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Shower Filter Review by Rachel Farley on 09/10/2018

Essential in hard water area

Shower Filter Review by David Collins on 26/09/2018

This is our third replacement cartridge. we change them about once a year. We live in a hard water area and the difference in softness is amazing. Also, we have noticed that the itchiness we had before the filter has gone.

Shower Filter Review by Kevin Ruelens on 21/09/2018

I installed this filter a couple of weeks ago and have been very impressed with the results. I had problems with grout between tiles turning yellow and black watermarks around the bath. Since fitting the filter these problems has stopped. Fitting was very easy and although the unit is more bulbous than I expected this did not cause any problems. Would recommend this to anyone who felt their water could be cleaner and healthier.

Shower Filter Review by Alix Kime on 17/09/2018

Great delivery x great product x

Shower Filter Review by Janis Worsley on 15/09/2018

Since using the Aquafilter cartridges my hair and skin feel so much better. I would definitely recommend this product.

Shower Filter Review by Tim Clarke on 14/09/2018

After an initial problem with a leak owing to the incorrect positioning of the central washer the filter now functions perfectly and definitely makes a difference to the quality of the water. I recommend that the inadequate instructions accompanying the filter be rewritten and presented in greater clarity and detail. However, after sales service via email was commendably helpful.

Shower Filter Review by Debra Glynn on 26/08/2018

easy to switch with existing and to got filter no leaks - job done!

Shower Filter Review by Michael Nicoll on 25/08/2018

Excellent service and quality product.

Easy by Alistair on 22/08/2018

Very Easy to install, works a charm.

Shower Filter Review by Mish View on 22/08/2018


Shower Filter Review by R D on 20/08/2018

Easy to fit - does what it says on the box

Bath Ball Filter Review by elizabeth cameron on 19/08/2018

Terrible eczema since moving into a new house. Always had eczema but this has really helped calm it. No more furious scratchin after a bath. I will be a long term customer of Pure Showers Bath Ball!

Shower Filter Review by Glenys Christian on 13/08/2018

Fast & efficient delivery.

Shower Filter Review by Frances Robertson on 12/08/2018

Very reasonably priced & effective. Results in improvement to skin were immediately noticeable. Extremely pleased with this product.

Shower Filter Review by Adrian Holness on 05/08/2018

I can’t clinically confirm the chlorine levels so can only assume that’s taken care of and comment upon the operational side. Water flow was my primary concern, having removed the water restrictor, flow if anything is better than the standard shower head. Yes it’s a bit heavy/big and needed the support pole tightening but that’s a small price to pay.

Softer shower water. by Roger Kent on 05/08/2018

My wife realised we needed a new filter when her hair didn’t de tangle as well as previously.

Shower Filter Review by Fiona Boyd on 04/08/2018

my skin is much softer after a shower water pressure much lighter that's the only down side..but then again my boy's spend less time in the shower now which is a good thing for me less tidying up afterward's

Exceeded all our expectations. You will not be disappointed. by Andrew Johnstone on 31/07/2018

Excellent product which filters out all the heat exchangers metal fragments and stops the showerhead from clogging up which previously resulted in having to replace it every 4 to 6 weeks even after the showerhead is constantly descaled. Product sizes needs to be slightly more clear since we were not sure it was going to fit, however it did fit just but is very tight against the tiles.

Shower Filter Review by Chris Bishop on 30/07/2018

Very good product, well worth the money, competent staff on end of phone.

Had Eczema for 20+years, seems to help by Olivier Popple on 28/07/2018

Seems to help calm my eczema

Shower Filter Review by Jan Lawrence on 19/07/2018

Absolutely Brilliant

Very good by Alvaro Puccini on 15/07/2018

Very good

Shower Filter Review by Michael Alefounder on 14/07/2018

I have had this shower filter installed for a couple of weeks now and it has been a great purchase. Living in London I have hard water. It can clog the shower head with lime scale and leave hard water marks on the glass. That is now a thing of the past and my hair is so soft! My skin doesn’t feel tight and dry when I’ve showered either. Will definitely be recommending

Shower Filter Review by Mohammed Arif on 11/07/2018

Highly recommend this product is very good and easy to fit.

Shower Filter Review by Kristin Nilsson on 11/07/2018

very good

Who knew? by Daisy Zoll on 10/07/2018

Softer water in the shower. Washed my hair last night and my skin and hair feel softer. I hadn't noticed the difference chlorine made. I'm assuming my better feeling shower is due to the removal of chlorine. I'm happy with the purchase and it was easy to fit and required no tools.

