Stop Fumes in bath water making you sick Many of us love to have a good old soak in the bath tub, whether it be just for relaxation or as part of our hygiene ritual. In fact a study of 2,000 people from Angieslist showed that of those 2,000 people asked whether they predominantly shower or take a bath, 200 people said they would take a bath over a shower. Granted that is not a huge amount of people (just 10%) but when you look at that as a percentage of a population, say for example the population of the UK which has 66 million people, it can add up to 660,000 people in the UK preferring to take a bath rather than a shower.

Unlike a shower, when we take a bath we generally have a bit of a routine to accompany our precious 'me' time. Whether that be lighting candles, putting on some soft music, getting out our luxurious bath robe for afterwards or sprinkling some lovely bath salts or our adding our favourite essential oil to the water to give us that home spa feeling. What many usually do not do as part of their routine is add a Bath Ball - Bath Filter to their bath water sprout, but in fact - before even turning on the water, that is exactly what bathers should actually be doing if they want to look after their health.

A dangerous chemical known as Chlorine is added to tap water by municipal water companies to keep our water free of bacteria that can cause us harm. This Chlorine is added at the source of our tap water so that as tap water runs through old pipes underground and reaches us, if it comes across any bacteria or harmful agents along the way the chlorine will kill these pathogens. Unfortunately Chlorine is also heavily poisonous to human beings as well, in fact the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) state that Chlorine is sometimes in the form of a poisonous gas (it actually is used even today as a weapon of war). Our water companies say that they put in an level of Chlorine which does not cause harm to humans. Chlorine can evaporate quickly, so water companies must put in an amount large enough to ensure that there is still enough chlorine in the water when the reaches the furthest point in their distribution network. So the closer you are to the source of the water, the more chlorine you will have in your water. The further away, the less chlorine. That's why tap water at different locations will have more or less of a smell of chlorine.

Whether or not a water company puts in a 'safe' level of Chlorine into water supplies is irrelevant when it comes to taking a bath in water with any level of chlorine, this is because during a bath we heat up our bath water to levels where water becomes steam and the Chlorine in the water becomes a gas and this is where the real harm is. Doctors Beyond Medicine actually state that, "when showering or bathing, a person consumes (by breathing) even more chlorine than by drinking the water. The chlorine gas is absorbed in the lungs directly into the blood without being filtered or neutralized." Over a long period of time, this exposure of our lungs to chlorine gas can be very harmful and cause a whole host of health problems.

So what can we do about it? Well, the good news is that we can very easily and conveniently rid ourselves of the Chlorine in our bath water just by installing a Bath Ball - Bath Filter.

Bath Ball Bath Filter Bath Ball Bath Filter


A Bath Filter easily attaches to the bath water sprout and as water flows into the ball, it passes through a disc which contains special anti-chlorine properties that neutralises the harmful chlorine so you are left with only pure fresh filtered water to bath in. Thus any steam that is produced by this water is free of chlorine and you can comfortably and safely sit in your bath tub knowing full well that the lovely lavender scented steam that is being produced by your bath water is completely safe and non-toxic. Bath Ball Bath Filters also have replaceable cartridges, just like a drinking water filter, these last around 6 months or approximately 50 baths. So when the filter is done, you can just the change the cartridge and not the whole unit.

Do you take lots of baths and have noticed a strong smell of Chlorine in your bath water? Or maybe you have some other methods of keeping Chlorine out of your bath water? If you do, please leave a comment below! We look forward to hearing from you.