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can definitely feel the difference by chantel on 07/07/2022

I always get my shower filters sooner than expected. I have very hard water and can definitely feel the difference when I have a shower.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Bott on 25/06/2022

Great thing unproved my shower

Highly recommend for skin issues by Ali on 19/06/2022

Arrived quickly and very easy to install and replace my old shower head. I already live in a soft water area but when using this shower head it has made the water quality even better and it’s very soft on the skin. The water doesn’t have that chlorine/chemical smell, so it does what it says. I would highly recommend this if you have skin problems. Only downside would be its a little heavy and water pressure flow has reduced a little due its filtering process but still works amazingly well in my opinion.

Shower Filter Review by james hardiman on 09/06/2022

the shower is excellent

Shower Filter Review by Belinda Cole on 07/06/2022

Effective, and very good value.

Shower Filter Review by Suzy on 05/06/2022

I'm really impressed so far, universal fitting so easy to secure, I had good water power anyway but this shower head streams the water really nicely, I have noticed a difference to my hair and my sons after 3 weeks use

Shower Filter Review by IM on 05/06/2022

So far so good

Shower Filter Review by Roy Simpson on 02/06/2022

Very good and easy to fit

Shower Filter Review by Leigh White on 30/05/2022

The products and customer service team are brilliant. I was totally clueless and lost as to how to attach the filter to my bathroom tap and after emailing the customer team asking for guidance they sent me a very detailed step by step with pictures of how to attach the filter, and we're very speedy with their responses. 5* star service. Highly Recommend !

No more Dry and Flakey scalp by Michael Muzas on 29/05/2022

Very pleased with the Filter. My dry scalp due to the hardness/chemicals/ other has almost totally disappeared even after only washing my hair a few times. No more Redness and flaky scalp . Works for me so Yes I can definitely recommended this filter.

Shower Filter Review by zara white on 25/05/2022

Very good product. My scalp eczema has cleared since using this shower head and my face and scalp no longer feel like they are on fire after having a shower any more.

Shower Filter. by Anne M on 19/05/2022

Excellent product. It is making a huge difference to my dry skin and rashes already. Very fast delivery.

Shower Filter Review by Usman Ali on 19/05/2022

Arrived quick and very easy to install and replace old shower head. I live in a soft water area but this shower filter makes the water quality even better for skin and hair as I shower every day. Only downside would be its little heavy and the water pressure flow has reduced a small amount due to its filtering process but still works amazingly well and does not bother me that much. Let’s jut see how long the filter last for now.

Shower Filter Review by Maureen Finley on 17/05/2022

Very neat piece of kit. Seems to do the job of softening the hard water here.

Shower Filter Review by Linda on 14/05/2022

It helps my sensitive skin

Shower Filter Review by Amanda Keir on 12/05/2022

This filter makes a huge difference to my hair , before my hair felt awful like straw and felt like it wasn’t clean when I just washed it. I was convinced it was just my hair then I tried the sprite filter and my hair is like new, soft clean and shiny and no longer all tangled.

Shower Filter Review by Mark Painter on 11/05/2022

Fast delivery, right product, fair price.

Shower Filter Review by Stephen Cursons on 05/05/2022

Innovative and well priced product.

Shower Filter Review by Amaani Olivia Mcintosh on 04/05/2022

Didnt receive it but received a full refund in 2 days! Thank you, great customer service!

Brilliant - brilliant customer service too by M Taylor on 04/05/2022

Amazing - skin so much better already. Took me ages to realise it was the Bristol hard water messing up my skin and hair. Within two weeks this shower head has fixed it - also the shower looks much cleaner!

Product didn't fit but Customer Service was great by Gabrielle on 02/05/2022

The product didn't fit our shower so we have no review on that, but the customer service was very good and processed the return fairly quickly. We will be trying out a different product in hopes it is more compatible with our shower.

