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Shower Filter Review by Mike Herivel on 29/01/2020

Excellent product and service.

Shower Filter Review by Doreen Vernon on 29/01/2020

Its brill. Easy to install. My daughter and I can feel the difference. Our dark skin are prone to dryness. So anything that can help reduce this is beneficial.

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Troup on 26/01/2020

Good product, good service.

Shower Filter Review by Steve Brignell on 26/01/2020

Excellent showers. A more powerful flow with a soft feel

Shower Filter Review by John on 25/01/2020

very pleased to have found this product,. Had this type of shower head for a year, now I have peace of mind knowing that I can replace the beads for a really reasonable sum of money

Shower Filter Review by bev adams on 24/01/2020

my skin is no longer dry and itchy . Very impressed

Excellent! Nicely designed and easy to fit by Rohan Perera on 23/01/2020

Not for taps with limited space. This unit will get in the way of washing larger items such as woks, chopping boards, baking trays etc. Ok if you have a long swan next tap.

Shower Filter Review by Philippa Kingsley on 22/01/2020

Good product and great customer service

Shower Filter Review by Simon Venn on 22/01/2020

Great product, very easy to fit and keeps my wife happy, which is always worth it! Thanks very much once again.

Shower Filter Review by camille sanbar on 18/01/2020

we are happy with it.

Shower Filter Review by Pedro Ferreira on 17/01/2020

So far so good. Good shower pressure.

Shower Filter Review by brian dawes on 15/01/2020

like the 3 shower spray options. more powerful than my fixed shower head

Shower Filter Review by Fred Beetlestone on 10/01/2020

Very good. I have a very happy customer.

Shower Filter Review by S D on 07/01/2020

“Best thing since sliced bread” Fresh, clean , soft and powerful shower head with simple side switch control. Cartridges are simple to replace and comforting to know your skin is protected. Have been using cartridges a number of years in other shower head but new shower head means having great soft water showers every time. “Never go back”

Shower Filter Review by Chris Bevis on 06/01/2020

Been using this system for quite a few years now and am very happy with the cartridge system and how it helps soften the water

Very good filters by Pat Pepper on 06/01/2020

Very good filters this is my third one so I know the difference they make to the water quality

Very good by Ian Robert Smith on 06/01/2020

I noticed fairly quickly when filters had exhausted as my skin felt much drier.

Shower Filter Review by Zoe on 03/01/2020

Easy to order, fast delivery, easy to install and best of all my shower water is much softer now!

Shower Filter Review by Glenys Benson on 03/01/2020

Very fast and efficient service.

Shower Filter Review by Rogers on 01/01/2020

Brought as a present. Seen it in action and it made an immediate difference! Definitely recommend!

Shower Filter Review by Vicki Miles on 30/12/2019

Good result as my hair feels much cleaner since I have been using this shower head.

Shower Filter Review by Miss A Sneddon on 29/12/2019

Has made a big difference in the water pressure of my shower great product

Shower Filter Review by Peter Fletcher on 29/12/2019

My wife was having issue with the hard water and her hair this totally solved that issue.

Shower Filter Review by David Dewberry on 28/12/2019

Does seem to make the water softer/nicer!?

Shower Filter Review by Scott Ison on 27/12/2019

It is a great product quick delivery although the shower pressure has not increased too much

Shower Filter Review by Azi on 26/12/2019

Made a difference straight away! Especially on your skin as the water doesn't have the chemicals any more. My skin is much softer now. Hairs are different too.

Shower Filter makes water taste sweet by T Skater on 24/12/2019

Added another slimline filter to my collection.. Water tastes and feels better with these filters including the Shower head Filter. It tastes so much better i fill my coffee pot with this water for better tasting coffee.

Shower Filter Review by Cherry Wynne-Smith on 24/12/2019

Great shower certainly makes the water feel different

Shower Filter Review by Debby Ross on 20/12/2019

made a great difference

Evcellent by Carrie on 19/12/2019

A delightful shower head which improves the flow of water.

Shower Filter Review by Anonymous on 19/12/2019

Excellent in every way.

Shower Filter Review by raymond moore on 11/12/2019

Superb-- it works a treat

Shower Filter Review by Stoycho Atanasov on 08/12/2019

THe product is very good. Nice, clean and compact design. The best of it the easy fit and the easy cartridge replacement

Shower Filter Review by Patrick Heneghan on 02/12/2019

Good filters nice soft hair.

Shower Filter Review by Linda Stompedissel on 29/11/2019

Really good product, noticeably softer water and not altered our water pressure at all. Also excellent customer service.

Shower Filter Review by Kevin Saunders on 27/11/2019

Arrived on time & is very easy to fit to existing filter housing.

Shower Filter Review by Pauline Chester on 26/11/2019

Excellent product. So easy to replace cartridge. Must remember to change it more often!

Shower Filter Review by Tony Silverston on 23/11/2019

Still good a year and replacement and problem with leak solved

A must buy for hard water areas by RB on 23/11/2019

We live in a very hard water area and I definitely notice the difference with this shower head. Skin and hair feel much less dry and itchy. Delivery was very quick too!

Bath Filter is really good by Kate Bee on 23/11/2019

Great product

not as good as I thought it would be by Derek Swannick on 22/11/2019

** Reply from PS ** Sorry you are not 100% satisfied. We have a satisfaction guarantee, so we can accept a return and refund for your product.

Shower Filter Excellent product by Jane Guy on 19/11/2019

Exactly as described and works perfectly.

Shower Filter Review by Luke Parker on 19/11/2019

Easy to install, much happier knowing that contaminants are being filtered out of the shower water now.

Shower Filter Review by James Fanning on 17/11/2019

I found you products to be very satisfactory so far , easy to install and setup. I will have no problem ordering from you're company in the future.

Shower Filter Review by Peter Cook on 16/11/2019

Very good indeed

Shower Filter Review by Yvonne on 03/11/2019

We live in a hard water area. We took the filter off for a few weeks, as it had expired. I was then reminded why they are so good to use. Without one, my skin gets red patches after showering, is itchy all night and I am more prone to UTI's.

So far so good by ALEXANDER WALKER on 02/11/2019

Shower head received ok

Great by Alan Kerry on 29/10/2019

Works well with low water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by phillip harrison on 29/10/2019

Fantastic water softener. Dry itchy skin after showering in an extremely hard water area, a thing of the past.

Shower Filter Review by Anthony Lovell on 25/10/2019

We love it. Very refreshing and good on the skin.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Davila on 25/10/2019

Really stops the build up of lime scale is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2221 user reviews.