Will a shower filter help my hair?

Customers often contact us and ask us, will a shower filter help my hair? Sometimes it's in relation to hair that is limp and lifeless, sometimes it's because their hair is falling out excessively, sometimes it's because their hair just doesn't feel very clean after having washed it in the shower, sometimes we have customers who have Afro-Caribbean type hair and they ask us whether or not a shower filter will help with their hair types. All in all - we've gotten a lot of questions about whether or not a shower filter will improve the quality of customers' hair over the past more than a decade. So we thought we'd go ahead and write a definitive article about if a shower filter will help your hair and exactly how a shower filter can alleviate some of the most common issues with hair. Resulting in a healthier and happier head of hair.

Before going into exactly how a shower filter can help your hair, let's do a quick recap about exactly what a shower filter is going to do for you. Shower filters come in a range of different shapes and sizes, from hand held shower filters which are attached to your hose or in line shower filters which attach between the shower hose / shower pipe and shower head. All shower filters work on the same principle, there is a water filter cartridge inside the shower filter and as water passes through the water filter cartridge it filters your shower water. Removing things like; chlorine, heavy metals, calcium, minerals, limescale, bacteria, chemicals, chloramine, algae and other contaminants that are in water. When these contaminants are removed from shower water, you are left with only crystal clean filtered water when you're showering, it's basically like showering in bottled water and which is cleaner and better for you.

Just off the top of your head you can already imagine that washing hair in bottled water is going to be better than washing hair in tap water full of chemicals, chlorine and other contaminants, but below we'll outline some of the top hair issues and how a shower filter will help alleviate those issues.

1. How a shower filter can help dry, brittle and lifeless hair

Dry, brittle and lifeless hair comes down to only one thing - the lack of natural oils in hair follicles and in the scalp. There are hundreds maybe thousands of different products on the market which purport to put oils back in hair, but the easiest way to combat dry, brittle and lifeless hair is to not strip the natural oils out of hair and scalp in the first place. Why remove something natural to just replace it with something unnatural later? It doesn't make any sense. So how does a shower filter help dry, brittle and lifeless hair? Chlorine is put inside our water supply to kill bacteria and other germs so that as the water passes through old pipes and it comes into contact with bacteria, the chlorine will kill the bacteria and makes it safe for us to drink. But Chlorine is known to be a heavy duty solvent and degreaser. When chlorine washes away the natural oils in our hair and in our scalp, so it's stripping all the natural goodness away from our hair and leaving hair dry, brittle and lifeless.

2. How a shower filter can help scalp dermatitis and dandruff

This is a really common question we get asked by our customers and we're happy to report that after many years of selling shower filters we have heard only positive results about how after installing a shower filter customers have found their scalp dermatitis and dandruff has improved. But why is that? Well, for the same reason that unfiltered water can cause dry and brittle hair. The hair follicles on the scalp is exactly where the natural oils are secreted to keep our hair and scalp healthy. When the scalp is exposed to hot water in a shower and strong degreasing chemicals such as chlorine, those follicles open up and the natural oils inside them and also on the scalp and hair gets washed away. This leaves an scalp environment that is overly dry and this dryness of scalp leads to dermatitis and as the dermatitis gets worse and the skin on the scalp gets dryer and dryer, dead skin cells flake off as dandruff. By filtering shower water it removes the chemicals that strip away natural oils, keeping the scalp in a much healthier condition and avoiding dermatitis and dandruff.

How a shower filter can help dry, brittle and lifeless hair

3. How a shower filter can help with hair loss

So many of our customers have emailed us stories about how after moving to a hard water area they have started to see that their hair has been falling out a lot more. This isn't just something 'in their heads' it actually is something known as scalp calcification. To explain this a little further we need to understand that hard water basically water that contains a high level of calcium deposits in it. People who have hard water in generally live in areas where their water source is derived from underground reservoirs. As water passes through the earth it picks up calcium, magnesium and other minerals, then pools in underground water supplies. These water supplies are tapped by water companies and then distributed to our homes. Water which has a lot of these minerals like calcium in them are deemed hard water. If you live in one of these areas you will know, because you will see a lot of white deposits all over your shower and that is the calcium. So if you can imagine that your scalp is exactly like the surfaces of your shower, then you can start to understand what scalp calcification is. When you get calcification on the scalp and there is a build up of calcium in and around the hair follicles it will restrict blood flow to the hair follicles, it will also cause inflammation around the follicles and damage them. Unhealthy hair follicles will lead to hair shedding and if not controlled the hair follicle will die and that will cause hair loss. A shower filter will help with hair loss because shower filters will help to remove some of the minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. that contribute to water hardness. It will help to make the water feel softer and reduce the calcium inside shower water so less of it will calcify on your scalp and also on your shower surfaces. Leading to hair follicles which can breath easily and not get clogged up with calcium deposits and become calcified.

So if you're wondering if a shower filter will help my hair? Then the above three common hair issues and the exact reasons why installing a shower filter will actually help alleviate your hair care issues should give you a good understanding about how and why you should install a shower filter to get healthier and better looking hair.

If you have any other questions, tips or tricks about how to get better hair then please leave them below in the comments.