Shower Filter Review by Robert Ingram-Kohanovski on 22/04/2022

good quality item.Excellent order and delivery service

Slim Line Shower Filter Review by Sarah on 22/04/2022

Superb! I must admit I was a little sceptical but we were at the point of cleaning our shower head daily due to scale, I cleaned shower head and then inserted this - took about 2mins tops (I bought the angle extender but I didn't need it - it fitted onto our wall mounted TRITON shower with mm to spare! perfect) and straight away we noticed a difference a week later the shower head is still perfectly clean - and the shower is as it should be. The quality of the water is vastly improved and softer and we have not noticed any drop in pressure - in fact its feels better as its not half blocked up! Not sure how long filter will work before changing but I am not overly worried at this point. It certainly does exactly what it said it would! Thank you

Shower Filter Review by Georgie Edwards on 21/04/2022

The kids love their funky new shower and it's improved water softness.

Shower Filter Review by Rene Duranona on 21/04/2022

Easy to fit. Don't see much water pressure loss, but this shower runs of the boiler. My wife says that it helps with her hair. Would definitely recommend.

Shower Filter Review by martin schotness on 21/04/2022

very good

Shower Filter Review by Ann Robinson on 19/04/2022

Shower head fits well, feels comfortable to hold and water pressure improved. Have not yet noticed any appreciable difference in skin or hair condition but maybe it takes a little time. For the price, a nice shower head.

Shower Filter Review by Mr Michael Diaper on 18/04/2022

Very good soft water produced and strong spray.

Shower Filter Review by Sharon Page on 18/04/2022

Excellent item. Wish I had bought one a long time ago

Shower Filter Review by Ivan Sasu on 16/04/2022

I was a bit doubtful at first but after using it for a while I can see the difference in water quality. My skin and hair feels much better.

Shower Filter Review by gurjit on 16/04/2022

Noticeable difference in how dry my skin feels after shower.

Shower Filter Review by Victoria on 13/04/2022

Brilliant filter, first time I used it I could feel the difference with softer skin and hair.

Shower Filter Review by Paul Santell on 12/04/2022

Very pleased with the item!

Shower Filter Review by Rob Hugh on 10/04/2022

Product not received yet, ordered knowing on back order, prompt comms from company but no clear indication of delivery date. Alternative product offered which was nice as was on offer.

the best shower head ever by Graham Giles on 05/04/2022

the shower head is brill the best iv used ever.

Shower Filter Review by Audrey Wilkins on 03/04/2022

The flow in my new shower was so slow it was useless, now it's stronger with this shower head and the difference is unbelievable, the settings are making such a difference and I definitely recommend buying this and see for yourself.

Shower Filter Review by Emi on 02/04/2022

Easy to install

Shower Filter Review by michael smith on 01/04/2022


Fantastic shower head by Deborah Brown on 21/03/2022

Great shower head. 3 great spray options easy to fit. Good value for money

Shower Filter Review by MARK CHAPMAN on 21/03/2022

Very very helpful indeed with and exchange of filter

Recommending for sensitive skin by Aneta on 21/03/2022

I really like this product. I bought one because I have really sensitive skin and it gets very irritated after showering with hard water. Since I started using this shower filter it doesn't happen. I have used 3 of them so far and changing them once every 5-6 months. Will continue using them and recommend them for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Shower Filter Review by Linzi Catt on 18/03/2022

Fast delivery excellent product!!! I can shower without my skin and hair drying out from the disgraceful hard water I get to pay for each month!!

Shower Filter Review by Nick Canning on 18/03/2022

Really good product. We got it for our caravan and it's really improved the shower experience

Shower Filter Review by JANET PARNHAM on 18/03/2022

I replaced my old similar shower head because I was getting fine squirting coming out of various holes. Unfortunately my new head does the same. However, I love the fact that I can change the sprays at the push of a button.

Shower Filter Review by katereh reid on 10/03/2022

Very easy to install, anyone can do it. My hair are softer and shinier after few wash. Quick delivery and I really recommend this whoever is not sure to purchase. Give it a go!

Shower Filter Review by Lynn Miller on 09/03/2022

Very pleased with this. After a few showers my hair is a lot softer and less tangled and my skin is getting softer as well. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2990 user reviews.