One of the most pressing buying decisions a customer makes when looking for a shower filter is whether or not the shower filter will reduce their water pressure.
That's why we offer two shower filters which are specifically made for low water pressure showers:


Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

There are certain qualities people judge when describing a good shower experience. Water quality is definitely up there, but also people tend to give a lot of credence to shower pressure as well. Just look on TripAdvisor and take a peek at how many people describe showers that have 'good pressure' as a positive aspect of any review. So no doubt when people are shopping around for a shower filter they are factoring in how it will effect the water pressure in their own shower at home.

To understand if a shower filter is going to have much of an effect on your shower, then we first really need to understand a little bit more about water pressure. Generally water pressure is measured in PSI (pound per square inch), the higher the number the higher the pressure. The lower the number, the lower your water pressure. 
Generally normal water pressure for a residential home is around 45 - 80 psi, which is water coming from the mains pipes. Anything below 40 psi is classed as low water pressure. Anything above 80 psi is way too high and can actually be really harmful to pipes and shower fittings. There are a lot of different factors which actually can cause water pressure to get lower, even if you are connected to mains water supplies, these can include: the distance between your shower and the mains water source, the elevation of the shower from the mains water source and even the amount of taps being turned on at the same time (we've all experienced drops in water pressure when we're having a shower and someone turns the tap on in the kitchen!).

But how does a shower filter effect the water pressure in our showers? All shower filters come with a replaceable cartridge, as the water passes through the cartridge and is filtered - this is where we may find a drop in water pressure. Though this depends on a lot of factors! The first factor is what is our existing water pressure. If the existing water pressure is good (generally we have found that any homes with water pressures above around 60psi would be classed as 'good') then generally customers will not notice a difference in water pressure no matter which one of the shower filters they purchase. The second factor is what is actually inside the cartridge? The more filter medium inside the shower cartridge the more filtration the cartridge will do and the longer the cartridge will last, conversely the more filter medium the more impediments to the rate of flow. So for a home with less water pressure, maybe anything under 50 psi - we would recommend a shower filter which is made specifically for lower pressure shower systems.

That's where the AquaFilter shower filter range comes into it's own. These shower filters come directly from AquaFilter in Europe, so they conform to all the high standards for European manufacturing and safety. They all have a 1 year guarantee and are made to the highest possible standards possible when it comes to shower filtration. AquaFilter have been in the business of water filtration for a great number of years and they make a huge number of different water filter machinery so these shower filters come from an industry heavy weight when it comes to water filtration.

The reason why these particular shower filters are much better suited for lower pressure showers than our other shower filters is because AquaFilter have made them specifically for lower pressure systems. Their cartridges are inside the handle of the shower head and not inside the head itself, so water flows through a lot quicker. The filter medium is still the highest quality medium, but there is less of it inside the cartridge. So that means the cartridges will need to be changed more often - but at the same time, the replacement cartridges are more affordable and also come in a double pack, so that offsets the need to change them more often.

The AquaFilter hand held shower filters at both come in a beautiful chrome finish and they both use the same easy flow cartridges, the only difference between the two is the size of the shower head itself.  The Large Head Hand Head Shower Filter has a shower head face which has a diameter of 105mm where as the Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter has a shower head diameter of 150mm. Though they both have the same flow rates, so it's up to you to decide which size head is more suitable for your shower.

We hope we've been able to give you some great advice on a low pressure shower head, but if you need any more information please do not hesitate to email us on or leave a comment in the comments section below.