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Shower Filter Review by Veronica Nelhams on 26/04/2017

I had to take pot luck on this product to see if it would fit my new shower as your staff couldn't tell me. ** Reply from PS Team ** The phone staff did let you know that our products fit 1/2" British Standard Pipe size threads. Also they did say that you could send us a picture and we'd give more advice. Thanks for the review.

Shower Filter Review by Peter Bygott on 25/04/2017

Fantastic product. Instantly my hair and body felt so much more vibrant. Definitely 5 stars!

Shower Filter Review by Stephanie Brown on 23/04/2017

Product is absolutely fantastic, but instruction manual provided was very unclear. Had to contact company to clarify, and when I rang, the person I spoke to said I had to email a photo and explanation of what was wrong. This was very annoying as well - why couldn't they just provide answers to my simple questions over the phone? Instead I had to waste my time by sending an email and then wait 12 hours to get a reply before I could actually install the filter into the product. Once I finally got it all working, I can honestly say that the difference to my water is unbelievable - so much softer now!

Shower Filter Review by Auraengus Kenchington on 20/04/2017

Great product - only issue is with our very high chlorine levels we have to replace often. A larger unit would maybe have been a better investment.

Shower Filter Review by Wendy Coyne on 20/04/2017

I have marked this as only satisfactory because I have quite low water pressure and, even after removing the water restrictor, it wasn't sufficient. However, I changed it for a large head shower filter and that was better (probably a 4 star rating) – still not Niagara Falls but I think that's to be expected when it's passing through a filter. I only wanted it to wash my hair under and it's perfectly fine for that. The quality of the water does seem much better; I think my hair has benefited already. Customer services were very pleasant in dealing with my return and advising on the alternative model. They don't have a phone enquiry service, only email, so expect to wait the next day each time you ask a question... but, as I said, they were very polite, friendly and efficient. A good company and I was very pleased with the product I ended up with.

Shower Filter Review by Angelika Baedorf on 19/04/2017

originally bought Showerhead and filter very nice less skin issues since using it. happy to receive email with discounted offers early so I could order replacement early and at a good price. good service arrived within a couple of days. appreciative customer...

Shower Filter Review by David Garnett on 19/04/2017

Easy to fit and works fine. Nice soft water for about 6 months

Shower Filter Review by james geoffrey mason on 19/04/2017

This is the second shower filter I have purchased from your company, the original one is still going ok (4th month) and is filtering the water coming in just fine.

Shower Filter Review by Elizabeth Quintais on 19/04/2017

Easy ordering, fast delivery, Excellent product-easy to install & use. Third order now.

Shower Filter Review by Bryan Hill on 19/04/2017

Very good product for this family.

A very good filter! by Patrik on 18/04/2017

It works as it is supposed to do, but it is unfortunately to heavy for the ordinary placement. ** Reply from PS ** A little trick is to tighten the screw inside the holder or use the holder provided with the shower filter. Thanks for the review!

I find the shower filter perfect for my needs. by Ruby Watt on 18/04/2017

I have used shower filters since I moved to Berwick because I discovered I had a severe reaction to the chlorine in the water. I did call the water board and was told that the amount of chlorine in the water was within government regulations and I was unlucky, but if I put lemon juice in the water when I wash it would neutralise the chlorine. I have to buy bottled water too.

Shower Filter Review by LCH on 15/04/2017

Very good & highly recommended.

Shower Filter Review by SATO on 15/04/2017

Very good product. I'll buy again.

Shower Filter Review by Sue Eagle on 14/04/2017

Still some residual scale but live in a very hard water area so is to be expected! On the whole am impressed.

Shower Filter Review by Candy Hendy on 13/04/2017

I have now used one of these filters for a good many years. Would highly recommend them to anyone living in a hard water area.

Shower Filter Review by Gabor Balazsfalvi on 06/04/2017

Good stuff

Shower Filter Review by Denise prior on 05/04/2017

I would have said good but I emailed and no-one got back to me ** Reply from PS Team ** Hi Denise, we did get your email and also we did reply to you about how to change the cartridge. Maybe your email blocker stopped our email. We'll try to contact you again.

Shower Filter Review by Gillian Taylor on 02/04/2017

Shower head with filter works well but the pressure of the water coming out of the head is greatly reduced which is a big disappointment. **reply from PS Team ** Need to increase flow? Remove the water saving flow restrictor device. It is a small white disc that sits inside the end of the shower head that attaches to the hose.

Shower Filter Review by stephen calvert on 28/03/2017

2 minutes to fit and then you get a much healthier shower,great stuff !

Shower Filter Review by Su Jackson on 28/03/2017

Speedy delivery, simple to install, appears to be making a real difference to the softness of the water.

