What are CaSO3 Balls (Calcium Sulfite Balls) and How Do They Work in a Shower Filter?

Because we've been in the shower filter business for over 10 years, we want to share with all of our customers our in-depth and professional knowledge about all there is to know regarding shower filters and shower filter mediums. That's why this week we want to let you in on some inside knowledge about a shower filter medium that is absolutely amazing when it comes to combating Chlorine and Chloramines in shower water, the shower filter balls we want to focus on this week is: CaSO3 Balls (otherwise known as Calcium Sulfite balls).

First things first, when you hear the term Calcium Sulfite and shower filters you're probably thinking to yourself: "That sounds like a chemical - don't I want to REMOVE chemicals with a shower filter? Why are you putting more chemicals into a shower filter?". Let's address this perspective first. The first thing is yes, Calcium Sulfite is a chemical - but not all chemicals are bad for you! Every single day we are eating chemicals, they appear naturally in the world and in the food we eat. For example, here's another chemical which sounds bad; Ascorbyl palmitate, sounds awful doesn't it? Well it isn't, because it's actually an antioxidant that is a combination of an acid which is made from natural fats and Vitamin C. It is used in food production to stop spoilage. When digested it breaks down to it's natural parts, so your body uses the Vitamin C and burns off the fat.

This is the same for Calcium Sulfite, it is actually used a lot in many of the things we eat and drink right now, it is very commonly used as a preservative for wine, cider, fruit juice, canned fruits and vegetables. So every day we are ingesting Calcium Sulfite without any worries in the world and it is not doing us any harm.

So now that we've addressed the fact that Calcium Sulfite balls (CaSO3 balls) have a scary name but are actually really beneficial for us, we can now focus in more on what these ingenious little balls can do for us in our shower filters and in our showers.

Calcium Sulfite has an amazing power to remove Chlorine and Chloramines from shower water and it does it really fast. Everyone loves a good shower with high water pressure, whenever we go to a hotel and try a new shower don't we always rate the shower on the pressure? Higher pressure we generally say that we've had a good shower experience. Lower pressure, then we generally grumble about how horrible the shower was. So when we have very fast moving water in our showers we need a Chlorine removing shower filter medium which acts FAST and that's exactly what Calcium Sulfite does. CaSO3 shower filter balls can remove 99% of chlorine from shower water in 0.8 seconds. That is really fast! Considering a standard shower head has a flow rate of 11 litres per minute you can start to understand that no matter how fast your shower water is flowing, Calcium Sulfite shower filter balls will keep up with it and remove the majority of the chlorine and chloramines from your shower water.

How about longevity? Well, here's where Calcium Sulfite balls again are a tough cookie and an amazing choice when it comes to shower filter mediums. They last a heck of a long time and continue to provide amazing Chlorine removal properties throughout it's life time. Let's take for example our Clear Tinted Dechlorinating 4 Stage Shower Filter. This shower filter has 20 grams of Calcium Sulfite CaSO3 shower filter balls, so if you for example have a typical 8 minute shower (which at a high flow rate uses around 78 litres of water), that 20 grams of Calcium Sulfite will last you 200 showers. Now that is a lot of showers for a single shower filter!

This is the same for our other shower filters which have Calcium Sulfite in them. We always put 20 grams (or more) of CaSO3 shower filter balls in each of the below shower filters:

Clear Tinted Dechlorinating 4 Stage Shower Filter Slim Line Shower Filter Compact Shower Filter

So now you know a little more about the power of these shower filter balls we hope you will give them one of the above shower filters a go when you're looking to buy your next shower filter.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below or just drop us an email via our Contact Us page and we'd be more than happy to help!