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Shower Filter Review by melissa fairbanks on 16/01/2019

Seems to work fine - and I'm happy to have chlorine free baths!

Shower Filter Review by Andrew Cozens on 15/01/2019

After buying a shower head and filter a few years ago and being a continous satisfied customer i have been spreading the word wherever i can. Recently a friend at work was talking to a collegue about his wifes itching problem and i was evesdropping. Always ready to give some good advise i told him about the filters and bought him one through my account and said if it did not work he could have it for free. He came back the next week so happy and gave me the money for the filter. I said so it worked i told you. Aparently his wife was only bathing when she had to due to this irritation caused by the water and now they are both over the moon.

Shower Filter Review by chris straw on 15/01/2019

the shower was less powerfull so had to turn on power shower to get the flow better

Shower Filter Review by Peter Tomlinson on 14/01/2019

Easy to fit, looks good and works wonderfully - my wife says it’s made a vast improvement in the post-washing quality of her hair

Shower Filter Review by Rod Fillingham on 13/01/2019

This is something I rarely do, but in this case feel I should. Exceptional service, product is well made, as others have reviewed you need to make sure all the supplied washers are located properly especially the one that seals the cartridge container making sure it fits within the retaining pegs you might have to stretch it gentle to fit properly when screwing the two Half's of the cartridge container together do this slowly so that you do not cause the washer to move away from the retaining peg. It does a exactly what they state it does. Highly recommended.

Shower Filter Review by JENNIFER GOODSTONE on 10/01/2019

Easy to use. Water is softer.

Shower Filter Review by Ivan Hrywnak on 08/01/2019

Easy ordering and fast delivery. Very good

Shower Filter Review by N.W. on 08/01/2019

Excellent Filter, Notice the difference in a hard water area.

Shower Filter Review by Joy Taylor on 07/01/2019

Excellent product. It has already made such a difference to my skin & hair.

What took me so long? by Natasha on 05/01/2019

I’ve always filtered my drinking water so I was delighted to discover we can do the same for our shower water. Gone is that horrible chlorine smell when I wash and although my shower pressure didn’t change, the water is coming through hotter (I live in sheltered accommodation so the electric showers here are capped at lower temps for safety) - major bonus! Have already bought another for my parents :)

Filter installed easy and fast. by Raph on 05/01/2019

Just bought the product. Support is great! Overall very positive impression.

Shower Filter Review by ken Wickham on 04/01/2019

Good but very expensive ** Reply from PS ** Thanks for your kind review Ken, just to let you know we have not changed our prices in 10 years. The 8 Stage Cartridge is £24.95 - if you use that for 365 days that equates to only 6p a day to have crystal clear, healthy filtered shower water. Also if you sign up to our mailing list / Facebook page then you will always get good discount vouchers mailed directly to you. Thanks again :)

Shower Filter Review by H Mayland on 04/01/2019

We have used this filter for 3 years now and it certainly improves the quality of the water.It feels softer and it is nice to know that it gets rid of a lot of chemicals and bacteria. We will continue to use it. Many thanks to a very reliable company.

Shower Filter Review by J Brookes on 29/12/2018

Although I live in a soft water area I've been pleasantly surprised by how silky my hair feels and how soft my skin is after installing this product. (Installation took only a few minutes.)

Shower Filter Review by S Pandit on 29/12/2018

Excellent shower with variable settings which are brilliant

Difficult to fit but good value by Lovesmilo on 29/12/2018

Works well but hard to attach-- the water leaks out no matter what I do and I used the silicon washers provided. Other than that its good value ** Reply from PS ** Sorry to hear your shower filter leaks a little bit, don't worry, this can sometimes happen and we're here to help! We'll reach out to you and try to resolve your problem. If we can't - we'll send you a new one or refund you.

Shower Filter Review by Kay Cruse on 26/12/2018

serves the purpose it is intended for and easy to fit.

Shower Filter Review by Phil Park on 26/12/2018

Satisfied so far.

