitted correctly. I’m happy with the product.

Shower Filter Review by Kevin on 13/02/2018

Really pleased with the product. Only had it two weeks but already my skin feels better. We live in a very hard water area and for years my skin was very dry and itchy...... not anymore. Wife and daughter also very pleased as their skin and hair are in much better condition.

Shower Filter Review by susan shotton on 11/02/2018

The different spray patterns is a good feature and the water does feel much softer, a great improvement from the very hard water that we are used to.

Shower Filter Review by Sandra Kelly on 07/02/2018

Great product. It has made a big difference to the water quality. Hair and skin feel much better!

Shower Filter Review by Stephen Cummings on 04/02/2018

Got this as a replacement for my sprite bath ball, came quickly and was easy to replace.

So far far so good. by Anthony Sadler on 03/02/2018

Good looking and easy to install.Hopefully will work as good as it looks.Pleased that it does not change water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Emily Ham on 31/01/2018

I really did notice an immediate difference - Product buildup, itchy skin, all has disappeared. Perfect for people renting a property in a hard water area!

Shower Filter Review by Rodney Hutchinson on 30/01/2018

Brilliant does the job, Water feels softer.

Shower Filter Review by Ann Finn on 27/01/2018

Lovely shower, hair feels amazing!

Shower Filter Review by Petros Demetriou on 26/01/2018

I am very satisfied with the shower filter and I will order another one in a 6month time

Shower Filter Review by Steve Berry on 25/01/2018

Very quick delivery. Seems to be working as it should. Early days but promising.

So far so good!! by Kristine Golding on 23/01/2018

So far I’m very happy with the shower filter. It fitted straight onto my existing shower fitting and I’m seeing the benefits of the filtered water on my hair and skin. The service provided was excellent as well.

Shower Filter Review by Ruby Watt on 22/01/2018

I have found the filter very effective as I have problems with the amount of chlorine in the local water supply.

Very easy to install, and by Maureen Louis on 22/01/2018

Excellent product and delivery.

Shower Filter Review by william reed on 21/01/2018

my scalp and skin feel cleaner ? I am very pleased with the filter.

Shower Filter Review by Carol O'Donovan on 16/01/2018

this product has improved my sons skin condition greatly, as we have very hard well water

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Troup on 14/01/2018

Bought for my daughter who suffers from eczema. She was amazed at the difference this filter made. Easy to fit, does not impead the water flow and is unobtusive. Highly recommend.

Shower Filter Review by Jake Barnes on 14/01/2018

easy to install, my hair feels a bit nicer but not quite as good as in a soft water country!

Shower Filter Review by mrs linda storey on 14/01/2018

Excellent no hassle service,quality product.

Shower Filter Review by Miroslav Belan on 13/01/2018

Fantastic product it's a big different water I can just say go and buy it really buy it if you have a problem with your hard water.

Shower Filter Review by Gabor Balazsfalvi on 10/01/2018

It was more difficult to attach to our bath because we don't have a tap in the bath, so I had to get a cord from elsewhere.

Shower Filter Review by Lee on 09/01/2018

brilliant, easy to fit and works really well.

Shower Filter Review by M. Clarke on 08/01/2018

excellent product 8 stage shower filter. easy to fit . blends in with shower. results straight away. hair softer . shower screen cleaner no hard water marks.

Shower Filter Review by Wendy Sinzinger on 03/01/2018

Works great!

Service slow and lacking by Adrian Ellison on 02/01/2018

Product good when delivered 23 days after ordering on 48hr postage. Lost delivery followed by slow communication, even after paying for tracked post no email sent to advise ** Reply from PS Team ** Sorry about this Adrian, your original item was lost. So we did send it again with tracked delivery. Apologies we didn't let you know the tracking reference right away. Sorry we let you down :(

Shower Filter Review by Glen Francis on 02/01/2018

Does the job well, no more itching and skin always smooth

No itchy head! by Mary Simpson on 02/01/2018

Been using this filter for a few years. When my head starts to itch, it's time to get a replacement! Brilliant.

good a changing the quality of the water. by Stephen Dolman on 30/12/2017

Noticed a difference in the water quality straight away. A much better shower experience.

Shower Filter Review by Joyce Foster on 30/12/2017

Didn’t think there was much difference at first, until I washed my hair, and my hair is a lot smoother now.

Shower Filter Review by Varinder Hayer on 28/12/2017

great product

Shower Filter Review by Lee Jackson on 28/12/2017

Had to place on back order but not a problem. Informed when dispatched and arrived shortly after. Great product for me in a hard water area.

Shower Filter Review by Guy Lambert on 28/12/2017

Very satisfied with these filters. The filters definitely remove or at the very least reduce the chlorine in the water as the smell and taste (if you were to taste the shower water) is much improved. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1878 user reviews.