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8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Lee Jiyoung

I've been using this one for 8 months.

I had itch and dry skin and freezy hair after shower . On top of that my shower glass look dotty from limescale if you don't wipe it off everyday.

I didn't expect much and had a half doubt about this product but decided to give it a go.
At the begining, I didn't feel that much differences on my body and hair but I found out the glass in shower is pretty clean for long long time without wipping. After using it for awhile( maybe couple of weeks?) I started feeling my skin is softer.. less flakes and hair is softer, too. ( sometimes i forgot to n use hair coditioner which never happened before )
It is very good product.
Definitly it is worth to have!