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Shower Filter Review by Margaret Templeton on 22/12/2020

Excellent swift service when purchasing a replacement shower filter. Would prefer to have verbal advice when telephoning with a query, but emails do come through the next day to help.

Very impressed by Janet Bliss on 16/12/2020

Very impressed, we live in the South of England and our water is exceptionally hard, consequently we go through shower heads on a regular basis. The filter balls work really well and because the spray plate is removable it's easy to clean.

Shower Filter Review by carly stevens on 16/12/2020

No more chlorine smell :-)

It works! Very happy. by Janine on 12/12/2020

This filter is about the size of a tin of beans, which seemed large when I took it out of the box but no trouble at all once in place. I have a fairly standard electric shower (cheap housing association issue!) and it was easy to install between the bottom of the shower unit and the hose. The difference was felt most from the second or third shower; suddenly my hair had its curl back and felt almost the way it does when I visit relatives in a soft water area. I can also see the difference in my partner's long hair. The bath is now much easier to clean, with less residue. There does not seem to be any effect (either good or bad) on our mediocre water pressure. The main reason I bought this was in the hope that my son's eczema can improve when he comes home instead of getting worse (we live in a very hard water area). Time will tell, as he has not been home yet, but now that I can see the filter is really working I'll know the water is not to blame in the future.

Shower Filter Review by Xandra Lauren on 12/12/2020

Does the job.

Shower Filter Review by Rosemary Mower on 11/12/2020

Love it makes the shower have more power x

Shower Filter Review by Jarle Rud on 09/12/2020

The delivery was fast and the item arrived in perfect condition. Very easy to install on the shower (could be supplied with extra washer ring as I needed to by an extra to get the join sealed properly). My whole family struggle with eczema so I’m hopeful it will help but it is too early to tell..Mentally I feel a difference! J

Shower Filter Review by Marc Ingram on 09/12/2020

Not great but not awful ,

Shower Filter Review by Trevor on 06/12/2020

Very good,gives more pressure

Shower Filter Review by Michele Healan on 03/12/2020

Excellent and value for money too

Shower Filter Review by THERESA CHAMBERLAIN on 03/12/2020

We are really enjoying use the shower head, it’s the second time I have bought one , it stops my skin from feeling tight and itchy it’s amazing thank you

effective filter by Pamela Sanderson on 02/12/2020

a bit expensive but works well ** PS REPLY ** Thank you for your kind review Pamela. This filter can last up to 8 months, so if you calculate it, that's only 12p per day. Which isn't that much to get the benefits of showering in clean and filtered water every day. Also don't forget to Like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter. We regularly post discount vouchers there.

Shower Filter Review by Judith Strong on 02/12/2020

Love this shower filter even my husband has notice that has hair and skin is much nicer since he’s been using it definitely recommend it

Shower Filter Review by Daniel Glodianu on 02/12/2020

Very good

Very good product by Bianca Durant on 02/12/2020

I'm very happy with the product and the delivery time.

Shower Filter Review by Richard Mason on 27/11/2020

blends in well with existing shower, neat and elegant design slight。problem fitting, initially leaked a lot but solved it . now very happy.

Shower Filter Review by Jay Netherlands on 26/11/2020

We’re really happy with this shower solution. It feels and looks sturdy, the hose is of good quality (it doesn’t get twisted). The shower head has a nice width (wider than our previous shower head). Water is softer and has a good even ‘rain’ effect. Absolutely delighted : )

Shower Filter Review by David Garnett on 26/11/2020

Quick delivery and a very efficient filter

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Calver-Jones on 26/11/2020

I buy it every year for my shower to get rid of clorine / hard water

Shower Filter Review by Spritey UK on 26/11/2020

The product is good - took a while to get here.

A must have. by Maurice Hannon on 26/11/2020

Excellent product and you will notice the difference in your hair.

My shower is something to look forward to and enjoy! by Nickie Harvey on 25/11/2020

I was very happy with the customer service and prompt delivery.

