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    Shower Filter Review by Harcourt on 13/05/2015

    not had time to fully assess the benefits yet but delivery was prompt and was relatively easy to fit - the slimline shower filter wasnt as slimline as expected! so a bit tricky to attach to the shower hose.

    Shower Filter Review by Carl Norman on 12/05/2015

    Product arrived easy to install and does what it says on the label lovely soft water.

    Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mc broom on 12/05/2015

    I am very happy with the shower filter, we had a few problems with leaks but after some adjustment and trying washers in different places we stopped the leaks. The itching I suffered on my skin has completely gone and it is like showering in rainwater. I am very satisfied!

    Shower Filter Review by Sushma Cherion on 08/05/2015

    Shower head seems to have made a difference, hair looks different and skin less itchy.

    Shower Filter Review by Gillian Claydon on 07/05/2015

    I was very pleased with the service and shower head which was all I expected. Will recommend it to friends.

    Shower Filter Review by Norah Muskett on 05/05/2015

    The product and service were very good, and the member of your staff I contacted to ask if the same product is available with different fittings/outlets was most helpful. Thank you.

    Shower Filter Review by Ruby Watt on 02/05/2015

    As I have a real problem with chlorine in the tap water I need a regular supply of filters for my shower. I have had difficulty getting these until I found your website. I found the filter easy to replace and would like to order a refill.

    Shower Filter Review by Charlotte Edwards on 23/04/2015

    I'm Very happy with the purchase of the filtered shower head. It has eliminated our limescale problem due to the hard water where we live and has cured my daughters dry skin condition that she was developing, also due to the hard water. Over the past two years I have bought various filters from pure showers and I have always found the price, delivery and communication with the company good. I can fully recommend the company and their products.

    Amazing !!! by Sarb on 21/04/2015

    Prompt delivery, easy and quick to install. Amazing results! Immediately noticed that hair and skin are much softer and can breathe more easily in the steam from the shower now. Feels so much healthier. Well worth the money. Wish I had done this earlier.

    Shower Filter Review by Sarbjit Sandhu on 13/04/2015

    Very happy with service and results! Fast delivery, surprising easy installation/instruction and an amazing and immediate result of much improved water quality! No more suffocating chemicals at shower time and much softer skin and hair! Very strongly reccommended, for general health and especially if you have sensitive skin, asthma, excema etc. Will definitely continue using this product. Well worth the cost. Thank you to Pureshowers.

    Shower Filter Review by Laura Platt on 09/04/2015

    fast delivery, easy to replace old filter.

    Shower Filter Review by Carolyn Murnaghan on 07/04/2015

    The filter dramatically reduces limescale and other impurities in London tap water.

    Shower Filter Review by William McCracken on 05/04/2015

    It appears to be effective in reducing reaction of water born minerals to sensitive skin

    Shower Filter Review by Matthew Lucas on 28/03/2015

    Works very well - it would be useful to include a guide as to how long 10,000l should take to use (e.g. a 5 minute shower should on average use perhaps 5l, therefore on two showers per day it should last 1,000 days, or just under 3 years). I'm only guessing at figures, and of course it varies depending on water pressure etc etc. Otherwise, very happy with the product - noticeably less limescale and and my girlfriend reports her hair is MUCH softer, and my psoriasis has noticeably improved.

    Shower Filter Review by Pamela Fane on 27/03/2015

    Been using this shower head a few weeks. Noticed a difference right away. My hair is in much better shape, and needs a wash less often. Also getting lots of water pressure from it. Just wish the outer part of the shower head wasn't made out of plastic.

    Shower Filter Review by Carol Baldwin on 16/03/2015

    Very nice product. Thank you, takes the bad smell of chemicals out of the water and we have no more itchy scaly skin. I use it to fill the bath too. Thanks

    Shower Filter Review by Carol Baldwin on 12/03/2015

    The shower head is great. I use it to fill the bath up too and our skin problems have improved, my allergies have gone because I do not need to absorb the chemicals anymore either via skin or breathing them in. Thanks

    Shower Filter Review by Debbie Collins on 01/03/2015

    It is a good shower head but it's a bit too big for the water pressure here in saudi.

    Shower Filter Review by Dominic Buttery on 27/02/2015

    very good

    Shower Filter Review by Robert Butterworth on 23/02/2015

    Great product range. Very helpful staff and excellent service from enquiry to delivery. Would recommend you to anyone.

    Shower Filter Review by Matleena Halttunen on 11/02/2015

    Very happy with the product and quick delivery. I never received an email informing me that it had been shipped and as dumb luck would have it, our concierge had changed email address just that week and their notification of receiving a parcel went into my junk folder so roughly a week after ordering I got a little frustrated and complained, got a response very quickly and proceeded to pick up my parcel from the main building. Series of unfortunate incidences. The filter works very well, there's a very slight reduction in water pressure.

    Shower Filter Review by Michelle Massara on 11/02/2015

    Well what can I say . Pureshowers was very quick in processing my order.. received the next day ! I bought this shower filter head mainly for my African grey parrot ...Yes you do have to shower or mist spray a parrot ..Ha-ha with filtered water to take out the hash chemicals that could irritate your parrots skin or your own skin . This product does the job very well as my own skin and hair feel's really soft , so I know the parrot will feel the same .. .

    Shower Filter Review by Nancy Magtibay on 09/02/2015

    Happy to find a filter that suits our household of the filter didnt have any instructions, I had to look it up on you tube.the filter didnt quite fit with our existing tap and needed some silicone tape to bridge the gap.Delivery was on time.not alot of packaging.perhaps could do with some bubble wrap for protection. Overall satisfactory product.i will just need to change the filter next year which is ok .

    Shower Filter Review by Abbas Merzai on 04/02/2015

    Hi,we are very happy with the service that you gave to us ,and thanks for your on time delivery as well. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1361 user reviews.