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Shower Filter Review by kylie bennett on 30/07/2019

So far so good! Skin definitely feels softer and my hair too. Great company and really good customer service. Thank you!

Pleased with the filter by Otilia on 30/07/2019

I am pleased with the paragon replacement filter, as it does the job well. I have used it before and now I ordered another 2 of them to have just in case

Shower Filter Review by Moira Greene on 28/07/2019

It came quickly and works reasonably well.

Good service, good price and good product! by LMC on 23/07/2019

Noticed the difference right away. Softer skin and limescale reduced.

Shower Filter Review by Sarah Lawrence on 22/07/2019

Absolutely brilliant, does exactly what they say they do

Shower Filter Review by Matthew Baker on 21/07/2019

Excellent product, sorted out my hard water issues instantly. Highly recommend.

Shower Filter Review by Sam Cooke on 21/07/2019

Installing this shower filter has enhanced my shower experience. Shampoo lathers more and my skin is not as dry as before. This is a great purchase!

Shower Filter Review - London Z1 by Jo T on 18/07/2019

Absolutely brilliant for central London! Massive difference in how my hair and skin feels and this shower head makes a nice rain like shower. On the heavy side so tighten up the holder. Also the help when I was selecting this that I got from customer service was fantastic!

Shower Filter Review by neal pardoe on 09/07/2019

I'm really pleased with the new shower head. I was used to the old type with the pin hole sized jets that never really provided a nice full flow whereas this head does.

Shower Filter Review by Alex on 08/07/2019

V easy to fit and I'm not good at DIY! I've not noticed a difference yet apart from the smell not being as strong but trust it's doing its job.

Shower Filter Review by Bob Inman on 02/07/2019

Excellent- much better than old one

Shower Filter Review by Kay Eaton on 30/06/2019

I thought the shower filter would be a universal size. It does not fit . I will have to alter my taps to be able to use it. ** Reply from PS ** Yes the size is a standard thread size of 1/2 inch BSP (British standard pipe), which should fit 99% of showers. We've emailed you to try to help further.

Shower Filter Review by Nick George on 28/06/2019

Very good product. Easy to fit.

Shower Filter Review by Deborah RENNARD on 19/06/2019

The product arrived swiftly It was simple to fit and has worked perfectly very pleased with the product.

Shower Filter Review by John Yoxall on 19/06/2019

prompt delivery / goods perfect renew annually

Shower Filter Review by Jason on 19/06/2019

Excellent product!

Shower Filter Review by Brian Tomlinson on 18/06/2019

Excellent product good value and works very effectively.

Shower Filter Review by Carly Stevens on 18/06/2019

No more chlorine smell, luscious water, good value for money, really quick delivery. Thanks!

Shower Filter Review by Ian Capon on 04/06/2019

Very good product. Easy to remove and replace the old filter.

Shower Filter Review by Chris Davies on 29/05/2019

Great product, easy fitting, improved my skin health *****, would definitely recommend

Shower Filter Review by PH on 29/05/2019

U can feel more soft and chlorine free water just from first shower

Shower Filter Review by Therese Muldoon on 29/05/2019

Seems to work but does not fit onto the tap. I have to hang it by the Velcro strap which is fine. Skin is improving.

Shower Filter Review by Jonathan on 29/05/2019

Easy to install makes the water much softer can see the drops run down the wall and feel the difference in your hair and on your skin :)

It works! . . . Thank you. by Simon Venn on 28/05/2019

The filter is neat and unobtrusive and makes a real difference to water quality in the shower. Thanks for a great product!

Shower Filter Review by Sai Ng on 27/05/2019

Been using these for quite few years now, you notice the water softer as you change the filter like a kettle. Very happy

I'm really impressed with the customer service I received. Thank you! by Fiona Chappell on 26/05/2019

The showerhead with filter works very well, looks well and is less bulky than some others. More importantly, it leaves my skin and hair in better condition.

