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Shower Filter Review by Catherine Smith on 11/08/2021

As I'd found the shower head really good I decided to order the refills so that I have some in hand once the original cartridges need changing.

Feels like a hotel shower now by Rosemary McNicholl on 08/08/2021

Amazing! Feels like a hotel shower now. Brilliant investment.

Improved our water quality by Doreen Shaw on 06/08/2021

Delighted that the filter has improved our water quality any my itching red patches have disappeared. Wish we had thought of it buying one years ago. Divery was prompt and it was easy to attach.

Improves the condition of skin and hair by Mrs S Chan on 06/08/2021

Improves the condition of skin and hair from the filtered water. Skin feels less dry and smooth and hair is less flyaway

I really like your filters by Dana on 05/08/2021

I really like your filters and I have been using this particular filter for a while. I've noticed that you launched a few new products/filters - it would be good to have better information regarding the differences between the filters and suitability. I would have given 5* for the product. One star less is for a rather limited description.

Shower Filter Review by Jose Daltoe on 04/08/2021

Very pleased with my purchased.

Shower Filter Review by Alan Tearney on 03/08/2021

Delivery very quick

very pleased with this product by Simon Aggiss on 02/08/2021

very pleased with this product makes the water so soft and not drying the skin also very good for the hair not having to use much conditioner.

Shower Filter Review by carole Coyne on 31/07/2021

Good service and cheaper than every where else

good filter by Carla Clennon on 30/07/2021

It is a good filter, I love the smell of the vitamin C

Shower Filter Review by Nigel Beale on 30/07/2021

Good, helpful and friendly service and efficient dispatch.

Shower Filter Review by Mervyn Treloar on 30/07/2021

v good will recommend you

Shower Filter Review by Michael Tellick on 29/07/2021

I live in a hard water area and this shower head gives one a very soft shower.

Shower Filter Review by Maureen Griffiths on 29/07/2021

lovely soft water again now new cartridge fitted

Filter Replacements by ken Wickham on 29/07/2021

Good product just a very expensive replacement item

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Poole on 29/07/2021

Excellent spray pattern. Far more effective than the standard shower head.

A1 by E die on 26/07/2021

good kit and price

Shower Filter Review by Stuart Lea on 26/07/2021

ordered new shower filter as an replacement this will be my third one good product will order another in six months

Brilliant by trudy hayes on 22/07/2021

I love it. I thought it was going to be a gimmick but it has really made a difference to the feel of my water

Shower Filter Review by Nannette Rose on 19/07/2021

Appears good so far!

Shower Filter Review by Patricia Christie on 18/07/2021

It seems to be helping our hard water problem I like it

Shower Filter Review by Vivienne Griffith on 18/07/2021

Very easy to install. Water feels softer on skin and my hair also feels softer.

Shower Filter Review by lynda robinson on 17/07/2021

Refreshing and versatile for having 3 settings

Shower Filter Review by Adaora Njamma on 15/07/2021

No more itch. I usually have an itch after a shower. No more of that since I started using this.

looks really good, works well, but expensive by Mehdi on 14/07/2021

much better water quality, but still not completely scale-free. Not all the 7 spray modes are useful to me either. I recommend the cheaper designer model with the same filter.

I have noticed that my skin is softer so water softners must be making a difference. by Catherine Smith on 12/07/2021

Excellent product and quick delivery

Shower Filter Review by Emily Scott Bolton on 09/07/2021

This definitely my hair feels a lot softer after the shower.

Shower Filter Review by NICOLA GHARIBPOUR-POWER on 05/07/2021

It arrived just in time. Thank you so much for the value for money and the price. I had one before that broke so I didn't want to get an ordinary shower head because I am spoilt now .

Shower Filter Review by Corinne White on 04/07/2021

Very Good Shower Filter , I Have Ordered Another One ,As A Spare ,So Bought 3 Now It Total ,Very Good Quality & Service .Would Recommend To Friends . One Happy Lady . Thank You . Kind Regards

Shower Filter Review by Amy D on 04/07/2021

Bought this filter as I moved to a rural area with its own highly chlorinated water supply. I was breaking out and itchy, and sometimes my shower smelled like a swimming pool. After installing the filter my skin has pretty much immediately cleared up, and my hair is less knotty and softer, and the smell disappeared. Totally recommend, it came quickly as well!

makes the water feel softer ,very pleasant , by simon aggiss on 03/07/2021

very little change in water presser

Shower Filter Review by Mrs Watson on 27/06/2021

Horrified to notice a green tinge to my hair! Very likely the high chlorine content in water. Used lemon juice and filtered water to remedy - then ordered the compact filter. Noticeable improvement to hair, eyes and skin immediately! V pleased and recommended to 'kids'- they bought filter shower heads!

Shower Filter Review by Maria on 25/06/2021

Great product. Highly recommended.

Shower Filter Review by Robert Smith on 25/06/2021

Delivered quick. Well package. Will order from you again

Shower Filter Review by Lisa Warren on 23/06/2021

Really noticed a difference to my skin and hair, both softer tho the shower head is a bit heavy when using as handheld

Shower Filter Review by Di Lewis on 21/06/2021

Quick delivery, easy to install, effective product.

Immediate Results Noticeable by WebbyWench on 15/06/2021

A bit bigger than I envisioned - the image on the website makes it look slim, but it's somewhat wider and bigger. The shower pressure did drop slightly once fitted, but nothing radical. It was easy to fit and the difference it makes is immediately noticeable - no itchy skin! I would recommend this item.

Shower Filter Review by E M on 15/06/2021

Repeat customer - perfect as always. Very fast shipping.

Shower Filter Review by Keith Jones on 13/06/2021

This shower head is worth every penny

Great effect but pressure underwhelming by Adithya Kale on 13/06/2021

Hair feels great afterwards and it was easy enough to install. I expected a drop in pressure but this is borderline acceptable if I'm honest. Overall, it works as expected. *** Reply from PS *** Did you get a chance to remove the water saving flow restrictor device Adithya? That should increase your pressure. We'll send you an email with some instructions.

Excellent Shower Filter by David Garnett on 11/06/2021

Excellent. Gives nice soft water leaving hair and skin feeling soft and clean.

Impossible to install - needs a short extension pipe of some sort. by Kevin Flynn on 09/06/2021

unfortunately it was too wide to fit the shower fitting beside the mixer tap. ** Reply from PS ** But we have that pipe already Kevin - when you're on the product page, if you click Additional Info, you can see a link to the Angle Pipe which is exactly what you're looking for. We've emailed you to help further.

Where is my order? by Sophie on 08/06/2021

I'd like to give a review of the product but i still haven't received it. Customer service not helpful. ** Reply from PS ** We're sorry that Royal Mail lost your original package Sophie. We're happy that we've been able to work with you to send you another one upgraded to a tracked postage service.

Shower Filter Review by CD on 07/06/2021

Very good customer service. Have already noticed benefits from the lack of chlorine such as softer hair and skin (and the smell in the water). Hoping it helps with the eczema in the long term.

Shower Filter Review by Deborah Powell on 06/06/2021

I live in a hard water area, use this in our shower head and works very well - hair feels very soft after use. I would highly recommend.

5* from us! by Mr. B R Smith on 03/06/2021

We have been using your filters in our shower for a good few years and quite frankly, can't imagine using the shower without them. 5* from us!

Happy with the better flow of water. by Shirley Parris on 02/06/2021

Much more powerful water flow...As we have extremely hard water in our area hopefully will make the water softer...bit too early yet to say yet.

Shower Filter Review by Maurizio Mancino on 02/06/2021

I have been used for a while and definitely I can see the difference is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2769 user reviews.