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Compact Shower Filter

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4 Stars

Good product for the price, easy to install by Ria

[ I recently moved from a soft water area to a house in a hard water area which has no water filtration system. My hair suffered immensely as my shampoos were unable to lather at all, and the minerals in the water made my hair dull and frizzy.

This shower filter has made a noticeable difference to my hair. My shampoos now lather and my hair is looking a lot better. Although to have truly great hair with no build-up, I still need to fill up my Brita water jug and use the filtered water to rinse my hair.

For that reason, I am knocking off a star. But for the price (c. £30) and ease of installation, I am happy with this product. For reference, I have an electric shower and bought the extra attachment for shower units which are fitted close to the wall.