What is a hand held shower filter?So you've stumbled across this article probably from Google or from some other search engine and you've heard of this wonderful thing called a Hand Held Shower Filter or maybe you're just looking for a new hand held shower head and you realised that there are hand held shower heads with filters inside them and you just aren't sure what on earth they are? Well - if that's the case, then you're in some good luck - because in this article we are going to discuss exactly what a hand held shower filter is and how it works.

OK - so let's get the basics down pact first. So we all probably know what a hand held shower head is (but let's go through it again, one more time for people who might not know!). In everybody's shower there's going to be at least one of two types of shower heads. You've got your fixed shower heads, which are shower heads that are fixed onto a pipe which either comes from the ceiling or a pipe that comes from the wall and these shower heads are fixed in position. These types of shower heads come in a lot of different varieties, from Rainfall Shower Heads (which are the oh so special and luxurious large shower heads that when you stand under them they have a really wide head so the column of water they produce in the shower makes you feel like you're having a shower under a rainfall), to Rose type shower heads - which as the name suggests kind of resemble roses. Here are a couple of pictures so you can identify yours:

Rainfall shower head
Fixed Rose Shower Head
Rainfall Shower Head
Fixed Rose Shower Head


So if you don't have a fixed shower head in your shower, then you probably have a hand held shower head. As the name suggests a hand held shower head is a shower head which like the fixed shower head has a head with small nozzles where water comes out, but instead of being fixed - it usually sits in a cradle and when you want to, you can grab it out of the cradle and hold it in your hand. Some people find this type of shower head more convenient because they can use it fixed in the cradle or when they don't want to shower directly under a column of water - they can hold it in their hands and direct the water to whatever part of the body they want to wash. Instead of being screwed into a fixed shower pipe on the wall or ceiling, these hand held shower heads are screwed onto a flexible hose, usually made of metal. This flexible hose allows the hand held shower head to be moved around and allows you to direct the stream of water exactly where you need it in the shower.

OK - so now that we know what a hand held shower head is, we can get onto the meat of this article, which is answering the question: What Is a Hand Held Shower Filter?

A hand held shower filter is a hand held shower head - but it incorporates into either the head itself or the handle a nifty shower filter cartridge or shower filter mediums which filter the shower water as it passes through the inside of the hand held shower head. Think of it like a drinking water filter, but instead of it being attached to your tap or as a jug in your fridge. It's a filter that is in your shower actually making the water in your shower cleaner and more pure for you to shower in.

You might be thinking, why on earth do I want a filter in my shower? Well, ask yourself this - why do people filter their drinking water? Why do people drink bottled water instead of tap water? Simply because many of us know that inside tap water there are a lot of chemicals and other contaminants that we do not want inside our body. Let's take chlorine for example, chlorine is a really harsh chemical that is put in our water supplies to kill germs and bacteria. That's great - but when you're in a shower and that chlorine heats up and becomes chlorine vapours. You are actually breathing in the chlorine directly into your lungs and studies have shown that breathing in the chlorine is actually more harmful than drinking it. Let's take another example - how about hard water? Many people filter their tap water to remove hard particles from their water because it gets in their kettles or is just tastes awful. Those same hard particles in your shower are hitting your skin at high pressure and high rates and the particles are actually stripping the natural oils from our skin, scalp and hair and causing things like dry skin and can really irritate our skin and hair. Those are just two of the most common reasons for installing a hand held shower filter in your shower, but there are many more.

Hand held shower filters fit onto any existing shower hose. If you already have a hand held shower head in your shower and it's attached to your hose, then you know you can easily replace it with a hand held shower filter within minutes. Just unscrew the hand held shower head from the hose and screw on the hand held shower filter - you'll be done in minutes.

Here are the top three hand held shower filters we have on offer and a little blurb about how each one is different:

Paragon Luxury Hand-Held Shower Filter Head
Vitamin C Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter
Extra Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter
  • Cartridge sits inside the head itself
  • Has 5 different spray options
  • Certified in labs by the NSF
  • The cartridge consists mainly of KDF-55
  • Filter mediums sit inside the handle
  • Has 3 different filter mediums
  • Incorporates the power of Vitamin C
  • Increases shower pressure
  • Incorporates KDF-55 and filter balls
  • Cartridge is inside the handle
  • Has an extra wide head for larger column of water

Now that you know more about what a hand held shower filter is, how to install it and how it can benefit you. If you need any further help with identifying the right type of hand held shower filter for you - please just drop us a line or leave a comment below and we can get back to you.

Have a great day!