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A must to increase water pressure by Colette Brisson on 21/09/2020

The shower head is very effective providing increases pressure and soften water. Very pleased with my purchase

Shower Filter Review by Corinne White on 20/09/2020

hi i am very happy with my Shower Head With A built in Filter very good quality .Really makes a difference to my hair +skin thank you for your good customer service would recommend ,it took a while to Arrive ,i think that was down to the post delivery ,and the covid situation ,But so worth the Wait . Kind Regards From Corinne .

Shower Filter Review by Michael Campbell on 17/09/2020

Its Fantastic

Shower Filter Review by Garry Tweddle on 16/09/2020

excellent service

Shower Filter Review by Susanna Chapman on 09/09/2020

Great product, arrived promptly. Easy to fit and came with PTFE tape to ensure a watertight fit.

Shower Filter Review by paul smith on 07/09/2020

Does a good job but a little pricey for what they are.

Amazing jet by Rachel Evans on 07/09/2020

High jet power, when you turn it on its that fast it creates a wind. Soft and massaging and has done wonders for my hair and skin. I loved the fact that it fit straight onto my existing hose with no fuss. Only slight negative is the yellow vitamin C block leaks out when turned off for the 1st couple of mins causing a yellow puddle in the bath

Shower Filter Review by Jane on 06/09/2020

My hair feels softer

Shower Filter Review by Caroline Hampton on 06/09/2020

Have used these for years and believe they help. Would like some advice on overall care of the unit: should I use de-scaler, for example. (Since my son has moved out, I cannot seem to screw all the parts together sufficiently to avoid leakage.)

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Templeton on 04/09/2020

Got the 8 stage filter fitted with the aid of the angled adapter, due to water pipe being extremely close to the wall. Only used for a week, but all going well - no reduction in water power from our own shower rose. Suggest did mensions to your items would be a useful addition to the text, also a chat for advice on the phone would be preferable to the only current advice system of emails only. The person answering the phone says he is ‘just the receptionist’ and can’t answer questions or give advice.

Shower Filter Review by Marta Gajek on 02/09/2020

What a fantastic product!!! I felt difference straight away. I had huge problem with a skin (so dry) and horrible dandruff . I didn’t know what was the reason. And now everything gone. I had very hard water but now it’s change . Even cleaning of the bathroom it’s so easy now. No more white glass . I am so happy . Thank you pure showers

Shower Filter Review by Clare O Shaughnessy on 02/09/2020

Really easy to install and very happy with all the features - has improved water pressure

Shower Filter Review by Sheila Campbell on 01/09/2020

Easy to fit, seems to work well. Fast delivery.

Shower Filter Review by Linda Gordon on 01/09/2020

I had one before, then bought a different shower head and was sorely disappointed. Love this type of shower head, plus it's great for my hair.

Shower Filter Review by Peter Lane on 01/09/2020

Fast delivery Seems high quality product and no ones hair goes green! So very satisfied

Shower Filter Review by David Dewberry on 31/08/2020

Have always had a good service and on time deliveries. But this time the delivery was delayed and there appeared to be issues with the Royal Mail. To be fair Pure howers did what they could.

Highly recommend this shower by Colette Brisson on 29/08/2020

We are very pleased with our purchase. This shower head has improved the flow of water, as a result we are having a very refreshing shower. The water is softer, can see the difference when washing my hair.

A great bath product by Tony Karnovski on 28/08/2020

I’m really impressed with this. It significantly reduces the chlorine and my skin feels much better.

Shower Filter Review by Keira on 28/08/2020

Really loving this. I am suggesting it to all my friends. I suffer from eczema and dry skin, and in London the water is very bad. After the first shower with the new shower head, my skin feels amazing and my curls are back to their natural shiny bounce! Hooked

Shower Filter Review by F Robertson on 27/08/2020

I have really dry skin with eczema and found this has helped, especially on my scalp.

Shower Filter Review by Ann Kent on 27/08/2020

A good product

Shower Filter Review by Tracy Cooper on 26/08/2020

The shower filter looked excellent quality but unfortunately was incompatible with my shower. However Customer Service went above and beyond to try and help me and responded to my emails immediately. When it became apparent that my shower was incompatible I was was offered a refund upon return of the unit which went through quickly.

Shower Filter Review by J Lynch on 26/08/2020

A good product for the price. Easy to fit and a good range of water flow options. I live in a very hard water area and I think it’s improved the effects of that but I wouldn’t say it’s been transformative in the way other reviewers have said. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks though. Still very pleased with my purchase.