Shower Filter Review by mrsfranky on 27/03/2017

very hard/limescale water where I live. We have been using these filters for several years now and no more dry/flaky/itchy skin. Works for us. We have found that we have to replace approx every 3 months, so works out around £120/year but worth it.

Shower Filter Review by Susana Clarinda Ferreira Machado on 26/03/2017

I have very fine and brittle hair and since I installed the new shower head, I have noticed a notable improvement: my hair is now more shiny and less brittle as it used to be with the much less hard water in Canada,

Shower Filter Review by WH on 24/03/2017

Replacement filter for shower head - prompt service and delivery. Product does what it says - reduces chlorine and limescale - win win situation.

Shower Filter Review by Ellen on 23/03/2017

Much bigger than I expected. Photo makes it look a lot smaller. Happy with it.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Chester on 16/03/2017

Excellent product and so easy to fit

Shower Filter Review by Stephen Guy-Clarke on 15/03/2017

Its a unique combination of an in built filter for water improvement and large shower head. The result is great manageable delivery of quality water from a quality product.

Shower Filter Review by Gemma Pratt on 14/03/2017

very easy to fit, haven't been using long enough to see a major improvement in skin/hair but I am happy with the product/service so far

"Do you have new shampoo?" by Caroline on 12/03/2017

Wow. I was a bit dubious about this but we needed a new shower head and it looked good. But genuinely I think my hair feels softer and smoother.

Shower Filter Review by Laurence St Croix on 05/03/2017

Haven't had it installed for long but all looks good. So easy to install. The shower experience is different and so long as my wife is happy (which she certainly is) that's all that really matters. Thanks

Shower Filter Review by Jenny Beswick Hunt on 03/03/2017

think it works ? Pretty sure it's helping Very costly for what it is.. it's plastic and salt bag?

Good by Lois Bradberry on 27/02/2017

Early days, but all seems fine & it looks elegant!

Shower Filter Review by Teresa Blake on 24/02/2017

Good filter, hair feels noticeably different after rinsing. Had a slight problem after fixing the filter initially but this was sorted quickly after contacting Pureshowers.

Shower Filter Review by Debbie Cooper on 14/02/2017

Very easy to replace.

Shower Filter Review by Svetlana Victor on 14/02/2017

Changed the filter and again can see such a difference! Thank you, did reccomened my colleagues today.

Shower Filter Joy by Robert Lee Davis on 14/02/2017

I had read that the water pressure would be bad with the extra large shower head but that has not been the case. My skin dryness has cleared up and my face appears years younger. Very happy with my unit!!

Shower Filter Review by Jose Daltoe on 14/02/2017

Good quality.

Shower Filter Review by Edward Cadman on 13/02/2017

excellent product does what it says on the tin and delivery was good

Shower Filter Review by C Newton on 13/02/2017

Very easy to install

Shower Filter Review by Kevin Smith on 11/02/2017

Works well. Slightly reduced pressure but certainly makes the water feel better.

Shower Filter Review by Lawrence on 11/02/2017

Works well. Got help from the team as to how to fit it on. Really appreciated their help.

Shower Filter Review by Carolyn M on 10/02/2017

Seems to work very well. Definitely gets rid of the smell of chlorine and is hopefully removing the chloramine too.

Shower Filter Review by PAUL KEENAN on 09/02/2017

Excellent product.

Shower Filter Review by Happy customer on 08/02/2017

Awesome stuff, felt difference in my hair immediately! Highly recommend for anyone living in hard water area

Shower Filter Review by Janeeg on 08/02/2017

Excellent efficient service - most impressed. The shower head is excellent too. Very easy to fit, and whilst the water flow is slightly slower it doesn't make much difference. My skin feels so much nicer after showering now, and already my hair is shinier. I will be purchasing another of these soon to take to our house in Italy.

Shower Filter Review by clare turner on 06/02/2017

I bought it as a reserve, therefore unused.

Shower Filter Review by David Garnett on 04/02/2017

After using the 8 Stage filters for some time now we are more than pleased with the results. Softer water, less dryness on the skin, better drinking water.

Shower Filter Review by Diane Gravett on 04/02/2017

excellent - keeps up the good work! I plan to get a plumbed in version once I move house.

Shower Filter Review by Stacey Jones on 03/02/2017

Large unit which doesn't slow the flow too much. Not 100% convinced on the effectiveness of the filter though compared to previous ones as we still seem to get significant limescale build up

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 03/02/2017

skin doesn't itch when using this shower filter.

Shower Filter Review by Derek Horton on 02/02/2017

Speedy delivery. Very easy to fit. Reserve judgement on effectiveness until it has at least 3months use.

Shower Filter Review by Gordon Rees on 31/01/2017

Marked improvement in skin dryness. Happy indeed

Shower Filter Review by Annie on 28/01/2017

Its ok not exceptional is ranked 4.65 out of 5. Based on 1713 user reviews.