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Slim Line Shower Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by David Robinson

I would like to give you some feedback regarding the Slimline Shower Filter we purchased recently.

I would rate the Slimeline Shower Filter 5 (FIVE) STAR due to the fact that the water now coming through our shower is filtered and feels like 'real water' should. (I am 60 years old and remember how water 'felt' in the past?) I beleive that there are too many chemicals and additives put in our water these days - in the main they are not required - in fact - they can have a detrimental affect on and in our bodies.

Both my partner and I noticed immeadiately how much softer the felt, not harsh and abrasive as it was before we fitted the filter. We do not itch or feel 'still dirty'. The is no smell or fumes either when heated. The fliter is also a breeze to fit. As for the cost of the filters - very reasonable. Please remain competitive is all we ask. Also, service and delivery is second to none - and it was a pleasant change to actually 'talk' to a human being when ordering something.