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AquaFilter 3 Stage Hand Held Shower Filter

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5 Stars

Shower Filter Review by Mary Nelson

Happy with everything so far. Easy to put in the cartridge & to put on and replace the old shower head . I bought this to stop my hair turning a green khaki colour with the acidic water from a well . Ive only been using it for about a month , but i do feel my hair is better than it was and feels softer and less dry & frizzy . It does reduce the water pressure a bit so what i do is i only put it on & use it every 3 days when im washing my hair , its easy to alternate both my shower heads . ** Reply from PS ** Thank you for your reply Mary, the reason why your pressure is lower is because these shower filters are made to be used with mains water supplies which offer better pressure. If you need your pressure to be better you might need to install a wall unit which gives additional pressure.