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Shower Filter Review by Tom on 23/06/2020

Really does make a difference

Shower Filter Review by badsha, javeed on 22/06/2020

good value for money

Shower Filter Review by Abby on 20/06/2020

Love this, my hair feels great and it has helped my scalp psoriasis a lot

Shower Filter Review by Ian Bray on 19/06/2020

Works better than I expected, was doubtful, as I've tried other 3 way shower heads before, and they were disappointing. This also makes the hard water in our area feel so much nicer, as well as the improved the waterflow.

Shower Filter Review by Nigel Tucker on 18/06/2020

Very good service AND product fitted in minutes and works wonderfully.....very pleased.

Shower Filter Review by Thomas Richardson on 16/06/2020

Excellent product satisfied

Shower Filter Review by Charly Dalton on 15/06/2020

Brilliant product, my hair has been so much smoother and shinier since I started using it!

Shower Filter Review by Simon Ellis-Lowe on 14/06/2020

Did a great job and easy to fit. This is our second filter and it was easier to fit than the first so maybe they’ve improved the design?

Shower Filter Review by Valerie Fursey on 10/06/2020

I have only been using my shower for just over 2 weeks and already my dry skin is improving

Shower Filter Review by Denise Wardell on 09/06/2020

Very pleased. Would definitely recommend

Shower Filter Review by Hugh Robinson on 08/06/2020

Arrived in good time, despite the pandemic, and easily swapped over. Direct replacements for shower and are working well.

Shower Filter Review by Ileana Raluca C on 08/06/2020

It’s the the second year when I’m using the 8 stage filter and I can say it works wonders on my skin and scalp. Always suffered of dry scalp and the hard water from London was making it even worse. Thanks to this stage filter I managed to keep the dryness at bay and I am one happy customer. Also the replacement of the cartridge it’s extremely easy-if you don’t know how to do it you can find a video on YouTube. Thank you Pure Showers!

Shower Filter Review by R Miles on 03/06/2020

Helpful customer service and great product. It gives me good water pressure with my electric shower

Shower Filter Review by Julie Lee on 03/06/2020

The filter is so easy to fit and incredibly effective.

Shower Filter Review by Ann Miller on 02/06/2020

Even though I am used to soft water, i now have the softest water to shower in and my body loves it

Soft Water Finally! by Alex on 01/06/2020

I have lived with scalp folliculitis for over 10 years, I finally got it down to hard water causing the flares. After trying numerous Amazon water filters, none worked. Living in the South of England, a hard water area. I tried the Paragon Shower head, after 1 shower I immediately noticed foamy water and less itchy scalp. This product is a life saver.

Shower Filter Review by Mike Palastanga on 01/06/2020

Reduces power shower output somewhat, but improves water quality enormously

Shower Filter Review by Ken Sykes on 30/05/2020

Excellent shower head, my previous one only had the 2 settings, this one has 3, only change my last one as it got dropped and the crack leaked.

Shower Filter Review by Malokc on 29/05/2020

Very good customer services. Fast delivery. the shower head is huge and seems to be of good quality. I was disappointed that it did not come with instructions. the hot water does not go through and managed to get only a thin stream!!! ** Reply from PS ** Sorry that the product had the instructions missing. As per our email convo we've sent you the instructions now, also as per our email convo when you put the cartridge in the wrong direction the water will not come through properly. Glad we could help you fix these issues over email though!

Shower Filter Review by Christopher Schofield on 28/05/2020

Does what I need

Shower Filter Review by Pauline O’Neil on 27/05/2020

totally satisfied with the showerhead brilliant flow of water,

Shower Filter Review by julie smith on 26/05/2020

Love the different preferences that you can use on shower head

Shower Filter Review by Andi on 26/05/2020

The Pureshower head has really made a real difference to my hair - it is REALLY soft. That wasn't the reason I bought it, but it is an added bonus.

Shower Filter Review by Robert Malone on 24/05/2020

Good price, customer service and delivery. I would recommend

Shower Filter Review by Keith Mortimer on 23/05/2020

The replacement filters do the job well, but seem very expensive.

Brilliance by Farah on 22/05/2020

Absolutely brilliant. Extremely grateful to PureShowers for incorporating vitamin C into this.

Shower Filter Review by martin neale on 22/05/2020

it appears to soften the water whilst giving more umph.

Shower Filter Review by linda whittaker on 22/05/2020

Does what it says on the tin. Infinitely better than my old shower. Much better water pressure

Shower Filter Review by KLARA on 21/05/2020

Easy to refill the shower head. You do not need to buy a new one.

Shower Filter Review by Jim Crawford on 21/05/2020

Easy to fit and does the job, arrived quickly hence full marks.

Shower Filter Review by Carol Flicker on 20/05/2020

My skin feels so much softer after showering, I will definitely be ordering this again

Shower Filter Review by Tony Whiting on 18/05/2020

improved water pressure and more importantly removes the chlorine!!!

Shower Filter Review by Mazen on 18/05/2020

Excellent product, and very reliable service as usual :) many thanks

Shower Filter Review by R Ismael on 17/05/2020

I have ordered numerous filters from Amazon claiming to deliver softer water etc, but they didn't work. Like many reviews on here, I can only agree that this filter is fantastic. Our skin and hair feels much softer and the water is noticeably delicate on the skin.

Shower Filter Review by Pawel on 16/05/2020


Love by Farah on 15/05/2020

Brilliant, so grateful for your products, which are healing my skin from the effects of hard water. I'll be using them for life.

Shower Filter Review by Susan Hembrow on 15/05/2020

Really good product. Replaced feeble shower head on electric shower. Softens water and produces an effective jet. Our plumber was so impressed he's purchased one as a demo for customers with low water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by Suzanne on 13/05/2020

Noticed a difference straight away. My hair is much happier and my shower doors are less chalky. Ended up buying a second filter for my daughters shower.

Shower Filter Review by Paul Eaton on 12/05/2020

Excellent product does what it says re power and the Quality of the shower is excellent. Would recommend it to anybody with poor water pressure.

Shower Filter Review by kenneth munn on 12/05/2020

it does what it says it will do pleased that i bought it

Good product Excellent service. by Derek Bill on 12/05/2020

Pleased with the shower head, and fair price and excellent service with fast response to an issue with the water flow (my mistake). I would have given v.good but one of the jets is out of line and therefore 1 jet of water goes off at an angle.

Shower Filter Review by Richard Parkin on 12/05/2020

So far so good. Had a problem with a leak initially but the support team helped rectify this - the rubber seal inside the filter moved during transit which caused the leak. To remedy this it simply required opening the filter and positioning the rubber seal in the correct place. Reason for not 5 stars - will see over time how regularly the filter needs changing but the water does seem softer on skin and hair .

Shower Filter Review by Mary Clarke on 12/05/2020

this is a great product

Shower Filter Review by james pearce on 11/05/2020

very good

Shower Filter Review by Sue Hogarth on 10/05/2020

Excellent product which we have put in our motorhome. Easy to install

Shower Filter Review by Jimmy on 10/05/2020

Good price, easy ordering and happy with my purchase as it has improved my shower.

Shower Filter Review brilliant by Harbans Virdee on 10/05/2020

5 stars

Shower Filter Review by Maureen Griffiths on 10/05/2020

Excellent product, we always notice the difference when our cartridge needs replacing.

Excellent by Nick Cosenza on 10/05/2020

Very good

Shower Filter Review by Veronica Mcabroom on 09/05/2020

best filter we have tried. No more itchy skin! is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2432 user reviews.