Top 5 Reasons You Must Filter Your Bath WaterAre you a bath person or a shower person? It has been scientifically proven that people who like baths have a higher emotional intelligence and are more sensitive to others' needs. Just kidding! There's no scientific study which says this, but you know what? We reckon that people who take baths are pretty amazing people. Why? Well - baths take time and put you in a mindful frame of mind. You don't just 'jump' in the bath like you would 'jump' into the shower. You 'run' a bath, you 'soak' in a bath, you enjoy a good bath. When was the last time you heard someone refer to their shower as enjoyable and relaxing? Never! So even though it sounds a little silly to make a generalization like we people who enjoy baths are more sensitive, well - it isn't that far of a stretch to say that is it?

Whether you take a bath as your daily washing routine or if you just take a lovely hot soak in your tub every now and then to decompress and relax - if you are not filtering your bath water then you are actually exposing yourself to a lot of unhealthy factors which might actually be contrary to why you're taking a bath in the first place! In this article we're going to discuss the top 5 reasons why you should be filtering your bath water every single time you take a bath. As is the custom of these top numerical lists, we'll start with the least important reason and end up the #1 reason, so without further a due - let's begin!

#5 Reason - Keep Your Bath Tub Cleaner

Many of us in the UK live in Hard Water areas. In fact more than 80% of us live in areas that have moderate to very hard water. So this isn't a problem that is just exclusive to a small amount of people. Those of us who live in hard water areas know the pains of having to clean the calcium deposits off of our showers, baths and tiles. On top of that - some of us may even have other contaminants in our water supplies such as heavy metals (like copper from old copper pipes) or if we have our own underground water supply there might be even more mineral deposits in our tap water. When we run a bath that has water contaminated by hard water, minerals or heavy metals, the contaminants will stick to the sides of the bath tub and after our bath if we do not clean these off immediately they will appear as a ring of calcified hardness around our bath tub. Or if we have copper or heavy metals in our water supply, it might even show up as a ring of green around our bath tub where the water line was.

By filtering our bath water as it comes out of the sprout we actually can rid ourselves of the limescale, magnesium, heavy metals and other particles which contribute to hard water and thereby keep our bath tubs a lot cleaner! You've just had a lovely relaxing bath, why on earth would you want to then spend the next 15 minutes working up a sweat scrubbing down the bath tub after your relaxing bath? Just filter your bath water.

#4 Reason - Soft, soft, oh so soft hair and skin

Did you know that everyone's tap water is full of chemicals such as Chlorine and maybe Chloramines? These chemicals are put in our tap water by the water companies so that as the water passes along the old pipes if any micro-organisms or bacteria is picked up it will kill those harmful organisms. That's all well and good, but did you know that these chemicals are also industry grade solvents? Chlorine is used in manufacturing as a solvent and it can easily strip our skin and hair of its natural oils. If we fill up our bath tubs with a heap of chlorinated water, then we're basically laying in a solution of water and chlorine which is stripping away all the natural oils which our body produces to keep our skin and hair naturally soft and healthy. Then what do we do afterwards? We have to replace them by lathering on unnatural moisturisers we buy from supermarkets and health stores. The best thing for our skin and hair is just to keep the natural oils that our bodies produce for us, so you just gotta filter your bath water to keep the chlorine out to keep the natural oils in.

#3 Reason - Stop Chances of Eczema

Do you get eczema or have sensitive skin? Some people who have these skin conditions actually prefer baths over showers because they are more soothing and they can add additional products to their bath water, such as baby oil and other natural oils to alleviate their skin conditions. But if you're not filtering the chemicals, hard particles, heavy metals and other nasties out of your bath water -what is the point of putting in other oils, potions and lotions into your bath water? In addition to this leaving these chemicals in your bath water is just going to make your sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis just get worse because these chemicals will dry out your skin and cause your sensitive skin to just flare up. If you suffer from any of these ailments and you like taking a bath, for heavens sake - please filter your bath water as soon as possible.

#2 Reasons - Think About Your Pores!

Having a lovely soak in the bath is one of life's small pleasures. When our skin is heated up dirt and bacteria which are residing in your skin pores tend to get released. Which is a huge benefit of taking a nice soak in the bath, it really gets your skin clean. Yet after your pores have released whatever has been held up inside of them, if you are soaking in water with hard particles, heavy metals and chemicals, then those things in your water will simply replace what was originally clogging up your pores in the first place. So it's vital remove contaminants from bath water before we soak in the water, so that we just don't end up clogging up our pores again.

#1 Reasons - The Gas Chamber

So we've come to the #1 reason that you just gotta filter that bath water and we have to say, this article has been written in a little bit of a humorous way - but in all seriousness, this point is really important and can actually damage your health. Remember in 4 reason we touched briefly about the chlorine that is in tap water? Chlorine actually is quite volatile and when it is heated up as hot bath water it becomes a gas extremely quickly. When we run a bath we are using a lot of water (a heck of a lot more than in a shower) and as that water is running into our bath tub it is at the same time releasing chlorine gas into our bathrooms. Usually we have our bathroom doors closed (well, we don't want someone walking in and spoiling our private bath time) and because the doors and windows are closed, the chlorine gas has no where to go but stay inside our bathrooms. This is extremely dangerous because chlorine gas, THMs and other disinfectant by products we're breathing in is scientifically proven to cause cancer. It is so vital that we remove those dangerous chemicals from our bath water before they get a chance to get released into the air we breath inside our bath 'gas chamber' and keep ourselves safe.

So you've read the reasons and by now we hope you're convinced. If you enjoy a good soak in a bath then you just gotta filter your bath water, but what can you use to filter your bath water? A bath water filter of course! There are quite a few types on the market. From bath filter balls that swirl around the water after you have filled up the but (though these aren't the best because by the time you've filled the bath tub the chlorine has already turned into gas and you're already breathing it!), to anti-chlorine flakes that you put into your bath water (again, this is too late because you've already filled up the tub). After years of research we've found the perfect bath filter product though, it's made by a USA company called Sprite Industries and it's called a Bath Ball - Bath Filter. The reason why we think this is the most superior product on the market when it comes to filtering bath water is because it is attached via a harness onto the end of your sprout. So as water gushes out of the sprout it fills up the bath ball and there is a filter pad on the bottom of the bath ball that allows water to pass through it. This filter pad actually removes chemicals and other nasties from your tap water immediately upon passing through it - so the chlorine and other chemicals don't get a chance to turn into harmful gas vapors before they are neutralised.

Bath Filter
Bath Filter Installed on Tap
Bath Filter Installed on Tap


There you have it, 5 reasons why you need to filter your bath one and one amazing solution. If you have any stores about soaking in the tub or just want to get in contact with us about how you can have a cleaner and better bath - just drop us a line or leave a comment below. Happy bath time everyone!