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Shower Filter Review by Ronnie Robinson on 10/01/2016

Great filter can feel the difference right away.

Shower Filter Review by richard fawn on 05/01/2016

Works well

Shower Filter Review by Daniel O'Connor on 01/01/2016

Great product. Noticeable difference in skin and hair after only a few weeks.

Shower Filter Review by Karen Porter on 30/12/2015

This luxury hand-held shower filter head works well. I used a cheaper one before which leaked and the holes were too small so I replaced it with this. The head is large and gives a nice spray. You will get an enjoyable shower from this shower head. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

Shower Filter Review by Ayo on 29/12/2015

I have afro (type 4c) hair. My hair has been shedding since I can remember. My mum observed that when she went back to West Africa and washed her hair she saw no shedding. This intrigued me so I went online to research and found that hard water can cause shedding. From the first time I washed my hair using the filter, the shedding reduced by 90%!!! My hair has never been softer!!! My face is also clearer and glowing, my skin is soft and the itch has stopped! I cannot recommend this product highly enough for those with afro hair.

Shower Filter Review by linda storey on 26/12/2015

Positive experience,easy fit,first class service & most surprising noticed change in water quality esspc. my hair first use.

Shower Filter Review by Bob on 20/12/2015

we live in an area wih ok mains water and I think the filter could do with a longer useful life for the cost. I bought it as it was more aesthetically pleasing than a shower head filter. Replacement cartridges are not much cheaper than buying the entire filter

Shower Filter Review by Michael Hewitt on 13/12/2015

Removes the smell of chlorine in the shower, very pleased with the results.

Shower Filter Review by Dave on 12/12/2015

A very effective well made shower head, worth every penny.

Shower Filter Review by ROZA MELIS on 11/12/2015

the best !!!

Shower Filter Review by R. M. on 11/12/2015

the best one !!!

Shower Filter Review by Anne Macdonald on 07/12/2015

The product is very good as is the service provided by the Company. However, I cannot get the old filters out of the unit so I'm unable to use the new ones. ** Reply from PS Team ** Dear Anne, thank you for your review. Please try spraying a little bit of limescale remover on the side caps. This sometimes helps loosen any residual scale inside the filter.

Shower Filter Review by Raymond Barrett on 05/12/2015

I became aware, after some years abroad, in areas that had soft water supply, that the water supply in my home in the UK had become harder and was aggravating my eczema. After fitting the shower filter I have noticed an improvement in the water quality and my condition. Easy to install the filter on my Mira Sport Max shower using the supplied fitting.

Shower Filter Review by Debbie on 30/11/2015

Service from the company was great, but the product just didn't work. I suffer from eczema/dermatitis all over my chest and back which is much worse after a shower so putting 2 and 2 together, surely I'm reacting to something in the water?? Just didn't work for me, maybe I'm an oddity but I can't give it a good rating because it made no difference whatsoever. ** Reply from PS Team ** Sorry to hear this didn't work for you Debbie. Maybe you would like to exchange your product for a different one?

Shower Filter Review by Denise Prior on 30/11/2015

skin feels less itchy , but it is a shame that it is not metal ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your review, the unit is chrome plated but not metal. If it was fully metal unfortunately it would be too heavy. But glad you are feeling the benefits! :)

Shower Filter Review by BRENDA HATTON on 25/11/2015


Works better than a standard one if you have low pressure by Alwyne Richards-Ellis on 21/11/2015

i have low pressure but it gives me better flow than a standard head,it is a bit heavy for my shower support and I have to use a large clamp to keep it position. ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your review. If you tighten the screw inside your shower cradle holder, the shower head will stay up.

Shower Filter Review by Philip on 13/11/2015

I have used the filters for some years and they appear to work very well . Web site/ordering is good , however no instructions are ever sent, so remember which way round replacements go back in. plus no spare seals are enclosed . After time they deteriorate and leak as they would. I was able to improvise but others may have to buy a new holder? ** Reply from PS Team ** Thank you for your review. We are always happy to supply customers with parts when old parts get worn out. Just like we have already sent you parts for your shower filter free of charge.

Shower Filter Review by Mia on 04/11/2015

Excellent products, service also very good.

Shower Filter Review by Lilly Cobra on 01/11/2015

I am quite happy with the filter, not sure if it filters all the impurities in such a high amounts listed on the accual web page, but definetly the water is much better with this filter. I am returning custumer.

A lovely shower head! by Heather on 30/10/2015

A lovely shower head that does exactly what it says: Provides filtered water with no disruption to the flow of the water!

Shower Filter Review by Pat Williams on 18/10/2015

A excellent product solved our problem completely ordering was easy and delivery excellent

Shower Filter Review by Maryam on 18/10/2015

I'm happy with the purchase, since I installed the shower filter, I haven't experienced dry and itchy skin after taking a shower.

Shower Filter Review by Paul O'Hara on 14/10/2015

all fine, I think the refills are priced aggressively. As a customer who has come back with a repeat order, I would like to see an incentive. Paul O'Hara **Reply from PS Team ** Thanks for your review Paul! From time to time we do give our customers up to 15% discounts. Please make sure you've joined the mailing list!

Excellent product by Laura on 10/10/2015

The slim line filter is quite big, saw previous review about having to move the shower out from the wall a bit so I order the angled pipe to solve this problem. Turns out I didn't need it. Filter was very easy to fit. I haven't been in the shower since o fitted it but I did run the shower for a bit. I'm amazed at how clean the water smells. Really impressed with this product, and all before I've even used it properly. Thanks pureshowers!

Shower Filter Review by Patrick O'Connor on 07/10/2015

A good product and fast delivery. Thanks

Shower Filter Review by John Yoxall on 05/10/2015

The shower head was purchased for my girlfriend who suffers From atopic eczema . The filter in the shower head has helped to alleviate some of itching and dryness to my girlfriends skin .

Shower Filter Review by Surinder Padda on 27/09/2015

Good product very happy customer.

Shower Filter Review by Maria Teresa Bonito on 23/09/2015

Made a big difference in the skin. Barely see watermarks now. But, unfortunately didn't fit our shower and leaks in the joint. But worth anyway... *** Reply from PS Team *** Great to know you're enjoying your shower filter! Sometimes leaks at the joints can happen because not every shower is 100% the same size. Please wrap a little bit of teflon / plumbers tape around the leaking joint and that should fix it.

Shower Filter Review by MARVIN DUMAOAL on 14/09/2015

It was brilliant!!! Fitted easily on my electric shower.

Shower Filter Review by Heather Anderer on 10/09/2015

Filter is working well, but would benefit from a longer piece for attaching it to the faucet as there's not really enough room to pull up the shower conversion without taking its handle off. *** Reply from PureShowers Team *** Thank you for your review, did you see that on the "Additional Information" section on the product page. You can request to get the free angle pipe sent with the product? It's free and would solve your problem.

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 10/09/2015

Since I started using the shower filter my skin no longer itches, it is like taking a shower in rainwater! Before I used the filter I used to suffer terrible itching, it's amazing the difference. We found that after four months the filter needed replacing as the itching came back!

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 10/09/2015

My skin has stopped itching since I started to use a shower filter. It's like showering in rain water! is ranked 4.65 out of 5. Based on 1477 user reviews.