Don't like showering anywhere that hasn't got one. by Kate Bee on 24/12/2018

Much better than the previous version

Shower Filter Review by Stephanie Heneker on 22/12/2018

Very helpful and quick to respond to my queries

Shower Filter Review by Marzena on 15/12/2018

Water in my house is very hard and it used to leave white stains on the shower doors very quickly. Since installing this filter I can hardly see any white marks on the shower so it looks like it’s working.

Great by Penny Stuart on 15/12/2018

Excellent product

Shower Filter Review by Ranjit Gill on 15/12/2018

very good product, easy to install and use.

Shower Filter Review by Bernard Stanbridge on 15/12/2018

Easy to fit into shower assembly. Surprised that whole unit not much more expensive than purchasing filters only though.

Hand held Shower by Filiz Roberts on 11/12/2018

I am just new to this. The hand held shower seems to leave hair softer.

Shower Filter Review by mary waterson on 28/11/2018

Very neat and tidy just fitted it seems to work great

Shower Filter Review by Maurice Hannon on 28/11/2018

Excellent Product. Improves hair due to excellent filtering of chlorine. Recommended

Shower Filter Review by Debbie Matthews on 26/11/2018

Really pleased with the filter which certainly helps in our shower as we are in a hard water area.

Shower Filter Review by Debbie Matthews on 26/11/2018

Very worthy product that copes well in our hard water area and really helps keep the shower head clean

Shower Filter Review by Rene Duranona on 23/11/2018

Great filter for a shower head. I live in an area with extremely hard water, and since using this filter, the wife and I don't have any dandruff anymore. And it's so much better for our skin too.

Shower Filter Review by Jane on 23/11/2018

Great product it actually did what it said it would , I now have clean shiny hair

Shower Filter Review by Luisa Gissi on 23/11/2018

good product, fast delivery

Shower Filter Review by Steven on 22/11/2018

Very good & very effective for anyone who has hard water You feel the difference straight away You don’t need so much soap and shampoo & hair and skin feel great Thanks again

Shower Filter Review by Svetlana Victor on 22/11/2018

Great as usual!

Shower Filter Review by Svetlana Victor on 22/11/2018

As expected great quality. Thank you !

Shower Filter Review by Adriana B on 19/11/2018

Good filter, softer skin and hair. Would definitely recommend

Shower Filter Review by Charlie Wu on 14/11/2018

Excellent filter that was easy to fit. Had to use the small extension to make it fit, so make sure you buy that just in case. The water has changed noticeably. Hair is softer and skin feels less dry. What’s also great is there is no limescale to clean off in the bathroom. For the price it’s very economical.

Shower Filter Review by Coline on 10/11/2018

No problems at all, 5 minutes to install and it works perfectly. I can feel the difference with the water, however it did affect our pressure a little, even after removing the water saver disc as advised. It's worth it anyway!

Shower Filter Review by Aïda on 08/11/2018

I like this shower filter as you can’t see the difference when using it with the normal one except that this one is filtering your water! Great product and a quick delivery ! Thx

Shower Filter Review by clare turner on 02/11/2018

Prefer it to the slimline. Quick to rinse away surplus medium. Fits my shower head cradle.

Shower Filter Review by kristina cornelius on 02/11/2018

This is brilliant, my hair is silky again and no longer resembles straw. Does what is says recommended

Shower Filter Review by Petros Demetriou on 30/10/2018

The water that comes through the filter does feel very clean without any smells.....Great product

Shower Filter Review by Grainne McGeough on 27/10/2018

Very good does what it says in the tin! Where I live water really hard and this makes massive difference

Shower Filter Review by Michael Clarke on 22/10/2018

Excellent service. brought on special offer deal. straightforward to replace filters. Great results

Shower Filter Review by Matt Green on 18/10/2018

I understand that it will increase the pressure going into the filter but it does leak quite a bit. ** Reply from PS ** Sorry to hear your filter is leaking a bit, this can happen because the gasket inside the cartridge moves out of place during transport. We've sent you some instructions on how to fix this now.

Shower Filter Review by JENNY SMITH on 15/10/2018

Very pleased with the shower head and hoping once the chlorine is removed from the shower water my leg problems with improve.

Shower Filter Review by Catharina Turrell on 07/10/2018

Pleased with this shower head

Shower Filter Review by W. LI on 05/10/2018

good is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 2018 user reviews.