UK's Top 5 Areas With Hardest Water - Is It You?

Hard water is something that the majority of people unfortunately have to deal with in their daily lives. Not only is it a real nuisance when it comes to cleaning hard water deposits from our bathrooms and kitchens, but it can also be very costly. Households spend an extraordinary amount per year in just the cost of battling hard water, from replacing appliances which have been damaged by large hard water deposits to buying more cleaning products because hard water is more difficult to clean off surfaces than softer water.

On top of that, we know that hard water is also bad for our skin and hair. If we have hard water we know that in shower conditions where water is hitting us at high pressures - hard particles in water can act like sand paper on our skin. Chipping away at the fragile natural oil barrier of our skin and natural oils of our hair and scalp. Leaving our skin, hair and scalp vulnerable to the elements and to drying up, getting itchy and scratchy. In hard water areas the calcium deposits don't only stain and cling to our tiles, but it also clings to our hair and scalps - creating a coating of thick calcium on hair which can build up and cause dandruff and other hair and scalp conditions. This is especially bad if we have nappy hair types which tend to collect water hardness in the shower easier than straighter hair types.

In the UK we have come to accept our fates when it comes to hard water - but where in the UK do we find the worst hard water? In this article we'll let you know the top 5 places in all of these United Kingdoms where the water is the absolute hardest, is it your city?

Hard water is measured in terms of the amount of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) in water supplies per litre of water. The scientific denotation for it is : ### mg/l CaCo3
Soft water is measured as any reading below 150 mg/l CaCo3
Hard water is measured at any reading between 150 - 300 mg/l CaCo3
Very hard water is then anything over 300 mg/l CaCo3

Now without further a due - drum roll please - the top five cities with the highest hard water readings in the UK are:

#1 - Swindon

Swindon's hard water rating topped the scales at 349 mg/l CaCo3 - that's more than double the amount of calcium carbonate per litre than a soft water reading.
The people of Swindon must have really strong biceps because all that cleaning of their showers, shower tiles and shower heads must be giving them quite the work out!

#2 - Milton Keynes

This city had the second hardest water rating at 308 mg/l CaCo3, his reading is 41 mg/l CaCo3 less than that of the #1 spot so they must feel quite lucky about that. Yet it's still more than double that of a soft water reading. The people of Milton Keynes probably are spending quite a lot of money on cleaning products to get rid of all those hard water deposits.

# 3 - Bath

The name sake of this city must make it a little depressed with it's third position on this list, as it has a reading just 1 mg/l CaCo3 shy of Milton Keynes' with a total of 307 mg/l CaCo3. We wouldn't like to see all the scale stuck to the sides of the baths of this city!

# 4 - Slough

Slough has a hard water reading of 304 mg/l CaCo3 - this area has a lot of chalk and limescale in region and as water passes through these deposits, a lot of minerals are deposited into the water supply. Whilst it's not as bad as the # 1 reading - this amount of very hard water would clog up shower heads quite quickly and be a real nuisance to clean.

# 5 - Hemel Hempstead

Old Hemel comes in last on this list and won't be outdone in the hard water stakes, rating 303 mg/l CaCo3 on the hard water scales. It really is only 3 mg/l CaCo3 off the hard water mark - but we have to remember that these numbers are derived from random samples taken over the city - so some places might actually have harder water than others.

So there you have it, the top 5 places in the UK that have the absolute worst and hardest water - are you in one of them?

If you are and you are sick and tired of constantly cleaning your shower tiles, unclogging your shower head and wiping white streaks off your shower screens then you really should consider installing a shower filter from A shower filter will filter your water as it passes through a water filter cartridge inside the shower filter. It will make your shower water feel softer and remove some of the calcium which makes the water hard. Leaving you showering in crystal clear shower water and also making it a heck of a lot easier to clean your shower and bathroom.

If you're in any of these areas and want to share your stories about hard water, just add a comment on this blog below.