Best Shower Filter For Well Water


Having been in the shower filter business for over 10 years, we get a lot of different questions about the best type of shower filter. One question we do get asked a lot is from home owners who have well water sources. They often send us a message asking about what type of shower filter we have which is best for well water? So we thought we'd come up with a little article explaining what the best shower filter for well water would be and why we think that would be the case.

What Is Well Water?

OK - so if you already have well water, you know what it is so you probably don't need us to tell you about it. But if you don't have well water, well there might be some parallels with your water supply here - so learning a little more about what exactly well water is could be of interest to you. Additionally if you do have well water, you might not completely understand the components or the unique properties of your well water, so you might find it interesting to first know exactly what is in well water before discussing the best shower filter to actually combat the contaminants in well water.

People whose draw their water sources from well water are generally those who live on a farm or a large property, often these homes are far from municipal water supplies so they don't have access to the usual water network. Having said that, some people might have access to municipal water supplies but they just choose to use well water in their showers. Either way the primary thing about well water sourced water is that it comes from an underground water supply on the property. Generally there is an underground aquifer under the property and a well is drilled to access the ground water. Then a well screen is lowered into the hole that is drilled which provides one layer of filtration from the largest type of sediment, dirt, etc. A submersible pump is then put in the well and then that pump usually pumps the water into a pressurised tank that then that tank distributes the water throughout the house.

What Is In Well Water?

Now that we understand how underground well water gets into homes, what is actually inside the well water that needs to be removed by a shower filter? This is the million dollar question if we want to answer which is the best shower filter for well water.

The first biggest problem customers have with well water is hardness. Basically well water is rainwater which has passed through many layers of soil and sediment and then eventually settles in the underground water aquifer. So if you can imagine as the water passes through soil and sediment it picks up a lot of minerals, these minerals dissolve into the water and thus makes the water extremely hard.

The next issue with well water is that it will also pick up a lot of heavy metals that are also naturally found in soil. These heavy metals usually show up as a discolouration of well water, also it usually leaves all your white porcelain sinks and showers stained, which is really not ideal.

The last (and maybe the most concerning) issue with well water is that it could be contaminated by harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. Also it can become contaminated by chemicals such as pesticides which could leech into the underground water supply as rain falls on farmland and seeps down into the water supply.

The Best Shower Filter For Well Water

Now that we know what we're looking to filter out of well water we can find the right shower filter that is best for well water.

The first shower filter we would recommend as the absolute best shower filter for well water is this one:

# 1 - 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter

8 Stage Shower Filter Well Water Shower Filter 8 Stage Well Water Shower Filter Installed

Here's why this is the best shower filter for well water:

1. This shower filter incorporates KDF-55 as one of its filter mediums, the unique filter properties of KDF-55 make it perfect as a well water shower filter because it removes the following things:

  • Heavy metals: It removes any heavy metals that leeches into ground water sources, so will help to stop the staining around your shower
  • Scale: It helps to reduce scale and other types of sediment and minerals from water, so it makes the water feel softer
  • Microorganism control: KDF-55 actually can kill bacteria and algae and have antimicrobial properties.

2. This shower filter also incorporates Granular Active Carbon (GAC):

  • GAC is an amazing water filter medium and its filtering abilities has been used for centuries by science to filter water and even gases!
  • GAC has microscopic holes in it, so when contaminants pass through the filter medium then get caught and thus filtered out of your water.
  • GAC can filter out things such as pesticides, some organic chemicals and can help remove things such as sediment, dirt and also heavy metals

3. The shower filter has two separate filter cartridges which can be swapped around so you can back flush them.

  • Finally the design of this shower filter is great for well water, because it has two separate filter cartridges which each have four stages of filtration. So that makes 8 Stages of filtration in all and on top of that - you can easily back flush the cartridges by just taking them out and putting them in each other's position and running hot water through it for a couple of minutes. That action of backflushing the cartridges actually flushes out any sediment and contaminants that might be sitting inside the cartridges. So it makes the cartridges last longer and also makes the cartridges work more efficiently.

One thing we always tell our customers though when installing a shower filter for well water is that they must change their cartridges more often. That's because the cartridges are working a lot harder for them then someone who is using normal municipal water that's already been treated at the water works. And also another consideration is that they will need at least normal pressure in their shower or else the water won't have enough pressure to pass through the shower filter properly to provide a good flow to have a decent shower.