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So far so good by ALEXANDER WALKER on 02/11/2019

Shower head received ok

Great by Alan Kerry on 29/10/2019

Works well with low water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by phillip harrison on 29/10/2019

Fantastic water softener. Dry itchy skin after showering in an extremely hard water area, a thing of the past.

Does what it says by Robb on 16/10/2019

It feels nicer on my skin and it's stopping the dryness I used to get, but all the showerheads seem to point the water straight down in a narrow stream instead of having it go outwards slightly to cover a larger surface area.

An excellent product by Teresa Reed on 15/10/2019

Easy to fix. It leaked from the centre at first but the inside washer had moved in transit and just needed readjusting. I have already noticed the water is much softer and less limescale. I am very pleased with the product.

Shower Filter Review by Daisy on 15/10/2019

Had this for a few weeks now. Bought it as I live in a hard water area and was having problems with dry and irritated skin. Too early to say whether it had made a difference to that but the water does feel softer and am using less moisturiser. Also no loss of pressure on our Mira electric shower. Love it.

Shower Filter Review by Albert Gordon on 14/10/2019

Very satisfied with the Compact Shower Filter. Hair, scalp and skin feel very soft and comfortable after showering.

Great service by Yvonna Loboda Loboda on 09/10/2019

Quick and reliable customer service

Shower Filter Review by Nicky Boyd on 03/10/2019

Easy to order, quick to be delivered & I can really notice the difference in my hair and skin from the softer water

Easy and smooth by Daniela on 03/10/2019

Smooth feeling on the skin. Very good water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Varinder Hayer on 03/10/2019

Great product and service

Shower Filter Review by Michelle on 02/10/2019

We bought a new house on washing our hair it was still sticky I googled and found this filter it’s 100% improved our shower my hair and children’s hair is so much softer

A good buy if your skin's dry and you're in a hard water area. by Jacqueline Willcox on 02/10/2019

The shower head seems to be doing a good job: my skin feels much softer after a shower and doesn't dry out as it used to.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Brown on 01/10/2019

very good softens the water

Shower Filter Review by Sebastian on 01/10/2019

Both cartidges do not allow any flow. Very disapointed as I cannot shower with filtered water anymore. ** PS REPLY ** This can sometimes happen when customers put the cartridge in the wrong direction. Please put the cartridges in the other direction and this will fix your flow. We'll also email you.

Excellent product. Repeat purchase is a must. by Carole. on 29/09/2019

Really pleased with this product. It definitely makes a difference.

Shower Filter Review by Joy Taylor on 29/09/2019

Excellent. efficient service. Great to know our shower is once again filtering our hard water, eliminating all the harsh contaminants & providing us with with less damaging soft water.

Shower Filter Review by Susan Thornton on 26/09/2019

Soft water, slim design.

Shower Filter Review by Helen on 24/09/2019

Good customer service and the filter makes a difference, skin and hair a lot less dry after showering.

Shower Filter Review by Carola Palmer on 19/09/2019

My hair feels so much softer.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Clarke on 19/09/2019

delivery prompt. email sent to remind you, when shower filter is due to be changed.

Shower Filter Review by David Norman on 18/09/2019


Shower Filter Review by jeremy scarsbrook on 13/09/2019

I didn,t need to use the universal mounting bracket, and I didn,t use the teflon tape supplied. I have had no problems with the shower head. A good , well made product. Be careful when you screw the hose to the showerhead because if you cross thread it you will not get a good seal. If it doesn,t screw on easily then you have probably cross threaded it.

Shower Filter Review by PETER on 10/09/2019

one of the best showers heads

Shower Filter Review by William Palmer on 09/09/2019

Excellent product - shampoo and soap lather really well so we use so much less - no skin problems and no limescale either. No drop in pressure. I highly recommend this to anyone

Shower Filter Review by Ida on 08/09/2019

My damaged hair is smoother than the days I used the previous shower cap

I like it by Lucy Mayer on 06/09/2019

Bigger than I thought so had to email to sort out a return, the guys were really helpful and suggested an angle pipe which has worked

Shower Filter Review by Clara O\'Connor on 05/09/2019

Very happy with it

Shower Filter Review by John Penman on 03/09/2019

Very good in my opinion.

