We’ve been selling shower filters here at PureShowers.co.uk since 2008 and when we started our business one of the things, we always wanted to do was make buying and installing a shower filter as accessible as possible.

That’s why we have always only sourced and sold shower filters that can be used a point of use. We’ve specifically stayed away from sourcing or selling any types of water filters that customers would have to plumb in or that would need any real specialist knowledge to install.

We wanted to keep our products simple and easy, so that anyone can buy a shower filter from us and install it directly onto their showers and baths and realise the benefits of having cleaner more pure showers immediately.

In light of these considerations, we have always wanted to make sure that our shower filters are all accessible to people who rent their homes. When it comes to installing new bathroom and plumbing fittings and fixtures renters usually have different considerations and necessities. For example, a renter will need to ensure that whatever they change in their bathrooms can be reversed after their rental period is over. So, they can’t make any permanent changes to the homes they rent. Also, for simplicity, when renters want to change something in their bathrooms it should really be a simple change that they do not need to get permission from their land lord to make. A final consideration is that at the end of their lease, renters will want to be able to remove any type of new bathroom equipment and take it with them easily to their new accommodation.

Taking into account the above scenarios, we wanted to put together a list of the top three shower filters that we believe would be most suitable for renters and also the main features which makes these shower filters especially suitable.

#3 Sprite Designer Edition 5 Spray Shower Filter

Sprite Designer Edition 5 Spray Shower Filter

The Sprite Designer Edition 5 Spray Shower Filter comes directly to us from Sprite in California and comes in as number three in our top three list. Being a hand-held shower filter, this shower filter is extremely easy to install and to remove when it comes time to leave your lease. The shower filter comes with its own hose, so all a renter needs to do is remove the original hand-held shower head and also remove the original shower hose from the bathroom, store it in a cupboard or somewhere safe and then install the Sprite Designer Edition 5 Spray Shower Filter. One additional feature which makes this shower filter particularly good for renters is because it comes with an adaptor which can turn any fixed head shower pipe into a hand-held shower filter. So even if your rented house or apartment’s bathroom doesn’t already have a hand-held shower head fitting and only has a fixed head shower head that is fixed onto a pipe, you can transform it easily into a hand-held shower head with the included attachment – nifty!

#2 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter 

 8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter

This one is for any renters who have bathrooms that don’t have an existing hand-held shower head and hose in it, but has a fixed shower head that is fixed onto a pipe instead.

For renters who are in this situation and think that it will be impossible for them to still install a shower filter, the 8 Stage Shower Filter is where it is at. That’s because this shower filter easily installs between the fixed shower pipe and the actual shower head. All a renter needs to do is remove the existing shower head from the pipe, this can be done easily without any need for special tools or plumbing knowledge. This can be achieved by simply twisting the fixed shower head anti-clockwise and unscrewing it from the actual shower pipe. Then when the whole shower head is off, you will see the threads on the shower pipe and that is where the 8 Stage Shower Filter can be installed onto. After that, it’s just a matter of screwing the shower head onto the opposite end of the shower filter and hey presto – instantly installed shower filter and pure softer healthier shower water every day.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like installed in one of our customers’ bathrooms:

8 Stage Shower Filter Installed

#1 PureShowers Ionic Hand Held 3 Spray Shower Head Shower Filter 

OK – now for the #1 best shower filter for renters, the PureShowers Ionic Hand Held 3 Spray Shower Head Shower Filter. So, what makes this the top of our list of best shower filters for renters? There are three features which we believe makes this the best shower filter for renters and we’ll go through them one by one below:

  1. Easy – this shower filter is the easiest one to install. All a renter needs to do is take the original shower head off the existing hose, put it away in a safe place so that it can be returned to the hose when you leave the property. Then just install this shower head directly onto the hose that is already in the shower. The shower filter is really light, so you do not need to worry about it not fitting in the existing shower head cradle and the replace job will take literally less than 5 minutes.
  2. Increases water pressure by 200% - Often in rented accommodation if you’ve got bad water pressure, that’s just your lot and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you wanted to improve it, you would need to ask the landlord to hire a plumber and install expensive equipment to increase the water pressure. Let’s face it, that’s just not feasible and is not probably something your landlord will agree to. But this shower filter has been designed to increase water pressure by 200% because the face of the shower head is made with a stainless-steel metal sheet that has laser bored holes in it so tiny that when water is forced through the shower head it builds additional pressure and therefore makes the water come out much stronger, hence increasing the pressure in your shower.
  3. Saves water usage by 30% - When you’re renting, in addition to the monthly rent you’re paying, there’s also bills, bills, bills, sometimes it seems never ending. So, any way to reduce bills is always a good idea for a renter. That’s where the PureShowers Ionic Hand Held 3 Spray Shower Head Shower Filter comes in hand as well. Because of those laser-bored holes we mentioned above, not only does it increase the pressure of the water, but it also allows less water to flow through the shower head. Using less water but getting more pressure means that you can experience the same or a better shower experience but pay less in water bills, that’s a win win situation for the environment and for your wallet.

So, there you have it, our top 3 shower filters for renters.

We hope this article has been helpful for those renters out there who want to feel the benefits of installing a shower filter to keep hair and skin healthier and softer and want to live a healthier chemical free lifestyle.