Shower Filter Review by Paul O'Hara on 09/07/2018

I still feel that the product and postage is expensive ** Reply from PS ** All overs £29 have free postage.

Great investment. by Susan Gooch on 08/07/2018

I have now bought several shower heads with filters, all have been fine but following a bathroom renovation I needed another for the overhead so chose one from here. I struggled a bit with the installation and had to use the plumbers tape to ensure a leak free fitting but once it was done I loved it. The water is the best quality out of all the showerheads I’ve had before. I now have two shower heads, both with filters and both from Pure Showers, I’m just so pleased I don’t have the stench of chlorine when I turn on the shower now. I use a bath ball under my sink taps to filter the water there so my bathroom is chlorine free and I’m really chuffed.

Shower Filter Review by Steve C on 08/07/2018

Seems to be effective and works well

I like this one by Katarina Lind on 02/07/2018

I'm very satisfied with this product. In Swedish: Jag är mycket nöjd med denna produkt. Härligt dusch vatten blir det.

Shower Filter Review by Loredana Ciuclan on 01/07/2018

Disappointed with customer service. Product did not arrived in the time expected. Was not offered a refund on postage. I am a long time customer so was not about the small postage sum but about the appreciation of the fact I am loyal. ** Reply from PS ** We apologise that your order did not arrive on time. As per our emails, you had omitted a line from your address, that's why it took Royal Mail a little longer than usual to get to you. But you are right, you are a loyal customer. So we have now refunded the postage.

Bath Ball Filter Review by Lindsay Farquharson on 26/06/2018

I have been suffering with very dry, itchy skin and this has definitely helped. We are in a hard water area and I thought this might be the problem. The water is still very alkaline but not having done any other tests its impossible to know what has changed. Happy it is working and will continue to use it.

Excellent product and service by SALLY BLACKBURN on 25/06/2018

Very pleased indeed with this shower filter, the difference we can feel on our skin and hair is way beyond what we expected and it arrived very fast. Great service

Shower Filter Review by Evgueni Alexandrov on 23/06/2018

As usual, replacing the filter has improved the quality of the water and strength of the water flow (as previous was already due for replacement). It definitely helps with the poor water quality in Belgium and with the high level of hardness of it here.

Shower Filter Review by Stephen O'Brien on 22/06/2018

it works great in our very hard water area.

Shower Filter Review by Daniel Neale on 22/06/2018

Works to filter...but leaks from centre. ** Reply from PS ** This can sometimes happen when the middle seal moves out of place during delivery and can be easily fixed. We have sent you instructions.

Shower Filter Review by Mohammed Shakil on 21/06/2018

Excellent product, we use this filter in bulgaria.were there is very high content of lime in the tap water, enhanced shower experience, shower head needs cleaning less frequently. Good overall service 5 stars

Shower Filter Review by Fiona Dean on 21/06/2018

I have not yet fitted this to the shower. I have bought for a family member who lives in an area with harsh water which affects her skin. I previousely purchased one for myself whilst living in Asia. It was very effective.

Shower Filter Review by Rosy Price on 21/06/2018

Easy to replace

Shower Filter Review by Fiona Chappell on 15/06/2018

My hair is softer and shiny with this product. the chlorine in the water here is very harsh without the filter.

Shower Filter Review by Stephanie Thoburn on 10/06/2018

Shiny tangle free hair, best condition it’s been for years, wish I’d brought this years ago, would have saved a fortune on hair products!

Shower Filter Review by Varinder Hayer on 03/06/2018


Shower Filter Review by Steve Caws on 02/06/2018

What can I say its a shower filter which make a big difference to my water when having a shower my skin is better and hair to top product thanks

Shower Filter Review by Tania Attar on 31/05/2018

This is the second time I buy a shower filter from pure showers and I love it and feel the difference instantly! I highly recommend it!

Shower Filter Review by David Collins on 31/05/2018

Great Product! Great Delivery

Shower Filter Review by philip smith on 30/05/2018

The filter leaks. ** Reply from PS ** Thank you for your review, we're sorry that your filter initially leaked. This can happen sometimes when the internal seals move out of place during transport. But we are glad we were able to help you fix this issue by sending videos and pictures. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 1952 user reviews.