fixed shower head shower filterHere at we often get asked by our lovely customers for a bit of help with fitting their fixed shower head shower filters.
So we have decided to make this little tutorial on the easiest and the fastest way to fit a fixed shower head shower filter.

Step 1: Remove the existing shower head entirely from the shower pipe. Showing just the threads.

What are the threads I hear you ask? Well, that's the fancy name for the grooves that are on the pipe which allows two 'threaded' pipes to come together to create a connection.

Be doubly sure actually remove the entire shower head components from the shower pipe.
Sometimes customers will e-mail us and tell us that they have removed the entire fixed shower head from the pipe, but in fact they have forgotten to remove the angle joint and the shower pipe will look like this :

pipe with ball joint still on it

When the fixed shower head is completely removed from the pipe, the pipe will show just the threads and it will look like this :

pipe with just threads


Step 2: Wrap some Teflon tape / plumbers tape around the threads.

What's Teflon Tape (otherwise known as Plumbers Tape), I hear you asking? Well - it's that white plasticy rubbery type of tape that everyone has probably seen in your dads or your granddad's shed (you probably didn't even know what it was when you saw it!). It looks like a normal roll of tape, but isn't sticky at all and is used to stop leaks and create super water tight joins when joining two pipes together.

Here's a picture:

teflon tape

With any new type of shower head or plumbing joint, it is always a good idea to wrap Teflon tape around the threads so that when the shower head is screwed onto the pipe. The tape actually gets into the grooves of the threads between the shower pipe and the shower head, then it makes a really tight water proof seal that is impossible for pesky drips and leaks to occur.

Here's a video from You Tube about how to wrap that sucker on your threads :

Just to let you know our fixed shower head (Paragon Luxury Fixed Shower Filter Head ) actually comes with a small roll of plumbers tape just in case you need it!

Step 3: Attach the fixed shower head to the pipe

This step is the easy one and is the last step.
You need to unbox the fixed shower head shower filter entirely and you'll just see the shower head, like this :


Then you just need to put the 'female' end of the shower head (the end opposite where the actual head is, where the water will go into the shower head) and line up the 'female' end with the 'male' end. Then start turning in a clockwise direction.

You will see that the internal threads of the shower head will begin to grip onto the threads on the shower pipe. Just keep on twisting like we did last summer!

Usually this twisting by hand is enough, but sometimes if we need to fit the shower head even tighter onto the shower pipe we might need to use a tool such as a wrench (a wrench is a tool which can grip two sides of something and give us a little more leverage to twist the shower head a little tighter onto the pipe).

If you take a look at the sides of the shower head where it is fitting onto the shower pipe, you will see that the sides are actually flat on two sides. It's made like this so that you can actually get the wrench onto the two flat sides of the shower head.

But first you will need something to protect the shower head! Wrenches are usually made of tough metal which can really damage the shower head, so go grab an old tea towel and put it between the wrench and the shower head.

Once you've positioned the wrench in the right spot, go ahead and move the wrench in a clockwise way - go slow though! You don't want to make it so tight that you won't be able to take it out again.

Here's a small video on You Tube about how to do Step 3, just in case you wanted to see someone else do it first:

Step 4: Flush some water through the fixed shower head

Next step is to flush some water through the fixed shower head shower filter.

Remember to get out of the shower first! Or else you'll probably need a new change of clothes.

Check for leaks between the shower head and the pipe (if you've followed these instructions there won't be!).
If there are leaks, maybe you need to tighten the shower head a little more or maybe you need more plumbers tape.

Step 5: Enjoy your new fixed shower head shower filter.

Now that you have a new shower filter in your shower you will be able to enjoy the benefits of showering in crystal clear filtered water. Your skin and hair will thank you because the chemicals that strip out natural oils in skin and hair will be removed. Your shower will thank you because the scale in water will be reduced, so you won't need to wash your shower as often and you will thank yourself for being so clever.