Today we wanted to introduce you to yet another new product in our 2019 summer product collection, the Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter. This is one of our best value products and is a great addition to our range as it is yet another hand held type shower filter that can very easily be attached to any existing shower hose. It features 2 stages of power ceramic shower filter ball technology and produces negative ions in the water, which is known to have great beneficial health effects. Read on to get a better understanding of this brand new product from - we know you'll love it!

The Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter easily attaches to your existing shower hose and incorporates two powerful types of ceramic water filters inside the shower handle. It is designed specifically for low water pressure showers and can increase water pressure up to 200% and lower water usage by up to 30%.

  • 2 Stage Powerfull Hand Held Shower Filter with 3 Spray Settings
  • Unique Design Can Improve Water Pressure by 200%
  • Helps Lower Water Usage By Up To 30%
  • Cartridges last 3 Months
  • Great For Low Pressure Showers
  • Filter Shower Water With a Powerful Combination of Ceramics
  • Helps Improve Eczema / Sensitive Skin Conditions
  • Makes Hair and Skin Healthier and More Supple

Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter

Negative Ion Tourmaline Alkaline Shower Filter Balls

Negative Ion Tourmaline Alkaline Balls

Negative Ions are known to have amazing beneficial properties when it comes to health. As this article on WebMD shows. They can increase flow of oxygen to the brain and can make you feel instantly refreshed. Alkaline water also provides some amazing benefits to the human body as well, including anti-ageing properties and the ability to hydrate skin and detoxifying properties. Our unique Negative Ion Alkaline balls produce Negative Ions and Alkaline water as water passes through them - giving you all the benefits of both of these unique health giving agents in your every day shower.

FIR Ceramic Shower Filter Balls

FIR Ceramic Balls

Our Far-infrared Mineral Ceramic Balls combine the health benefits of far-infrared molecules with the amazing filtering properties of ceramic. They filter out nasties including the removal of leads, chromium and other heavy metals and help to make water feel softer. They act to kill bacteria and absorb impurities in water supplies.

How To Replace Filter Balls and Maintain The Shower Head

Because of the unique properties of this shower head that increases the pressure and flow of shower water, if you live in a hard water area, you may need to clean the stainless steel face of the shower head more often. Here are some instructions on how to do that and also how to replace the filter balls.
Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter Parts
  • To replace the filter balls: Take the shower head in both hands and twist the bottom half of the shower head in an anti-clockwise direction. This will separate the two halves of the shower head. You can now access the filter balls in the bottom half and top half of the shower head, just remove them and put in your new ones.
  • To clean the shower head face: Remove the face of the shower head by twisting the ribbed chrome shower head face anti-clockwise. Once this is off you can easily access the stainless steel shower face plate. Give that a good clean and put it back in the way you took it off.