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Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Neil Stacey

Ironically I missed the delivery because I was taking a shower, and had to go across town to the Royal Mail depot to collect it (it's not the first time I've missed a delivery when I've been home, those guys really don't put in the effort to get your attention when they're at the door! ) Anyway, The shower head is a good size, and putting the pieces together, and fitting it to the shower is very easy. If you don't have great water pressure, don't worry, mine isn't the best, but the shower head doesn't seem to mind, and works perfectly fine regardless. I showed it to my mother, and explained about the filter, and she was wondering what the water would taste like if run through cold!? Well, I'm not one to leave mother wondering, so obviously I had a taste. Believe it or not, it's so much better than my tap water, and it didn't make me ill, so yeah, a nice clean filtered shower, and mighty fine tasting too. If that's not a win I don't know what is?