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Shower Filter Review by Simon Venn on 12/12/2014

We have quite hard water in Dorset, and your filter has made a big difference to our showering experience. I bought one for my daughter and her family last year and they have been amazed at the difference it has made. Thanks for a great product!

Shower Filter Review by Mr Thomas E Withington on 10/12/2014

I need a new washer, well my filter does!! ** Reply from PS Team ** We're definitely on the case and will have one for you really soon! Don't worry! :)

Shower Filter Review by Barbara Scott on 10/12/2014

The shower filter works superbly and life is transformed from when I first installed it. Our private water supply left my blonde hair quite green. I couldn't wash my hair at home. Now I live normally in my own home and properly shower - it's great ! I couldn't be without it ! Thanks a milli

Shower Filter Review by Susan Daffy on 07/12/2014

I always filter water where I can and am very happy with my shower filter. I would also like to filter bath water and will be looking to do this quite soon.

Shower Filter Review by lee carter on 05/12/2014

Definitely feels different now showering very pleased with the product, will be buying again!

Shower Filter Review by Jan Brewster on 05/12/2014

Your web site was easy to negotiate. I found and paid for my item and it arrived cry quickly. First class service. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by Gary Quick on 04/12/2014

Great service!

Shower Filter Review by Mia Weekes on 03/12/2014

I can tell the product works because we have noticed the difference in skin and hair since changing the filter In the shower head. Very quick delivery also.

Shower Filter Review by Heather Dingle on 02/12/2014

The filter itself seems to work really well and I do think it has made some difference. Unfortunately it does not fit between the shower hose and the tap because the barrel is too wide, so we've put it between the hose and the shower head. This seems to still be effective, although a bit of an arm workout when showering! ** Reply from PS Team ** Did you see that we can offer you the free Angle Pipe to fit in tricky situations? Did we mention, it's Free? :) We'll get in contact.

Shower Filter Review by Robert Zrinski on 25/11/2014

I received wrong product. ** Reply from PS Team ** Apologies about that!! We're glad we were able to correct this mistake though. Our bad! Thank you for being patient with us!

Shower Filter Review by Zoe Shears on 24/11/2014

A well priced product, swift delivery and an excellent filter for my 3yr old's eczema - would recommend

Shower Filter Review by Riaz Babar on 17/11/2014

Overall satisfied with the products, delivery and service. Thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Kate Castellani on 14/11/2014

Good, fast service and the product works.

Shower Filter Review by John Burford on 14/11/2014

fast delivery and easily fitted. Job done!

Shower Filter Review by Uwe Windler on 14/11/2014

fairly easy fitting to our new shower control, it performs well in addition to the descaling it also retains the grit in our water supply. I can recommend it.

Shower Filter Review by trevor cole on 13/11/2014

your web site is not as user friendly as it could be such as your filters and their need for an angle joint there should be a window that tells you and allows you to order also when contacting by phone it was not explained to me that your response to my question would be by email not telephone ** Reply From PS ** : Thank you for your review. The product page of the product lets customers know that if a Free angle pipe is needed, you just need to put it in the shipping notes during checkout. Apologies if you didn't see it. We will speak to our phone staff, apologies if they did not give you the correct information. Thanks again for your order.

Shower Filter Review by Helen Eriksen on 13/11/2014

No problem at all, all top notch .

Shower Filter Review by Olivier Subramanian on 08/11/2014

Easy to fit and noticed an immediate improvement in my hair and a reduction in scale.

Shower Filter Review by Philip jf Horton on 04/11/2014

Excellent products , easy to use web site . fantastic service team .

Shower Filter Review by Ceri Edwards on 03/11/2014

I like the reminder to change my filter - saves me worrying about it. Thanks, great service.

Shower Filter Review by AGNES CARBERY on 30/10/2014

Filter has made such a difference to my chlorine allergies. Very happy with product and service am I am going to purchase a filter for my other shower. So glad I came across your website.

Shower Filter Review by Jane North on 26/10/2014

I purchased this item for my elderly mother after she had a new bathroom installed. I decided on the in-line version because i thought that the shower head version would be to heavy for her. My mother is very happy with the product.

Shower Filter Review by Roland Kalocsaven on 23/10/2014

Just Love It.

Shower Filter Review by Mr Karl Baker on 23/10/2014

Shows head filter a bit on the heavy side. The products work well especially the family filter.

Shower Filter Review by Sarah Knapton on 20/10/2014

Very easy to fit and I noticed a difference in water quality straight away

Shower Filter Review by Rupinder Uppal on 20/10/2014

I've been using the shower filter for a month now, and I think it has made a difference as my skin and scalp don't feel as dry anymore.

Shower Filter Review by robert markham on 20/10/2014

We wanted something to soften the water and we got it. The softner makes such a difference to all our families skin and hair.

Shower Filter Review by Philip Bean on 14/10/2014

I really can't fault the service but even after about 3yrs of using this product I'm not entirely convinced it is worth the money. We have very hard water, my understanding is that the filter removes limescale and yet the shower head still needs de-scaling as do the shower surrounds, all these after passing through the filter. As for simplicity, easy of use and customer service I'd award 5 stars. *** Reply from *** : If you are living in an extremely hard water area, the shower filter will continue to help to remove hardness from your water but unfortunately it can not remove it completely. But please rest assured that our shower filters are not only sediment filters, but they are also working to remove chemicals such as Chlorine from your shower water. Leaving you pure filtered and healthy water to shower in. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1231 user reviews.