Shower Filter Review by Felicisimo MORATIEL Prieto on 25/11/2020

They work fine,but I prefer the old model

Brilliant by Jay on 22/11/2020

Really easy to install. Great, strong flow. Very highly recommended

Straightforward to fit, gets rid of the smell of chlorine in the shower. by Tim Gausden on 22/11/2020

Instruction leaflet has very small print but installation is straightforward. We have a Mira power shower where the shower head connecting thread is within the shower body casing. The compact shower filter's input cowl just fitted between the threads and the case and was able to be installed. The shower hose easily fitted onto the outlet connection. Using the filter, the shower water was noticeably chemical-free. My wife suffers from chemical sensitivities (which is why she wanted to try this filter) and she has found the shower water has much less detrimental effects on her now. We live in a hard water area and I have noticed I need less shower gel and soap to get a lather. Even I have noticed less chemical smell to the shower. Before this filter I would not have known the chemical smell of chlorine affecting the shower water. With the filter in place and the water cleaned, the difference is noticable.

Love the scent by Emma Neller on 21/11/2020

I have only had the shower head for a couple of weeks now. I really like the vitamin c smell. I filter and purify as much water in my home as possible and this is an added bonus. The only down side is that the shower head is so powerful I cannot use it on the kids as it hurts them. I find it uncomfortable in certain of my body, Even on low pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Shab on 20/11/2020

Great shower head. 3 settings work really well for a very relaxing shower. Hopefully lasts a while

Hand held shower filter by Dianne Canlin on 20/11/2020

Improves power and softens water, has really improved my shower experience

Would highly recommend with or without a health concern by Ronan Halliday on 19/11/2020

The water feels softer and I notice more suds in the bath. Overall very impressed! noticing better skin too!

Essential product to counteract hard water by Jennifer Goodstone on 19/11/2020

Excellent product easy to replace in shower head

Shower Filter Review by T. Andre on 16/11/2020

Amazing piece of kit, as I live in a very hard water area not only does the showerhead keep nice and clean but it makes the temperature control on my shower infinitely variable whereas temp control was a bit coarse before and also I don't suffer so much with dry skin as the delivered shower water is nice and soft and definitely makes a huge difference. Would recommend one of these shower heads to anybody.

Shower Filter Review by Teo Nova on 14/11/2020

Experienced a delivery issue with my first order. The customer service team was very helpful to resolve it and I received my order ok. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by Pauline Stephenson on 14/11/2020

I definitely feel the water is softer and I love the fact that you can choose the strength of the water flow from one of three settings

Bath Filter Review by Cecilia Skoglund on 11/11/2020

Brilliant bath filter, leaves skin smooth and no more chlorine smell

Shower Filter Review by Chas Tedder on 06/11/2020

Helps keep the showers cleaner and the water soft without loss of pressure.

Shower Filter Review by James Chandler on 06/11/2020

Arrived very quickly; really easy to install and seems to do the job.

Shower Filter Review by David smith on 03/11/2020

Better power

Shower Filter Review by Vasileios Grigoriou on 02/11/2020

I am happy with the purchase. Thank you.

Shower Filter Review by Steve Scott on 02/11/2020

I absolutely love this shower filter. I had never seen one before until I purchased a new Motorhome which had one fitted . Now my home shower is as good as my Motorhomes!!

Excellent by david fenn on 29/10/2020

I was a bit apprehensive but the shower head is fantastic the water comes out of the shower with more power in stead of just a dribble,it also makes your shower gel feel more luxurious on your body giving you a thoroughly enjoyable shower your skin feels softer and not dried out like before,wonderful product definitely recommend

Shower Filter Review by Wendy Bingham on 25/10/2020

I recently moved into a hard water area, at the same time my skin started itching and burning. My suspicion that it was caused by the water proved right after using the pure filter shower for 2 weeks all symptoms are gone. Thank you so much.

Fantastic by emma highams on 25/10/2020

Soft hair, soft skin, no itching !!

Shower Filter Review by Wendy Bingham on 25/10/2020

I recently moved into a hard water area, at the same time my skin started itching and burning. My suspicion that it was caused by the water proved right after using the pure filter shower for 2 weeks all symptoms are gone. Thank you so much.

One word excellent by Richard Purkiss on 25/10/2020

A very good product and great service many thanks!

Shower Filter Review by CW on 24/10/2020

Highly recommended, love it. Super easy to fit

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Ewins on 22/10/2020

Great service fantastic product

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Ewins on 22/10/2020

Great service fantastic product

Shower Filter Review by Alessio Barba on 19/10/2020

I feel happy with your product. Since the moment I found my scalp dry even after using your product I would say that the reason is because of the shampo/conditioner. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2600 user reviews.