Shower Filter Review by Coddo 78 on 03/09/2019

Doing a good job. No dry skin, healthier hair etc. I would recommend

Shower Filter Review by Mr D POOLE on 30/08/2019

This Filter is Excellent. The shower head now never gets clogged. Has made a huge difference.

Shower Filter Review by Maria Silva on 29/08/2019

Looks OK. Not sure of good effects for now.

Shower Filter Review by Bernadette on 29/08/2019

The product is of a good standard. So far, I have no complaints.

Shower Filter Review by Shruti Cheema on 25/08/2019

This is a great shower filter, the difference in the water between the before and after fitting the shower filter is remarkable. After changing shampoos many times I finally realised I needed to get a shower filter! No more dry hair and skin! I love it. :)

Shower Filter Review by Paul Freeman on 19/08/2019

The amount of money it cost me in shower heads and this gadget has been amazing I have more power and my new head is absolutely fine I would recommend this to anyone and I think very well priced.

Shower Filter Review by Fabian on 13/08/2019

ive moved to a hard water country and this filter is a god send!

Shower Filter Review by Sheila Castilho on 08/08/2019

Skin and Hair much smoother!

ok by Brian Rozynski on 08/08/2019

really good product

Shower Filter Review by Mr Valentin Andreev on 06/08/2019

Pretty good looking filter unit. Fits easily with no mess or tools needed. The hardness of the water is seemingly slightly less although that would be down to the individual water hardness.

Shower Filter Review by Mrs Pam Preece on 04/08/2019

No white marks in my shower and the water appear clearer.

Shower Filter Review by David Collins on 01/08/2019

Used this shower filter for many years and believe it has helped with the irritation we used to have due the quality of the water.

Shower Filter Review by Beata Domanska on 01/08/2019

Very good product, I've been using it for a few years now and i have no issues with dry or itchy skin after shower. I don't even have to use any balm or lotion- so not only am I looking after my health, I'm also saving money :))

I was disappointed that you don't stock the vitamin C cartridge separately though by Mrs A C on 01/08/2019

I was very pleased that you have stocked this filter. I had heard of them before, I have very sensitive skin, I found this didn't irritate it at all.

Shower Filter Review by Peter Demetriou on 01/08/2019

Excellent product. Very light and you can feel clean pressured water.i will buy more

Shower Filter Review by kylie bennett on 30/07/2019

So far so good! Skin definitely feels softer and my hair too. Great company and really good customer service. Thank you!

Pleased with the filter by Otilia on 30/07/2019

I am pleased with the paragon replacement filter, as it does the job well. I have used it before and now I ordered another 2 of them to have just in case

Shower Filter Review by Moira Greene on 28/07/2019

It came quickly and works reasonably well.

Good service, good price and good product! by LMC on 23/07/2019

Noticed the difference right away. Softer skin and limescale reduced.

Shower Filter Review by Sarah Lawrence on 22/07/2019

Absolutely brilliant, does exactly what they say they do

Shower Filter Review by Matthew Baker on 21/07/2019

Excellent product, sorted out my hard water issues instantly. Highly recommend.

Shower Filter Review by Sam Cooke on 21/07/2019

Installing this shower filter has enhanced my shower experience. Shampoo lathers more and my skin is not as dry as before. This is a great purchase!

Shower Filter Review - London Z1 by Jo T on 18/07/2019

Absolutely brilliant for central London! Massive difference in how my hair and skin feels and this shower head makes a nice rain like shower. On the heavy side so tighten up the holder. Also the help when I was selecting this that I got from customer service was fantastic!

Shower Filter Review by neal pardoe on 09/07/2019

I'm really pleased with the new shower head. I was used to the old type with the pin hole sized jets that never really provided a nice full flow whereas this head does.

Shower Filter Review by Alex on 08/07/2019

V easy to fit and I'm not good at DIY! I've not noticed a difference yet apart from the smell not being as strong but trust it's doing its job. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2161 user reviews.