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Basin Tap and Kitchen Tap Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Rolf Graauwmans

Received my Bath Filter/Basin Tap Filter today which I bought for my bath but the connector for my bath tap was to large and so it did not fit on the tap, could have gone to the DIY shop and bought an
adaptor but put it on my Basin Tap instead which is also perfect, WORKS GREAT!!! can feel your soft hands with the first wash.

I suffer from Psoriasis and had red scaly spots on face,arms and legs and bought the 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter on a site in the Netherlands because I had tried everything but nothing really worked but this did WOW!!! a life saver no more red spots. After googleing I found this site which offered the bath filter, not a ball that you hand from the tap but something you can attach seems like a Great product, had the shower filter for 4 months that still works great so I am very hopeful.

Great Site Good service, thanks.