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Slim Line Shower Filter

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4 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Ann Draper

The reason for purchasing the filter was because I suffer from a skin condition and as we live quite near to a water treatment plant, we could always smell chlorine in our water. Since fitting the filter to our shower, there is no chlorine smell at all.

We are considering fitting a filter to the incoming source to our home but wonder if that would be too expensive an option as all the water from source (the ketchen tap being the point of entry to the house) would be used for the dishwasher and washing machine etc.

The filter was difficult to fit at first - it leaked a lot and my husband made 3 phonecalls to yourselves trying to work it out. In the end he fitted some plumbers tape to the screwing joint before screwing the two halves together, and nothing leaks at all.

Am very impressed so far, other than the leaking problem at first, I would give it a rating of 4. If he hadn't had to use tape, would have given it a 5.