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Slim Line Shower Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Katerina Vrahnou

I would like to say thanks for your product, I ordered it less than a week ago, I reside in Greece and I received it VERY fast.

Most importantly I am satisfied with it, as I have bought MANY shower filters (KDF) from various suppliers at some EXTREME prices (especially in Greece) that were presented as Swedish filters (however printed on their box read made in Korea) Not that I have any issue with Korea /China etc but false advertisement, along with VERY high cost plus the filters longevity being UNDER 3 months is too much. I only had a small problem installing it because my shower faucet is TOO close to the wall so it could not be installed at that point, so I installed it at the beginning of the shower head pipe, thank god its not too heavy! :) You also sell the replacement filters, as opposed to other filters I have ordered from all over the world and/or bought here in Greece, I always had to buy the entire filter again, which meant more $ and re-installing. I'm sticking with you from now on!

I hope yours will last as it says, I used to live in Canada and KNOW the feel of CLEAN water on my skin and especially hair, as soon as I got your filter I tried it out and YES finally everything seems perfect. Thanks again I will order it again, Good price, WORKS and fast delivery!!!