3 best hard water shower filters

The United Kingdom has a problem and it's a big one. We have a problem with Hard Water. It clogs our washing machines, our dishwashers, it leaves horrible sediment inside our kettles, it causes terrible stains all over our bathrooms and costs us time to clean and money to replace hard water damaged appliances. It is a true menace and not only does it effect our homes and our appliances but it is also terrible for us from a health and physical point of view. We need a revolution in the UK! Down with hard water! Down with all the ills and pains that hard water can cause, down with the hours of tireless scrubbing and millions of different chemical products we use to scrub it off our taps, showers and surfaces. Down with all the health problems it causes, from dry skin, to horrible lifeless hair, from assasabating and flaring up our eczema and sensitive skin and leaving a film of grime on our skin when we walk out of our showers - down with this terrible scourge of hard water!

Well, maybe I am being a little too dramatic, maybe we don't need a revolution as such - but we definitely need to get this white menace out of our lives and for good! But what is hard water really? We know what it can do and we're constantly fighting against cleaning it up and not giving it any inch in our homes, but what on earth is all this white powdery calcified mess that gets brought into our homes from our water supplies exactly?

If we take a quick peak at the Wikipedia page for Hard Water (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_water), we get the scientific view of exactly what it is, the page states that, "Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with "soft water"). Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates." OK great, so that's why when hard water dries up around our showers and other surfaces it gets all flakey, white and powdery. It basically is made up of lots of minerals floating around in our water supply and when the water dries up, these minerals all clump together to impart upon us the joy of having to scrub like a dish maid after a Louis the XV dinner party trying to get that white junk off.

Here in the UK the majority of our water is from underground water sources, this is the reason why we all face a lot of hard water within our daily lives. As water passes through the earth water will pick up all those minerals such as calcium and magnesium through limescale (as mentioned above) and then that water from under ground sources will be retrieved by our water companies. The water works will then disinfect the water, add chlorine and other chemicals to it and send it on its merry way along to us - full of hard particles.
Then when us lucky individuals receive it in our homes - it's up to us to do something about it! Usually we just bear the brunt of the hard water and strive to clean it as it builds up to the point where we can't stand the site of all that white deposits on our shower screens any more (or some of us might not actually do that at all!). We buy powerful chemicals which purport to be 'tough on limescale' or 'tough on grime', imagining that we're buying a bottle of cleaner which embodies a harsh school mistress. We put on thick rubber gloves and a stiff brush and spend the next hour getting the workout of our lives. Though a better, cheaper and a lot less time consuming method to deal with this menace is to just get rid of it at the source. We don't actually need to have one drop of hard water pass through our shower heads onto us or our showers and bathrooms ever again - instead of dealing with the consequences of hard water in our showers, what we should be doing is filtering out the hard particles out of our shower water BEFORE it actually touches any part of us or any of our surfaces. Therefore pretty much eliminating the need to scrub like a scullery maid.

So how exactly does a shower filter work to filter out hard particles in water? Well, shower filters come in two different types - the first type is just like any shower head or hand held shower head you might find at a B&Q or your local plumbing supply store, with a cunning twist. Inside the shower head itself there is a replaceable cartridge. Inside that cartridge there are filter mediums which trap hard water particles. So when water passes from one end of the shower head to the other end, the water passes through the cartridge and it traps the hard water particles inside the cartrdige. Therefore when the water comes out the other end of the shower head, it's been filtered and clean and crystal clear.
The other type of shower filter is a little gadget you install between your existing shower head and the water pipe. So when you turn your water on in the shower, instead of the water going directly from the tap through your shower head and all over you and your shower surfaces, it will first pass through this little gadget. Just like the shower head water filters, this little gadget also contains a filter inside it. And yes, you guessed it - when the water passes through the cartridge it filters the water for you, leaving you with crystal clear water free of hard water particles. One of the best things about these shower filters is that the cartridges are always replacable. So once in every while the cartridge will have removed a lot of hard water particles for you and you are gonna need to take that thing out, give it a little secret wink and thank it for sacrificing itself to all the hard water particles and unceremoniously throw it in the bin. Then you can pop in a new one without having to buy a whole new shower filter and start the process all over again.

We've been in the shower filter business for a long time and we have tried out a lot of different shower filters. Also we've had thousands of comments and reviews from our 10s of thousands of customers and we've come up with a list of the absolute best three shower filters that are good for hard water. Drum roll please, here they are:

Number 1 - The 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter
8 Stage Shower Filter

This one comes up number one for us and our customers because it has a unique dual filter design, which gives 8 stages of filtration. This filter is like a  two in one model. It has two filters inside it's body and water will pass through each filter cartridge as it filters out hard water particles. Each cartridge itself has four filter stages, so four times two cartridges means (yes you got it) 8 stages in total of filtration.

Number 2 - The Paragon Luxury Hand Held Shower Filter
Paragon Hand Held Shower Filter

The great thing about this shower filter is it is really simple to install, you literally just remove your existing hand held shower head from the hose and you replace it with this one. Probably a 2 minute job. The reason why this one is absolutely great for removing hard water particles is because the cartridge is pretty much made up of just KDF-55 filter medium. This filter medium is the top of the line medium when it comes to the high quality shower filters. KDF-55 is actually used by water industry professionals to keep water free from scale (http://www.kdfft.com/success_scale.htm), so when we're dealing with scale in our residential environments - we know that if it works in large mega industries, it's gotta work in our homes too.

Number 3 - The Slim Line Shower Filter
Slim Line Shower Filter

This shower filter is great for people who don't have a huge scale problem within their showers, but have a moderate one which is annoying but isn't anything to lose sleep over. The cartridge in this shower filter incorporates KDF-55 (like the Paragon shower filter above) but also incorporates GAC (Granular Active Carbon), this combination is great when it comes to filtering out hard water particles from water. The hard water particles will adhere to the GAC and also the KDF-55 pretty easily and the result is lovely crystal clear water in our showers.

So those are the top three shower filters to remove hard water in our showers, we hope we've been helpful and given you a little more information about this national menace to our society and how to get rid of it once and for all.  If you have any more tips or questions please do not hesitate to email us at info@pureshowers.com or leave a comment on the below comments section.