Shower Filter Review by Diana Hewit on 23/05/2019

Customer Service was great, price reasonable, filter seems to be working well

Excellent product. by Frances Hoare on 20/05/2019

Once installed, it makes a big difference to having a shower. The water is distinctly softer, kinder and less drying. Our only problem was fitting it to a short threaded Mira shower hub. Had to buy an extension.

Shower Filter Review by Kevin Saunders on 19/05/2019

Very early days yet as this was purchased to combat a skin condition. Filter was very easy to fit and compliments the shower enclosure.

Good product by Kourosh Tehrani on 15/05/2019

good product and quality , the instructions and photos are a bit confusing when connecting parts to each other are concerned.

Shower Filter Review by Lambert Coultrup on 05/05/2019

Since purchasing this filter unit ! It’s made a terrific difference with limescale, well worth the money.

Shower Filter Review by Michael Butcher on 02/05/2019

The filter seems to do the job thanks

Shower Filter Review by Shari Neyland on 29/04/2019

..absolutely wonderful. .I can no longer smell chlorine!

Shower Filter Review by Machaela Bryan on 28/04/2019

Makes the hard water feel smooth and soft

Shower Filter Review by Alan Coffey on 26/04/2019

An excellent product. Also, super fast delivery to Ireland.

Shower Filter Review by Christian Norman on 24/04/2019

Exactly what the product description states.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Bond on 22/04/2019

My skin was dry and irritated after moving house in a new town. When I got the shower filter it instantly improved. When my skin dried out and I realised I needed to replace the filter, Instant relief and skin soft and normal. No more itching.

Shower Filter Review by Julie Lee on 22/04/2019

I am delighted with this product. It was so easy to install and I noticed the benefits immediately on my skin and hair.

Shower Filter Review by Henrietta Soffe on 21/04/2019

We have used these compact shower filter cartridges for several years now and find them excellent.

Shower Filter Review by Margaret Gardner on 21/04/2019


Shower Filter Review by Cameron Storm on 19/04/2019

Really works!

Shower Filter Review by Charlie Wu on 17/04/2019

I live in a block and a filter is a must as the water is so hard in the area I live. Less time cleaning limescale and better water for my skin. Def recommend.

Shower Filter Review by Mary Clarke on 17/04/2019

Works brilliantly and lasts longer than I thought it would.

Shower Filter Review by Nico Bianco on 14/04/2019

Received on time but was leaking. Returned ** Reply from PS ** Sorry to hear that your shower filter was leaking - new shower parts often leak because pipes might be a little old or customers just need a little help with fitting. We understand that you didn't want any assistance, so were happy to just accept your refund.

Shower Filter Review by Karen McMillan on 10/04/2019

The filter is working really well. Slightly bigger than I expected it to be but easy to fit.

Shower Filter Review by Eileen Elks on 09/04/2019

Easy to fit, works well

Shower Filter Review by spiral on 09/04/2019

The showerhead is fine, and seems to soften the water. It arrived promptly and was just as described.

Shower Filter Review by Evgueni Alexandrov on 09/04/2019

The product is great and I can immediatelly feel better quality water (in my area water is heavily calced). The filter gets clogged within 6 mos and I can definitelly feel reduced water flow, but unfortunatelly this is the quality of the water and a proof the filter works. However, I always have hard time changing the filter. It is too tight (good I guess), but I wish there was either a tool provided or a simpler system of replacing the old filters. Something to think about.

Shower Filter Review by jemima Stevens on 08/04/2019

Make sure you measure the tap it is fitting to and get the measurements from manufacturer as we had to saw off the end of the plastic bit that straps to the taps as it was too long so we couldn't fit it! Other than that it works wonderfully.

Shower Filter Review by Ann Kent on 03/04/2019

Easy to fit on my shower. We have noticed a difference already on our hair and skin. Well worth the purchase.

Shower Filter Review by Joy Taylor on 30/03/2019

Excellent product ,first class filtration in a hard water area. is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2112 user reviews.