What exactly is a fixed head shower filter?Shower Filters come in many different shapes and sizes, from hand held shower filters to inline shower filters and even fixed head shower filters. So in this article we are going to discuss fixed head shower filters. What are they? How do they work? And what are the advantages of a fixed head shower filter?

To explain exactly what a fixed head shower filter is we first need to establish what a fixed head shower filter is. You can easily identify fixed head shower heads in your shower because they are usually shower heads that come directly from a pipe that protrudes from the wall. This is different from a hand held shower head or even a rainfall shower head, because hand held shower heads are always attached to a long metal hose and rainfall shower heads usually come from the ceiling.

So a fixed head shower filter is actually a fixed head shower head that has a filter cartridge inside the actual shower head itself. So as water passes through the shower head, before it exits the shower head and touches you, the water will pass through a replaceable filter inside the shower head first.

These replaceable filters can have a variety of filter mediums inside, such as; KDF-55, Granular Active Carbon, Ceramic Filter Balls or some other water filter medium. Tap water can contain many harmful impurities, such as chemicals like Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, THMs, hard particles such as lime, magnesium, calcium and many other impurities. These impurities and additives can be really harsh on the skin and hair and cause a plethora of different ailments, from eczema to dry skin and hair conditions. It has been proven that breathing in Chlorine fumes inside of a shower is actually more harmful than drinking chlorine in water itself, because the chlorine inside tap water turns into chlorine gas and can cause damage to the lungs. Therefore as tap water passes through a fixed head shower filter and passes through the cartridge inside of one, the filter cartridge removes many of these toxins and results in you showering in crystal clear filtered water.

Here's two pictures of a some fixed shower head filters and how the cartridge inside works:

Rainfall shower head
Fixed Rose Shower Head
Fixed Shower Head Filter with Cartridge

So what are the advantages of installing a fixed shower head shower filter? The obvious and first advantage is of course, being able to filter your shower water and removing impurities from tap water which might otherwise be bad for your health. But the main reason someone might want to install a fixed shower head shower filter or be looking for one on the Internet is because they already have a fixed shower head inside their shower and want to replace it with a fixed head shower filter. Fixed head shower filters give the benefit of allowing you to shower in a constant stream of water without having to hold a shower head itself, such as with a hand held shower head. Because it is attached to a pipe that comes from the wall and not the ceiling, that means that you can still easily direct the flow of the water if you need to. So it's got the benefits of both a hand held shower filter and a rainfall shower filter.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new shower filter and the only type of shower head that you already have in your shower is a fixed type shower head that is coming from the wall. Then your best bet is to go for a fixed shower head shower filter which can be easily installed by just removing your existing fixed shower head from the pipe in your shower and just replacing it with a fixed head shower filter. If you need a little more help with exactly how to install a fixed head shower filter, then please take a look at our blog entry where we gave simple instructions on how to install a fixed head shower filter.

That's all for today, we hope you got something out of this article and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email us or leave your comments in the comments section below.