Reason 1 : Get rid of harmful chlorine in tap water

top 5 reasons to install shower filterWe all know (or if we don't, we really should!) that tap water contains Chlorine. Often we can smell it in our water as we turn on the tap or if we don't smell it we can feel it because it leaves our skin feeling dry and flakey. Chlorine is put into our tap water supplies by water companies to combat bacteria and other germs which might come into contact with municiple water as it travels along old pipes as it makes it way to our homes. Yet many of us might actually not know that Chlorine is a dangerous and hazardous chemical. Chlorine is actually an extremely strong solvent, it is used in many cleaning products and actually is household bleach, which is chlorine dissolved in water - so that toilet cleaner you're using? It's the same stuff that is in your tap water. Another reason why Chlorine is so dangerous is that when it is turned into fumes in a hot shower and inhaled into the lungs, it can damage the delicate tissues within the lungs. In fact Chlorine gas is used as a weapon of warfare, chlorine gas bombs are used to even today in war zones, when one of these bombs are droped anyone in the vacinity will inhale the chlorine gas and this will cause irrevocable damage to lungs and cause the inability to breath. So it is very important that water companies put chlorine into water to stop harmful bacteria from being delivered in tap water to our homes, but it's equally important for us at the point of use to remove the chlorine as well with a simple shower filter.

Reason 2 : Improve the quality of our hair and skin

That chlorine we were writing about above actually has a really harmful effect on our hair and skin. As chlorine is a solvent it will strip away the natural oils in our skin and our hair which is actually what is keeping us healthy. People with sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema can have their conditions exasperated by showering in chlorinated water because the natural oils which act as a barrier between ourselves and the outside world can just be washed away. Our scalps also produce natural oils which nourish our hair and keep it healthy, chlorine will also strip away that natural oil and leave our hair limp, dry and lifeless.

Reason 3 : Reduce scale and make softer water

Here in the UK most of our water comes from ground water. Ground water starts life as rain water, but seems through multiple layers of earth and finally settle into large ground water supplies. As this water passes through the earth it picks up sediment such as magnesium, calcium and other minerals. These minerals in the water make what we term 'hard water'. Hard water can have adverse effects on our skin and hair as well, especially in the shower. The water that comes out of our shower heads is generally coming at us at really high pressures, standing under high pressured water with micro particles of hardness is like pummelling our skin with microscopic particles which can damage sensitive skin.

Reason 4 : Keep shower tiles and surfaces cleaner

If you live in a hard water area you know the pain and headaches that hardness can cause not on you, but in your shower. Shower screens get stained white and are impossible to clean. Shower heads get clogged up and quickly become encrusted with white residues. White calcification gets stuck in the groute between tiles and just build up to the point where you can't even see the groute anymore. Hard water is a big headache inside our showers to. Reducing it by installing a shower filter makes life that much easier. Shower screen stays clearer and cleaner for longer, shower heads don't need to be cleaned as often and it isn't at all hard to clean them and tiles will stay clean and fresh looking for so much longer.

Reason 5 : Remove harmful THMs from water

THMs (trihalomethanes) is not something you hear about every day, but it is something you should really be interested in as there have been many medicals studies which link THMs with different types of cancers. THMs are chemicals which are created with chlorine reacts to organic material in water. Whilst water is travelling through old pipes in all of our cities, it will come into contact with organic materials such as leaves, algae and a host of other things which we probably don't like to think about. But this contact actually is causing THMs and we should be aware of what these are doing to us. The Irish Times has recently reported, "Some studies have suggested a link between cancer and long-term exposure (over years) to THMs, and also that THMs can have an effect on reproduction. There is some evidence that THMs cause cancer in animals. As a result, they are classified as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans." Even if it is possibly carcinogenic, we should do all we can to remove THMs from our water supplies and this includes using a shower filter.