How Long Do Shower Filter Mineral Stone Balls Last?

When we first brought Shower Filters into the United Kingdom in 2008 there weren't that many shower filters on the market.
There were the major brands, like Paragon, Sprite, Berekley and Culligan but there weren't many other brands out there and most of the big brands all used the same types of filter mediums inside their shower filters. Mediums such as KDF-55 and Granular Active Carbon where the main ingredients when it came to a shower filter cartridge.

Fast forward nearly 15 years and there has been a huge explosion in the Shower Filter market. Shower Filters now come in all difference shapes, sizes and one of the biggest changes in Shower Filters is probably the inclusion of a new type of filter medium which as a group are referred to as mineral stone shower filter balls. 

Mineral stone balls come in a really large variety of different types and each type can offer a different range of benefits, that's one reason why they are so popular in shower filters now, because with an inclusion of a new stone shower filter ball you can get a different filtering benefit or your shower filter can provide you with additional health benefits that are provided by the mineral ball itself.

In this article we won't do a deep dive into what exactly are mineral stone shower filter balls or their benefits, because we've already written three articles about some different shower filter balls in our shower filters and their benefits, which you can read on any of these articles:

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If we just give a general refresher of how they work here, we would say that some stone mineral shower filter balls will remove contaminants from shower water. Removing things like chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants that we find in shower water. Then some other stone mineral balls will actually add beneficial things into shower water, like negative ions - which are extremely beneficial for health and well being.

But in this particular article we wanted to discuss how long these shower filter mineral stone balls will last inside your shower filter and when you should change them.

When you first get a shower filter that has mineral stone balls then the first thing you will notice is the balls themselves inside the shower filter cartridge or the shower head handle:

 PureShowers Ionic Hand Held 3 Spray Shower Head Shower Filter

As water passes through the shower head handle or the shower filter cartridge which holds these stone mineral balls the balls will do one of two things:

1) Filter Out Contaminants: Because of the microscopic pores that form part of the structure of the balls as water passes through each ball, contaminants that are bigger than the size of the pores will become trapped inside the ball itself.

2) Release Beneficial Components: Some mineral stone balls will release beneficial components such as minerals or negative ions into the water as water passes through them, thereby providing health enhancing benefits to the water.

So when we're considering the life span of the mineral stone balls inside of a shower filter, we have to take into consideration two things: 1) Has the shower filter balls that are filtering out impurities and keeping them inside reached their saturation point? So they can no longer contain any more impurities therefore any impurities will simply continue right past the balls and into the normal shower water and 2) Have the shower filter balls released all the beneficial components that they had inside of them and can no longer produce benefits or behaviour which they originally had when they were new?

The first point is probably the most important to consider because the microscopic pores of the shower filter balls that are working hard to remove contaminants from shower water will probably fill up before the beneficial components of the other mineral balls will run out.

Taking that into consideration the first question we need to ask ourselves when trying to figure out how long do shower filter balls last is, what is the quality of the water in our area like? Is it really hard water with a lot of calcium and mineral deposits, or is it more softer water but it has a lot more chemicals like chlorine? The quality of the water in our area has the biggest effect on how long the balls will last - because as we now know, the more contaminants in the water the faster the mineral balls will reach their saturation point where they just won't be able to contain any more contaminants and therefore will just stop working.

The other thing we have to think about is how often are we actually using the shower filter? For example if we live in a house of four people who shower every day, the shower filter shower head is going be used four times more than if we just lived by ourselves and just showered once a day.

That's why whenever we give our customers an indication of how long the mineral balls in their shower filter will last, we always give them a general 'idea' of how long they would last in an 'ideal' world. With the 'ideal' world being, using the shower filter once a day in a area where the water is not extremely hard and isn't overly chlorinated. For that type of situation, most mineral stone shower filter balls will last around 3 months or around 2,500 liters in total. But don't forget! That's in an ideal world situation and you'll need to take in your own circumstances and add or subtract a month on either side to get the duration in the real world.

Are you finding your mineral shower balls last longer or run out quicker? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below and don't forget that we have a huge range of shower filters and cartridges when you need to change your shower head mineral balls!