Paragon shower filter review by Jules on 25/08/2020

Sturdy and works as intended, very happy

Shower Filter Review by Trevor Crookes on 23/08/2020

It’s the best showerhead I’ve ever experience as my pressure on my old showerhead was very slow this one is very powerful

Shower Filter Review by Naomh Ryan on 21/08/2020

We’ve very hard water, and the shower head has made such a difference to it! It feels softer and my hair is in much better condition Since using it! Defo get one if you’ve hard water!!

Best buy for me and my family living in a hard water area. by Emma on 20/08/2020

This product has improved our made our skin feel softer and me and my girls are much happier with our hair condition.

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Powles on 20/08/2020

Good product at a great price

Shower Filter Review by Mrs M English on 19/08/2020

Excellent service. To early to tell about my new shower filter, although have noticed the difference in water quality.

Good fit by E on 15/08/2020

Fits really well, no leaks although poor instructions very small writing, pics not clear but very easy to fit. lovely soft water, in moderate hard water area hopefully it will last a long time, don't know how you tell when it's not working properly

Tap Filter Review by Mark Talpade on 14/08/2020

Great product, we don’t have mains water and the borehole filtered water can sometimes still be not the best so this little filter works great for teeth brushing and baths for little ones. Thanks

Shower Filter Review by S.H. on 14/08/2020

Living in a place with hard water, I’ve noticed my skin and hair are less dry. As someone with curly afro hair and eczema this shower head has been a great addition to my skin and hair routines. I was sceptical about the benefits of these shower heads but cannot deny these improvements I’ve noticed.

Shower Filter Review by Susan Corcoran on 10/08/2020

I confess I was somewhat sceptical but the previous reviews convinced me to give it a try. My skin is a lot softer with a more youthful sheen. My hair feels much better. I live in a hard water area and although this isn’t a water softener as such, it certainly improves the water.

very good well pleased by margaret Jansen on 08/08/2020

Very good product works well.

Shower Filter Review by Denis Egan on 06/08/2020

Very easy to deal with. Good service.

Shower Filter Review by madeleine white on 05/08/2020

You can feel results immediately.

Shower Filter Review by Nicole Daley on 04/08/2020

I wish I had discovered this sooner- my skin is so much softer and I don’t even need to apply any cream afterwards! I can tell the difference because when I stay at my mums house my skin feels devastatingly dry and itchy within seconds and if I don’t apply cream (to my entire body) afterwards, my skin will crack.

A revelation! Amazing. Genuine review by Lucy McLoughlin on 04/08/2020

I had heard about this shower head some time ago but was hesitant to purchase as thought it might be a gimmick. My hairdresser has one in her home and told me how happy she is with hers so that spurted me on to purchase one. I have exceptionally hard water (I have to descale my ordinary shower head every single week and am sick of it). This shower head is an absolute revelation! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Shower Filter Review by Wendy on 02/08/2020

Great website to use, item was exactly as described and pictured. Will happily purchase again.

Shower Filter Review by J DEACON on 30/07/2020

Better than expected/hoped for: Stronger flow than previous large head My dry skin does feel smoother Pleased I bought it.

Lovey fragrance during showering by L Bowden on 30/07/2020

I upgraded to a this shower head from the basic model. I find the spray and volume from this model is superior and love the fragrance from the vitamin C block.

Shower Filter Review by Fiona Reid on 30/07/2020

There are two options both of which are useful. The water definitely feels softer and the flow is better than before. My OH , who doesn't like change, likes it too.

Shower Filter Review by Janice on 30/07/2020

Great, improves the water quality no end.

Shower Filter Review by Garry Tweddle on 29/07/2020

Excellent product

Shower Filter Review by John Holloway on 25/07/2020

Wouldn’t want to be without it. Makes cleaning shower easier too, as helps with hard water.

Shower Filter Review by Wendy Barrett on 24/07/2020

Really appreciated the email reminding me to purchase new filters. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by Jo Stewart on 23/07/2020

Great piece of kit. Easy to install and does the job it states. Had it in place a couple of weeks....hope it continues to do the job!

Shower Filter Review by Stephen Gutmann on 21/07/2020

Good shower head

Shower Filter Review by Susan Whatley on 20/07/2020

Exactly as described, works well.

Shower Filter Review by Barbara Evans on 13/07/2020

I love this shower so much I bought my sister one & she loves hers too. My hair feels squeaky clean.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret F on 13/07/2020

Bought for a friend so no opinion is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2508 user reviews.